Postage Meter Reviews: Small, Mid, and High Volume Models

Postage meter reviews

The Benefits of Using a Postage Meter

In a recent survey, 81% of all Canadian householders questioned stated that they had a greater level of trust in posted mail than in email, with 58% preferring to receive important documents and official communications through the postal service. For all businesses, large or small, competing to trade and make it through the ongoing global economic downturn, any potential advantage to their ‘bottom line’ should be considered, and the use of a postage meter for your mailing needs will certainly offer financial benefits and a boost in productivity and efficiency.

In addition to saving up to 20% annually on the cost of postage, the use of a meter allows the business to have the services of a Post Office in-house, 24/7. All meters are equipped with integrated scales to ensure that all postage rates are evaluated exactly, thereby cutting the risk of over-stamping and wasting money.

With no need to waste time queuing at the Post Office, employees can spend their time on more productive tasks. The system will also allow for a faster turnaround in invoicing and billing, resulting in the potential for a more efficient cash flow.

Regardless of the size of your business, any one of the Canada Post approved suppliers, FP International, Quadient or Pitney Bowes, will have a system to meet your requirements and budget. By Canadian law, you cannot purchase postage meters outright, but must lease them instead.

Low Volume Postage Meters

For the smaller office environment with a modest production of mailed items each day, the Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 offers an 18ppm (pieces per minute) capability with an integrated 2.5kg weighing scale to ensure accurate postage rating on each envelope and package.

The meter is equipped with the latest innovative IntelliLink technology which allows the user to have instant access to the business’s account, a fully customized Canada Post report on the postage expenditure and how much there is remaining in funds, and the capability to top up when postage funds become low. Customers will also be automatically eligible for additional discounts from Canada Post of up to 8%.

To provide a more professional finish to the company mail, the Mailstation 2 offers a choice of 9 pre-loaded promotional logos delivered through digital inkjet technology. The system also has the capability to design fully customized slogans to the user’s specific requirements.

Mid Volume Postage Meters

The Francotyp (FP) PostBase 125 has been designed to provide an effective system which is compliant with all of Canada Post’s current and emerging guidelines, ensuring effectivity now and well into the future.

With an auto-feed function which can process mail at speeds of 125 ppm, this meter offers excellent functionality for the busy and productive mid-size office environment, also offering a 7kg integrated scale. Users can access the integrated adhesive tape dispenser which will cut to size to avoid wastage and simplify the whole packaging process.

The FP PostBase 125 also benefits from access to the IntelliLink Control Center, providing the user with complete control over the system.

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High Volume Postage Meters

Offering unrivalled levels of productivity, the Pitney Bowes SendPro P3000 provides an auto-feed capability with open/close envelope flap facilities at a top speed of 310 ppm. This IntelliLink enabled meter has LAN connectivity allowing for faster access to postal rates and postage downloads in addition to a wealth of additional benefits.

Allowing for limited hands on processing, the SendPro P3000 system has a single stream feed which can process mail from postcard sized to large flat packets and can be used to prepare mail for a wide range of Canada Post services including Xpresspost, Expedited Parcel Post and Priority Courier packages in addition to regular parcel post.

Which to Choose?

We’ve included only the best postage meters for each size, which means there is still a wide range of different postage meters at each of these levels that could best suit your business. The easiest way to find the right postage meter for your business is by getting free quotes.

We can help you get started – simply fill in our free comparison tool, and we’ll match your business with postage meter companies that best suit your needs. They’ll then contact you with more information and non-obligation quotes for you to compare. It’s quick, easy, and free to get started.

You should also bear in mind that, in line with normal practice, the Canada Post mailing rates increase every January.

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