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By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 23 January 2020

Francotyp Postalia (FP) was founded in Germany in 1923. During the time since, they’ve expanded operations to dozens of countries around the world, including a Canadian subsidiary headquartered in Concord, Ontario.

Their independent distributor network has the advantage of being backed by a major multinational that controls approximately a tenth of the global metered postage market.

FP meters aren’t just the province of big businesses whose postage volume is sufficient to require a mailroom. Small businesses and sole proprietorships can also find solutions tailor-made for their unique needs.

Below, you’ll find an overview of some the company’s most popular machines.

FP Postage Meter Range

FP PostBase Mini

Small, quiet, and efficient, the FP PostBase Mini is the ideal point of entry for small businesses with a low outgoing mail volume.

At this writing, the PostBase Mini is the smallest postage machine available. The small size belies an outsize feature set, including 17 letter per minute (LPM) processing speed, a five pound integrated scale, and a full-color display that’s as intuitive as a smartphone.

FP PostBase Series

As your business grows, so will its postage volume. That’s when it’s time to step up from the PostBase Mini to something larger and more powerful. Enter the FP PostBase series.

The PostBase series is designated by numbers that hint at their processing speed. The PostBase 20, 30, 45, 60 and 85 are designed to scale with your business. While larger than the PostBase Mini, they still place a premium on space, and not a millimeter is wasted.

With the larger size also comes a longer list of features. These include a higher-capacity integrated scale (up to 15 pounds), a higher number of departmental accounts, and an available feeder/sealer. Available in a number of colors and quiet when in use, these machines are meant to be as unobtrusive as they are useful.

FP PostBase ONE

Some businesses will find they need more volume and access to more robust solutions than the core PostBase series, but not quite as much as what’s afforded by the CentorMail MAX. FP PostBase ONE strikes a happy medium.

Its 100 LPM speed is a definite selling point. However, there’s much more to recommend it than speed. It’s a modular system that configures — and scales — rapidly. You can add only the components you need for a truly customized solution.

FP CentorMail MAX

For businesses placing a premium on speed, there’s no substitute for the FP CentorMail MAX. Its 140 LPM speed is the fastest available.

The FP CentorMail MAX won’t be for every business. However, for businesses needing extreme speed and capacity, there’s simply no substitute. Add FP’s range of peripherals and mail room furnishings (see below) and you’ve got the centerpiece of a top-flight mail processing operation.

FP Customer Support

It’s one thing to have a good customer on boarding program, or to receive a quick response when you have an inquiry. FP takes their customer service approach, called “customer intimacy,” a step further.

It’s proactive, so you’re likely to hear from the company as they seek to ensure you’re getting peak performance from your product and see how they might improve their services.

FP also stays atop the latest Canada Post regulations and rates so its customers are always ready. Customer support is based in Canada, and is augmented by extensive online documentation. With MSDS literature, quick start guides, manuals, and even an informative blog, it’s easy to find answers to questions both common and uncommon.

Optional FP PostBase Peripherals and Add-ons

FP offers a number of peripherals and add-ons designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow:

  • Tabbing, Labeling & Stamping Machines
  • Postal Scales (up to 70lbs)
  • Folder-Inserters
  • Address Printers
  • Letter Openers

FP Software

iAddress is a SERP-certified automation and list management software. It manages presorting, address verification, list cleanup, and mailing list merges, and it’s compatible with high-speed address printers.

Navigator is the standard software for PostBase meters. If you upgrade to Navigator Plus, you’ll get more robust account management and granular reporting in addition to the usual account, setting, and meter management utilities.

MailOne is a new addition that integrates with Canada Post Parcel Services. Not only is it designed for use with PostBase meters, it also provides access to CPC discounted rates and confirmation services. You can also print compliant shipping labels, run comprehensive reports, import addresses, and more.

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