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Verizon Networkfleet Review

Verizon Networkfleet Review
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Networkfleet was originally the flagship product of the San Diego-based company Networkcar, which had been founded in 1999. The company would be bought out by Hughes Telematics in 2006, and would be known as Networkfleet thereafter.

When Verizon acquired Hughes in 2012, the Hughes Telematics products would be positioned to compete with OEM manufacturers like AT&T-affiliated OnStar, while Networkfleet -- renamed again, this time to Verizon Networkfleet -- would become the platform for Verizon's fleet management offerings.

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Networkfleet offers three products: Asset Tracker, GPS, and GPS with Diagnostics. All products come with online dashboards, unlimited users, customizable reporting, support for third-party applications, mapping, routing, reporting, custom classifications, and geofencing.

Asset Tracking Package

The Asset Tracking package includes a weatherproofed enclosure, long-life lithium battery, motion sensor and sensitive cellular and GPS tracking. The frequency of updates defaults to once per day, but can be adjusted depending on how often assets are used or moved.

GPS Package

The GPS package is suited to vehicles of all weight classes. To the core set of functions, it adds fuel card support, driver identification and behavior monitoring and vehicle maintenance alerts.

GPS and Diagnostic Package

The GPS and Diagnostics package expands on the features of the GPS package to add expanded driver behavior monitoring as well as engine data, MPG and emissions reporting, engine hours, and a host of other diagnostic features.

Service Tiers

Available Service Tier Features
Small and Medium Fleets:Verizon Networkfleet's experience in fleet management puts the same tools and expertise available to large clients in the hands of small and medium-sized businesses, translating to big savings.
Enterprise (Large) Fleets:By collecting, analyzing, and reporting the right data, Verizon Networkfleet helps fleet managers cut the management of even the largest fleets down to size.
Government Fleets:With state and local governments facing pressures from rising costs and falling revenues, Verizon Networkfleet helps meet or exceed environmental standards, meet compliance targets, and lower operating costs.


Verizon Networkfleet sends information from proprietary hardware to the cloud-based Networkfleet Data Center, where it can be accessed and monitored in near real time via desktop, tablet or smartphone by fleet managers. The service is compatible with Garmin, Esri, and other GPS devices. Verizon Networkfleet also offers the WEX Fuel Card Program, which helps fleet managers control costs related to fuel and other vehicle-oriented purchases.

In addition, unlike most providers, Verizon's roadside assistance is included in its packages. In partnership with J.J. Keller, Verizon Networkfleet also provides a combined telematics and DOT Compliance package that integrates with existing hardware.


Whether for a small business, big business, or government entity, Verizon Networkfleet scales to deliver big results. Fleet managers and business owners typically see lowered operating costs thanks to data that allows them to right-size their fleets, manage fuel consumption, mileage and idle time, and reduce moonlighting.

Compliance headaches are also reduced, thanks to emissions monitoring and DOT compliance tools. Drivers also benefit, since driver management features help fleet managers identify performance issues and address customer service concerns. The end result is a suite of products that allows for intelligent fleet management that utilizes all of a fleet's moving parts to best effect.

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Verizon Networkfleet provides support on and offline. Email and phone support is readily available alongside articles, a knowledge base, and customized training. Installers, techs and account managers provide prompt service to resolve issues that you can't -- or would rather not -- resolve yourself.

Case Studies

City of Ventura


The city of Ventura, California, faced budget cuts and escalating costs, forcing them to re-examine their asset allocation. Networkfleet lowered idle time and improved driver performance while cutting maintenance costs.

Tracking capabilities improved routing and service outcomes in the community, while also reducing fuel consumption by ten percent. Furthermore, onsite diagnostics and repairs helped to slash downtime.

Shred Alaska

Shred Alaska logo

Verizon Networkfleet helped Shred Alaska overcome some unique challenges. For one thing, they had a small fleet that had to cover quite a lot of ground; for another, the company had no way of knowing whether its vehicles' idle time was productive (time spent onsite shredding documents) or wasteful (drinking coffee, perhaps?).

After a trial run, the company found that the results warranted expanding Networkfleet to the rest of their vehicles. The mapping and reporting options allowed Shred Alaska to know where its trucks were at all times, and to put each asset to its best use.

Our Verdict

Through intelligent acquisitions and forward-thinking design and implementation, Verizon Networkfleet have refined the art and science of fleet management in ways that have profited their customers.