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With more than 90 years’ service to Canadian customers, Quadient, formerly known as Neopost, has not only grown but evolved to address the unique mailing and shipping needs of today’s businesses.

Quadient has served Canadian businesses since its founding in 1924. Postage rates aren’t all that’s changed in the nine decades since – mail has gone high-tech. Even though the web and email have disrupted how we do business, there’s still a place for the fundamentals — including snail mail, parcel services, and direct mail campaigns.

Quadient’s range of products and services, like the businesses they serve, has evolved with the times, and offers as much to SMBs as to enterprise-level businesses.

Why Choose Quadient?

Quadient uses 100% clean, pollution-free energy to power its postage meters. This means you can put green energy back into the power grid with each letter or parcel you process through one of Quadient’s machines, helping your business reduce its carbon footprint. This is possible thanks to Quadient’s partnership with Bullfrog Power.

Also, Quadient is one of three metered postage providers authorised to operate in Canada. While their meters are highly competent and very user-friendly, they’re not the only reason that a company might choose Quadient over the competition.

Much of the company’s expansion in recent years has come through the acquisition of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, giving Quadient customers access to data mining and analytics tools, QA products, and much more. Therefore, in addition to the obvious (savings on postage, plus the time saved through greater efficiency), there are some less-obvious but very helpful tools in the Quadient arsenal.

There’s one other area in which Quadient is a standout: their customer service. Given that postage meter lessees cannot maintain or service their own machines, lags in service could mean hampering your mailroom’s operation, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur operating a meter out of a small corner of your home office or a mail forwarding center that handles thousands of pieces of mail per day.

Quadient backs their products well, boasting a high (and prompt) first time fix rate.

Which Quadient Postage Meter is Right for me?

Quadient postage meters come in a variety of form factors and speeds, with each meter having its own unique set of strengths. While that number of choices can seem intimidating, it also ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your business’s needs. Their Mail n’ Ship Stations fall into three categories: Office, Tabletop, and Professional.

Quadient Office Postage Meters

Office postage meters — such as the IS-280 and IN-360 — are purpose-built to be a comfortable fit in even the smallest offices. Compact but powerful, they offer processing speeds ranging from 20 letters per minute (LPM) to 45 LPM. The IS-280 is a very popular entry-level machine, while the IN-360 has robust performance that belies its compact size.

Worthy of note: the included NeoShip software allows you to print Canada Post approved shipping labels from most thermal or inkjet printers, saving you the money of a specialized printer. These machines handle media in varying sizes, from 3.5×5” to 10”x13”, with a maximum thickness of up to 3/8”.

Quadient Tabletop Meters

As their name suggests Quadient’s tabletop Mail n’ Ship Stations take up a bit more real estate than their smaller machines. With the increased size, however, comes higher performance both in terms of speed and added functionality. They’re ideal for offices that have a higher daily volume of mail, or businesses prone to seasonal spikes in demand.

Here, your options consist of:

  • Quadient IS-280
  • Quadient IN-360
  • Quadient IN-600H or IN-600A
  • Quadient IN-700

Processing speeds are faster than the office series; the IS-420 handles up to 65 LPM, while the IN-700 runs a brisk 150 LPM (lettermail) or 90 LPM when using dynamic weighing. These machines also have a higher number of assignable departments, making it easier to monitor and control your postage spending.

Quadient Professional Meters

These are the largest, and fastest, machines built by Quadient, and are typically found in businesses with dedicated mailrooms.

Every aspect of the Quadient IS-5000 and Quadient IS-6000 is designed for efficiency, from an ergonomic layout to inline weighing, sealing, metering, stacking, and more. For enterprise-level businesses, mail management companies, utilities, and educational institutions (among others) these machines offer unmatched performance.

Other Quadient Hardware

Of course, not every Quadient machine is an all-in-one solution like their Professional series. The company also provides peripherals and hardware designed to improve your workflow.

Better mail center management (even if your “mail centre” is in the living room) means better time management; that, in turn means less billable hours spent on postage.

Here’s an example of Quadient’s additional services:

  • Tabbing, Labeling & Stamping Machines
  • Addressing Systems
  • Postal Scales
  • Folder-Inserters
  • Mailroom Furniture
  • Letter Openers

Quadient Software

Quadient’s hardware offerings are augmented by three categories of software: Inbound Tracking and Shipping, Data Quality, and Communication Management. Taken individually, each offers ways to get even more out of your Quadient meter.

For some businesses, leveraging all three can give your business powerful tools that help not only to manage your postage spend and workflow, but even make you more competitive.

Inbound Tracking and Shipping

Web Tracking System (WTS) tracks your package internally, which is useful when you need to establish an internal chain of custody. 2Ship takes up where WTS leaves off; you can authorize users to ship securely from nearly any location with an internet connection, getting the best rates available from Canada Post in the process.

Data Quality

iAddress is a SERP-compliant address management software that can handle up to two million records per hour. While it lowers costs — always a consideration — its biggest selling point is its accuracy. After all, there’s a lot to be said for your mail arriving at the right location on time.

DMTI Spatial works in tandem with Quadient’s Location Hub Viewer. This is address management taken to the next level, with an unprecedented level of accuracy, less chance of human error, and unique data visualizations as well.

Communication Management

OMS-200 streamlines document preparation through the creation of OMR (Optical Mark Reading) and 1D/2D barcode standard marks, matching documents and inserts to the proper recipients, document mergers, and batch sorting.

OMS-500 allows for message customization at a granular level so your message or enclosures are personalized. Rather than working from multiple pre-printed documents, OMS-500 prints on demand, reducing duplication and waste and ensuring the right message gets to the right channels.

GMC Inspire is the first platform of its kind in the industry. It’s a true multi-channel solution that allows you to work within various document types and data sources across the web, SMS, email, social media, and print. It’s an easy way to ensure a unified brand voice across several platforms without having to worry about issues with branding or compliance.

Quadient’s Green Energy

Quadient is partnered with Bullfrog Energy. This means Quadient uses 100% clean, pollution-free energy to power its postage meters. So, for each letter or parcel you process with a Quadient postage meter, you’re putting green energy back into the power grid, which can help your business massively reduce its carbon footprint.

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