What Are The Best Pitney Bowes Postage Meters?

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Pitney Bowes produces excellent postage meters – but which of its range will best suit your business?

Pitney Bowes is one of the leading postage meter companies in Canada, supplying businesses of all sizes with reliable equipment. But how do you know which postage meter to pick for your business?

You can leave your worries at the door, because we’ve done all the research for you. In this article, we review the best low, medium, and high volume meters in the Pitney Bowes range, helping you decide which one to opt for. We’ve also included a comparison table featuring the complete range of Pitney Bowes postage meters.

Read on below to discover the Pitney Bowes range in more detail.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters Comparison

Below is the complete range of Pitney Bowes postage meters available in Canada, spanning low, medium, and high volume machines.


Model NameMailing volumeLetters per minute
Mailstation2 and SendPro OnlineLow18
SendPro CLow65
SendPro C AutoMedium120
SendPro P1000High160
SendPro P2000High180
SendPro P3000High310

Not sure which postage meter to pick? Today’s your lucky day. We’ve combed through the benefits of each model and picked our top three from Pitney Bowes’ range of postage meters, which we’ve then reviewed below to help you reach a decision.

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Top Pitney Bowes Models

Below, we’ll discuss Pitney Bowes’ top models, including low, medium, and high volume postage meters.

Low Volume: Mailstation2 and SendPro Online

Best for small businesses

The Mailstation2 is one of the best postage meters for small businesses, or companies with low or infrequent shipping needs. The meter is the most compact of Pitney Bowes’ models, making it an ideal solution for smaller offices.

The Mailstation2 comes with the option of pricing items up to five pounds in weight, and the capacity to stamp 18 items per minute. While the Mailstation2 doesn’t have the more advanced features boasted by the high-end models, it’s the perfect solution for smaller businesses that send fewer than 100 pieces of mail per month.

As with all Pitney Bowes machines, this device encourages creativity with customizable printouts, and is secured with a user-based pin. The Mailstation2 costs under $25 per month to rent, in addition to other regular mailing costs.

Medium Volume: SendPro C Auto

Best for small to medium-sized businesses with large mailrooms

The SendPro C Auto can process up to 120 letters per minute (LPM) thanks to its automatic mail feeder, vastly outpacing the Mailstation2 and its manual equivalent. This model does take up more office space than Pitney Bowes’ low volume machines, but it delivers big benefits.

Those benefits include a reverse separation technology that minimizes the risk of jamming, generous discounts on Canada Post shipments, and the ability to track your postage spend across different departments, with up to 500 user accounts. It also comes with a built-in code verification feature, which can help you avoid any address correction fees at the post office.

High Volume: SendPro P3000

Best for large businesses

The SendPro P3000 is a powerhouse. Besides delivering best-in-class speed, it comes with a feature set that could well be a game changer for any business handling a high volume of mail consistently.

This model is Energy Star compliant, and comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that features on-screen tutorials. Internet connectivity allows you to directly download apps, postage rates, current USPS Domestic, International and Shipping rates, and tracking information, alongside real-time customer support.

The built-in 1200 dpi printer can handle red fluorescent and full color with equal ease, allowing the printing of anything from mail indicia to advertising messages on the front or back of the envelope.

The software which is included provides access to account management, address correction and management, Pitney Bowes Mail Services, and package tracking. The SendPro P3000 may well represent overkill for small businesses, given that the system scales up to 3,000 user accounts, but it’s ideal for those in need of a more robust postage meter solution.

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Why Choose Pitney Bowes?

As Pitney Bowes makes clear with its three popular models mentioned above, these machines aren’t just postage meters – they’re complete digital mailing systems. As such, there’s no need to set foot in a post office again, saving your business time and effort.

Pitney Bowes offers introductory pricing to new customers, and free trials to help ensure you’re choosing a model that will not only meet your mailing needs, but also blend in with your particular working environment. In all rental packages, you’ll benefit from ongoing support, troubleshooting, and regular machine maintenance.

Expert Verdict

Pitney Bowes is one of the leading postage meter companies in Canada for a reason, offering cost-cutting mailing solutions for any sized business. As we discussed earlier in the article, Pitney Bowes has six models currently available in Canada, suitable for low, medium, and high mailing volumes.

For small businesses, we recommend the Mailstation 2 or SendPro C, which can handle 18 and 65 LPM respectively. We recommend that medium-sized companies opt for the SendPro C Auto, which can handle 120 LPM, while large companies with enormous volumes of mail should go for any of the SendPro P1000, 2000, or 3000 range.

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