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The best digital marketing agency in the UK is Loud Mouth Media. As a multi-award-winning agency and Google Premier Partner for 2022, it’s ranked within the UK’s top 3% of agencies. But that’s just one agency on our list.

According to our research, the top three digital marketing companies in the UK are:

  1. Loud Mouth Media – best for fully-managed digital marketing services
  2. Pearl Lemon – best for SMEs looking for strong SEO
  3. Novi Digital – best for PPC

With so many agencies across the UK, choosing the best one for your business can feel daunting. But that’s where our free comparison tool can help. Simply answer a few questions, and we’ll match you with our trusted, short-listed agencies who’ll contact you with tailored quotes in a matter of minutes – it couldn’t be easier.

Digital marketing is more important than ever, especially for small businesses looking to keep up with the competition, helping your business reach new customers and boost sales. However, if you don’t have the time or skills, it can be difficult to get right – or to get done at all. That’s why it’s a good idea to find digital marketing experts to handle everything for you while you focus on other areas of your business.

If you’d like to read more about the best digital marketing agencies in the UK, read on.

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Loud Mouth Media

Pearl Lemon

Novi Digital


Spin Brands

Yodel Mobile

Yell Digital

Add People

Best For

Fully-managed digital marketing services

Best For

SMEs looking for strong SEO

Best For

PPC, especially for B2B businesses

Best For

Video marketing services

Best For

Social media management

Best For

Mobile and app marketing

Best For

Advertising on Yell’s large directory

Best For

Budget-friendly campaigns

Key Features
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Within top 3% of UK agencies
  • PPC, SEO, social and video services
Key Features
  • Best ecommerce SEO agency in the UK
  • SEO specialists
  • Local and international SEO
  • Offers free SEO audit
Key Features
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Over 300 clients
  • Leading PPC agency
Key Features
  • Won over 100 industry awards
  • Worked with huge clients
  • Budget-friendly products available
Key Features
  • UK’s top social media marketing agency
  • Worked with big clients
  • Paid social, organic traffic and ambassador marketing
Key Features
  • App Agency of the year 2021
  • Worked with big and small clients
  • 100% mobile and app marketing focus
Key Features
  • Huge name in the marketing industry
  • Offers reputation reports and website checks
  • SEO, PPC and web design improvements
Key Features
  • Budget-friendly campaigns
  • Excellent rating on Trustpilot (over 1.5k reviews)
  • Top-level partners with Google, Microsoft, Meta, AMEX, Wix, and Amazon

Loud Mouth Media

Best for fully-managed digital marketing services

Loud Mouth Media is a Google Premier Partner, ranked within the top 3% of UK agencies. This means it has proven client growth, Google Ads skills, client retention, and success across multiple campaigns. It also illustrates how outsourcing can help your business.

Known as a ‘performance marketing’ agency, Loud Mouth Media specialises in tailored strategies that exploit the most suitable channels for your brand’s specific audience, whether it’s via PPC, SEO, social, or video marketing (or all of them).

Loud Mouth Media offers fully-managed digital marketing services, but it’s particularly strong at PPC. In one month, it increased a client’s PPC revenue by 2,559%.

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Pearl Lemon

Best for SMEs looking for strong SEO

Pearl Lemon is regarded as one of the best SEO agencies in the UK. Unlike Loud Mouth Media, it specialises in just one marketing channel, helping small businesses increase customers and website traffic through its award-winning SEO strategies. Specifically, it’s been voted the best ecommerce SEO and marketing agency in the UK out of 70 companies by Design Rush.

From local to international SEO, and a free SEO audit, Pearl Lemon’s SEO strategies guarantee to double your organic traffic within 180 days. It also offers PPC and content marketing services. If you want your small business to dominate the search engine results pages, then Pearl Lemon should help you bear fruit.

If you think your business should advertise on social media, you’ll want to try Loud Mouth Media, or an agency that specialises in social media marketing, such as Spin Brands.

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Novi Digital

Best for PPC, especially for B2B businesses

Novi Digital is another Google Premier Partner, like Loud Mouth Media, which means it knows its stuff when it comes to paid advertising. Novi Digital has managed over £6 million in ad spend to date, using AI and machine learning to help increase clicks and conversions, while lowering your cost-per-click. This is probably why over 300 businesses use this agency.

While it’s suitable for B2C brands, Novi Digital has a proven track record in helping B2B clients boost sales and website traffic. Meanwhile, it uses a people-first approach and boasts a strong moral and ethical view when it comes to business, which is why it’s regarded as the UK’s leading data-driven and psychology-focused B2B SEO and PPC agency.

Novi Digital also offers website management services. Overall, it stands on the less ‘creative’ end of the digital marketing spectrum – it doesn’t offer video marketing or social media management. For those services, we recommend Loud Mouth Media or Spin Brands. Meanwhile, B2C brands looking for SEO or PPC might want to try Pearl Lemon, with its proven track record in helping B2C SMEs grow online.

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Best for video marketing services

A Wyzowl survey found 91% of businesses said they use video as a marketing tool. That’s because video marketing is one of the most engaging ways to promote your business, and Casual is the best agency to help you get started.

Casual has won over 100 industry awards, including the ‘Number One Production Company in the UK’ in the Televisual Magazine Peer Poll for three years running. It’s also created a mini-series for RedBull. But despite working for the world’s largest brands, it also offers a budget-friendly service, known as Say It In Sixty, for businesses that want household name-quality videos at SME price points.

For pure video marketing, you can’t do better than Casual. However, for any other type of digital marketing channel, such as SEO, PPC or social media marketing, you’ll need to try an agency that offers full-package digital marketing, such as Loud Mouth Media.

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Spin Brands

Best for social media management

Spin Brands is one of the best social media marketing companies in the UK, specialising in paid social, organic traffic and ambassador marketing. Also, the team has recently hired Google Ads specialists to support its paid social media advertising.

From creating a marketing strategy to providing in-house photo shoots, Spin Brands offers everything you need for your business, in this social media age, to keep up with the competition. While the agency has an impressive social media showreel, running campaigns for Moet, Flora, and Candy Kittens, it’s for social media advertising only – not any other type of digital marketing.

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Yodel Mobile

Best for mobile and app marketing

Currently in the UK, there are 63 million smartphone users. This represents a huge potential audience for your business, with mobile and app marketing on the rise. When going mobile, Yodel Mobile is the best digital marketing agency out there, winning the ASO (App Store Optimisation) Agency of the Year 2021 at the App Growth Awards.

Whether you want to launch a brand new app, or scale your current one, Yodel Mobile has a proven track record to help SMEs and large businesses gain and retain customers from app downloads. Having helped clients like Virgin Trains, Channel 4, and the Economist develop apps, you can rest assured your app’s in safe hands.

Unlike the other agencies that offer a few services, such as PPC and SEO marketing, Yodel Mobile is 100% focused on mobile and app marketing, which makes it the ideal agency for this niche.

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Yell Digital

Best for advertising on Yell’s large directory

With Yell, you’re working with one of the biggest names in the marketing industry, which offers many benefits. Best of all, your business can get found on the network, which includes Apple Maps, Amazon Alexa, Bing, and Yahoo. With this added visibility online, you’re more likely to stay ahead of the competition.

Yell also offers the choice of a reputation report or website check. The former tells you how accurately your business details are being shown online, along with ratings and reviews about your business from over 40 review sites.

The website checker analyses your site’s performance and recommends changes to help you get more traffic and sales. Overall, Yell offers an impressive digital marketing package, from SEO marketing to web design improvements.

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Add People

Best for budget-friendly campaigns

Based in Manchester, but serving the UK, Add People recently made the Prolific North’s Top 50 Agencies in the North, owing to its many years of high-growth client campaigns. For instance, Add People helped one of its clients, Baby Boutique, reach an 11,015% year-on-year increase in revenue, and £16,000+ revenue in a month from paid ads. Impressive stuff.

Add People specialises in budget-friendly campaigns for SMEs, offering digital marketing services spanning PPC, SEO, ecommerce, social media management, web design, and more. Need any more convincing? Well, the agency also partners with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

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What will the best digital marketing agencies do for your business?

Digital marketing can help you:

  • get new customers,
  • build your brand,
  • and increase traffic to your website.

But only when it’s done correctly.

The best digital marketing agencies can help you achieve that success while you focus on other areas of your business, which is why it’s a good idea to compare quotes from agencies that come recommended. To get started, use our free comparison tool to find the perfect agency for your specific needs.

The best agencies will create a bespoke strategy to suit your specific audience, advertising on the most suitable channels, such SEO, PPC or social media (or multiple channels combined), helping you get customers and boost sales. Nowadays, with customers online more than ever, you can’t afford to go without digital marketing if you want to keep up with the competition.

Is it worth the investment? Absolutely. Email marketing has an ROI (return of investment) of 4,200%, which means for every £1 you spend, you’ll return £42. And for every £1 a business spends on Google Ads (PPC marketing), they’re guaranteed to double their investment according to Main Street ROI.

How to choose a digital marketing agency for your business

When choosing the best digital marketing agency for your business, you should look out for the following…

  • Competitive pricing – this can be hard to find online, but our cost comparison tool can help
  • Success stories from clients – positive case studies can prove the agency’s skills
  • Industry awards – the more awards, the better the agency
  • Specialisms in certain channels – find an agency that’s tailored to your industry
  • Services – does the agency advertise on the channels you need, such as SEO and PPC?
  • Customer service – look for signs of positive communication with their clients using online review sites like Trustpilot or Capterra

As well as these considerations, you should also ask to see previous campaign examples, and ask how long their clients typically stay with them. Agencies with long-term clients are clearly good to work with.


The best digital marketing agency in the UK is Loud Mouth Media, offering fully-managed, award-winning digital marketing services. Pearl Lemon is the best agency for SEO marketing, while Novi Digital is an excellent agency for PPC marketing.

Digital marketing is essential if you want your business to keep up with the competition. By hiring an agency, you’ll have dedicated experts on-hand to create strategies, produce eye-catching content, and gain customers for you, while you focus on other areas of your business.

If you don’t have the skills yourself, you risk wasting valuable resources or damaging your brand image, which is why it’s a good idea to hire an agency to handle things for you. However, with so many agencies out there, it can be difficult to pick the right one.

To save time and money, and to ensure you make the right choice first time, we recommend using our free comparison tool. Simply answer a few questions about your business (it only takes a minute), then we’ll match you with trusted digital marketing agencies who’ll contact you with free, no-obligation quotes. Our tool is quick, easy, and totally free.


How much do companies spend on digital marketing?
On average, businesses spend about 5%-10% of sales revenue on marketing. Most SME clients benefit from investing between £750 and £4,000 per month on digital marketing. The exact cost of digital marketing depends on the services you need and the industry of your business.
What do digital marketing companies do?
Digital marketing agencies employ a variety of tactics, strategies and online tools to promote your brand or services online. While you focus on other areas of your business, the digital marketing agency leverages the latest technology to build your brand image, get new customers, and increase sales for your business.


The most popular digital marketing channels are email marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and social media marketing.

How do digital marketing companies make money?
As the client, you’ll either hire the digital marketing agency on a monthly retainer, or pay per project or campaign on a bespoke pricing basis. Some agencies offer set price plans for their digital marketing packages, which can cost anywhere from £750 to £5,000+ per month, depending on the number of channels you want to advertise on, and the type of content you need.
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