Love Energy Savings Review: Is it the Right Business Energy Supplier for You?

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  • LES’ commission rates are lower than the market average
  • All customers get their own dedicated account manager
  • You can finalise a switch at any time, from any device
  • You can track the progress of your switch through your own customer dashboard
  • LES is rated ‘excellent’ on TrustPilot, with thousands of glowing customer reviews


  • Some customers say they received a lot of cold calls

At a glance: Love Energy Savings stands for transparency, convenience, and customer care – a trifecta of service offerings that the energy market is usually missing.

Love Energy Savings (LES) is a business energy broker. Put simply, it helps businesses to find the best energy deals for them. How does it do this? By learning about your needs, then consulting the energy suppliers it’s partnered with – a list which includes the ‘big six’, as well as innovative new players – and negotiating the lowest possible prices for you. 

Love Energy Savings, though, goes beyond what’s usually expected of a business energy broker. With a mission to provide a fair and transparent service to businesses, LES has introduced a much needed dose of modernity, simplicity, and efficiency to the befuddling UK energy market.

Well, we’re certainly impressed by it – but is Love Energy Savings the right broker for your business? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Love Energy Savings’ features and benefits?

✓ A dedicated account manager

When it comes to customer service, the energy market has a bit of a reputation. Often, customers are very much treated like a number on a list, with no thought given to them beyond the moment they sign the dotted line.

Love Energy Savings hopes to be an antidote to this – and so far, it's doing a great job. A key part of its elevated customer service is its dedicated account managers. You’ll be connected with one when you join LES, and they’ll stick with you for the duration of your time with the broker.

The fact that you’ll talk to the same person each time you get in touch is reassuring enough. But there’s more to it than that. LES’ account managers are all energy experts, and will work with you to make sure you aren’t overpaying by coaching you in all things business energy and financial fitness. For new and growing businesses especially, this service may prove invaluable.

✓ The ability to switch online

In a truly modern approach to switching energy providers, Love Energy Savings enables its customers to finalise a switch at any time, from any device – be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Having digitised the final stages of the switching process, LES’ Switch Online feature lets customers electronically sign and secure digital contracts 24/7. No need to take time out of your busy day to call the company in their business hours, and wait for the paper contracts to be sent to you. Convenience is king! 

✓ Real-time switch tracking

Instead of being kept in the dark after signing a contract, wondering how it’s progressing and when it will come into effect – which, sadly, is how many business energy customers experience a switch – Love Energy Savings’ customers get access to their own informative dashboard. Through this, they can use Track My Switch, which shows the real-time progress of the deal.

Plus, if a problem with the contract arises, Track My Switch will email you to let you know what’s happening, and what you can do to help get your switch back on track.

✓ Useful resources

Energy is an industry that can be a bit, well, mystifying. Love Energy Savings is trying to tackle this by helping businesses better understand the sector and how it works. 

Alongside its dedicated account managers, who are there to provide guidance as you join a new provider and advice beyond the signing of that contract, LES also works with experts, suppliers, and business owners to curate a collection of helpful resources on its website. Here, you’ll find the latest news and info about the energy market, the small business landscape, and energy efficiency.

How much does Love Energy Savings cost?

We can’t say how much working with Love Energy Savings will cost you – that’ll depend on what it is you’re looking for, and the deal you end up securing. But we can tell you that you’ll pay for LES’ services through commission fees.

The great news is that LES’ commission rates are dictated by its ‘Fair Pricing Policy’, leading to rates that are, and we quote, “way below the market average”.

You can also be confident that LES won’t spring any hidden fees on you. Quite the opposite – you’ll be provided with a detailed breakdown of the rates and standing charges you’re going to face. This level of transparency earns the broker major brownie points in our book.

Unsure how paying for a business energy broker works? In general, you should expect to pay for such a service in one of three ways:

  1. With commission fees
  2. With an upfront payment
  3. With a percentage of the total savings your broker secures for you

If you’d like to learn more about how much business energy is likely to cost your business, we’re here to help. Simply tell us about your business by filling in our short form, and you’ll hear from trusted brokers with energy quotes tailored just for you!

Is Love Energy Savings right for my business?

Does this business energy broker meet your wants and needs? Let’s find out!

“I want to get energy quotes quickly.”

While Love Energy Savings does offer fantastic customer service, you don’t actually have to engage with a rep in order to see quotes from a range of energy suppliers.

Way back in 2013, LES digitised its tariff comparison process, and it’s an innovation that’s convenience has proven popular. Visit LES’ website, and you’ll see an online form. Pop in your postcode and some info about your business’ energy habits, and Love Energy Savings will use this data to pull together a list of suitable, accurate tariffs in seconds.

“I want my business energy to be as green as can be.”

If running an environmentally-friendly company is a key concern, it could be that Power Solutions is a better business energy broker for you. With a particular focus on finding you great deals on renewable energy, it also offers tools to help you monitor your business’ energy usage and boost energy efficiency.

“I don’t want to pay loads for a broker.”

You’re in the right place! Skip back up to our section on Love Energy Saving’s rates to find out more about this.

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What do Love Energy Savings customer reviews say?

When it comes to customer approval, Love Energy Savings totally shines. On Trustpilot, it boasts a TrustScore of 4.7 out of 5, with 88% of its near 18,000 reviews rating it ‘excellent’ – some truly impressive numbers.

There’s an overarching theme to be found in Love Energy Savings’ reviews: praise for the customer service the broker offers. Many reviewers even single out exemplary employees by name:

“Zahira obtained the best prices for us, and followed this up at the times requested by us. We proceeded with Love Energy Savings and, so far, the procedures have been straightforward and handled professionally, with no hassle to ourselves. I have entered into new contracts with confidence.”

  • Julie Dunn, Love Energy Savings customer
“As always, great to deal with the company. Quick and easy process to find the cheapest deals for energy. Friendly, helpful staff. Love the fact you get to speak to the same person each time – Kurtis did the company proud. Thank you Love Energy Savings.”

  • Kate, Love Energy Savings customer

That being said, one or two reviewers do report that they’ve received more cold calls than they’d like from the company:

“I found the representative easy to deal with, but the amount of calls I had was somewhat overkill.”

  • F&H, Love Energy Savings customer

Expert verdict

We’re always impressed by service providers that truly put their customers at the heart of what they do – and we can see that Love Energy Savings fits that bill.

With a dedicated account manager on hand to offer personalised advice, a gamut of online tools to help you track and manage your switch from anywhere, and commission fees that sit below market rates – oh, and thousands of glowing customer reviews – Love Energy Savings looks like an excellent solution from all angles.

In all honesty, there’s not a lot to say against it – only the fact that a few customers have reported receiving too many calls from the company.

That being said, we’d certainly recommend Love Energy Savings to entrepreneurs who are looking to find their first business energy supplier, or established companies looking to switch from one supplier to another.

Before settling on one option, though, it’s important to compare what’s available to you. We can help with this – simply tell us about your business energy needs by filling in our short form, and you’ll hear from energy brokers with quotes tailored to you. It’s fast and free – and a very easy way to get started on your energy switching journey!

What other business energy brokers could I consider?

If you’d like to compare Love Energy Savings to another top-rated business energy broker, our review of Power Solutions should be the next stop on your research tour!

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