Add People Review: Best for Budget-Friendly Campaigns?

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AddPeople is a digital marketing agency based in Manchester, helping small-to-medium-sized companies across the UK grow with budget-friendly campaigns. With over 4,000 clients across 100+ industries, it has the team and experience to help modern businesses thrive online – but is it right for you? Keep reading to find out.

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Alternatively, keep reading this Add People review to learn more about the agency’s pricing, pros and cons, and digital marketing products, helping you decide whether it’s the best agency for your small business.

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Add People

Best For

Budget-friendly campaigns

Key Features
  • Budget-friendly campaigns
  • Excellent rating on Trustpilot (over 1.5k reviews)
  • Top-level partners with Google, Microsoft, Meta, AMEX, Wix, and Amazon

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How much does Add People cost?

Add People charges clients on a quote-by-quote basis, meaning you only pay for what you need. The price you pay depends on the number of channels that Add People advertises on, such as Facebook, Twitter or Amazon, and the type of marketing models the agency uses, such as PPC or SEO marketing.

To calculate your bespoke price, Add People will ask about your business and decide which channels and marketing models will bring the most ROAS (return of ad spend) for your business. They’re the experts, but the overall choice of what they do is up to you.

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The pros and cons of Add People

Suitable for SMEs across all industriesDoesn’t offer TikTok advertising
Offers Amazon advertisingSome online reviews mention poor customer service
Google Premier Partner 

Pro: Suitable for SMEs across all industries

Add People has worked with over 4,000 SME clients from over 100 industries, proving its ability to help any type of business. Whether you run a bakery or basketball shop, Add People should have the right experience to create a cost-effective digital marketing campaign that helps your business grow.

Pro: Offers lots of digital marketing products, including Amazon advertising

Unlike most agencies in the UK, Add People offers Amazon-specific marketing. This involves promoting your brand to Amazon’s 35 million monthly users, getting your products seen by Amazon customers who are ready-to-buy, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Add People uses PPC marketing to get your products appearing on the first page of Amazon results. If Add People gets your campaign right, your products could be found right next to the industry’s biggest names.

Pro: Google Premier Partner

As a Google Premier Partner, Add People has proven itself as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the UK, meeting Google’s Partner requirements. Those requirements include: having at least 50 account strategists – with at least 50% of them demonstrating proficiency in Google Ads, and managing at least $10,000 USD in ad spend in the past 90 days. In short, they know what they’re doing.

Con: Doesn’t offer TikTok advertising

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media channels, meaning you could be missing out on potential customers there. However, Add People offers advertising services across the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, which should be enough for most SMEs.

Con: Some online reviews mention poor customer service

Despite Add People’s impressive track record in helping clients grow online, there are some online reviews that mention poor customer service. This is something to consider if you value quick and clear communication with your agency.

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Add People’s key features explained

Here we discuss Add People’s digital marketing products in more detail…

PPC (pay-per-click)

PPC is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand. Why? because you only pay for the clicks you get on your ads. Earning partnerships with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, Add People has a proven track record in PPC campaigns.

Using a bespoke PPC strategy, Add People can promote your business on Google, YouTube, Amazon marketplace, and specific websites that your audience typically visits. If you already use PPC, you’ll also benefit from a PPC audit to help you boost revenue, which is a nice touch.

Ecommerce advertising

This marketing product is designed for SME ecommerce brands. Add People provides a dedicated account manager who creates a bespoke, product-focused campaign, promoting your items to people on Google and Amazon. The focus here is on your products, not your brand per se.

Add People can also tweak your website or online store to help you get more conversions, with its CRO (conversion rate optimisation) team. If you’re getting lots of website traffic, but few sales, this is what you need.

SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO is vital for small businesses, helping your brand and products get seen by search engine users. Google and Bing use algorithms to show websites that they view as relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative, and Add People can create a bespoke SEO campaign to help your brand outrank the competition and get more clicks.

If you already use SEO, Add People offers an SEO audit – and actionable advice – to help you get even better results.

Social media marketing

Advertising on social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, exposing your business to millions of people around the world. Thankfully, Add People ticks this box.

The agency can create a bespoke campaign for your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, depending on which platform your audience uses most. If Add People does this correctly, it should help increase brand awareness and boost revenue. In today’s social media age, this type of marketing is essential for SMEs that want to keep ahead of the competition.

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What kind of business is Add People best for?

We’d recommend Add People for SMEs across all industries, but is it right for your specific company? Read on below to see why it suits different types of businesses…

Small-to-medium-sized businesses

Its most relevant products for SMEs include its local SEO package, designed to help build brand awareness in your local area and increase traffic to your website. Also, its social media advertising product can expose your brand to millions of monthly users, bringing more traffic and revenue to your site or online store.

Ecommerce brands

Add People offers Amazon-specific advertising, ideal for small ecommerce brands that want to start selling high-volumes of products. This type of advertising exposes your products to millions of people browsing Amazon who are ready-to-buy, boosting visibility of your products and, hopefully, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

B2B (business-to-business) brands

Add People offers LinkedIn advertising, which is essential for B2B brands. LinkedIn’s business-focussed audience makes it the ideal platform to advertise your B2B services or products because LinkedIn users are more likely to be interested in your business-related products than generic website users would be.

B2C (business-to-consumer) brands

For B2C brands to succeed, they need to advertise on social media, search engines, and online marketplaces. This is something Add People does well. The agency can use SEO and/or PPC to promote your customer-focussed brand on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Add People can also use display advertising to market your brand on specific websites that your audience typically visits.

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Key Features
  • Huge name in the marketing industry
  • Offers reputation reports and website checks
  • SEO, PPC and web design improvements
Key Features
  • Best ecommerce SEO agency in the UK
  • SEO specialists
  • Local and international SEO
  • Offers free SEO audit
Key Features
  • Google Premier Partner
  • Over 300 clients
  • Leading PPC agency


Like Add People, most digital marketing agencies charge on a bespoke quote basis, which makes it hard to compare pricing. After all, the overall cost of digital marketing depends specifically on what you need. Given that Add People focuses on helping small businesses, you can assume it offers more affordable quotes than global agencies targeted at larger companies, such as Loud Mouth Media.


When it comes to matching the best digital marketing agencies, Add People does impress. Like most agencies, including Loud Mouth Media and Pearl Lemon, Add People offers PPC, SEO, Ecommerce marketing, and social media advertising. However, unlike video production agencies, such as Casual, Add People doesn’t offer TikTok advertising or video creation.

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Add People has generally positive customer reviews, scoring an ‘Excellent’ score on Trustpilot from over 1,440 reviews. Specifically, reviews mention the quality of Add people’s dedicated account managers, and Google Ads expertise. However, some reviews mention poor customer service…

Customer review

I’ve been working with AddPeople for around 7 years now. My most recent contact, Rachel, is extremely knowledgeable – not only on Google Ads but many of the associated products that are affected by it, such as Analytics or Tag Manager…The regular monthly meetings ensure that you keep campaigns on track, can invest in what works and switch off what doesn’t. Highly recommended.

Martin, Add People client
Trustpilot - December 2022
Customer review

A good experience with members of the team at Ad People. However, at the moment I felt this wasn’t the approach for me. The individuals I spoke to were friendly and aimed to be understanding. There was definitely a sense of it being a sales pitch…

Alison, Add People client
Trustpilot - November 2021
Customer review

Really professional service from onboarding to account updates and management. Victoria Wynters has been fantastic providing updates and making sure my marketing campaign has been optimised to achieve the best results. Would definitely recommend!

Edward, Add People client
Trustpilot - December 2022


Add People is one of the Top 50 Agencies in the North, according to Prolific North, offering fully-managed digital marketing services for SMEs. Based in Manchester, but serving the whole UK, Add People has helped over 4,000 clients across more than 100 industries, earning partnerships with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Add People doesn’t offer TikTok advertising, which could prove problematic for SMEs looking to exploit that audience, but it still provides an impressive range of social media management products. It also offers strong SEO and PPC services, which are vital for helping small businesses reach new audiences.

Spoilt for choice when it comes to agencies? We understand. That’s why it’s a good idea to compare free quotes from trusted digital marketing agencies before making a choice. If that sounds good, use our free comparison tool and answer a few questions – you’ll get free quotes in a matter of minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

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