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Top 4 Alternatives to Pitney Bowes Postage Machines

In Canada, businesses have three choices of suppliers when it comes to leasing a postage machine:

  1. Pitney Bowes
  2. Francotyp Postalia (FP)
  3. Neopost

So if, for any reason, you’d rather not lease a machine through Pitney Bowes, there are still two great suppliers to choose from.

Below we’ve reviewed the four best postage machines available from FP and Neopost for different sized offices. We’ve cross-referenced reviews and features to find the best model for different business needs.

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Best Alternatives to Pitney Bowes Postage Machines

The best alternatives to Pitney Bowes Postage Machines are: FP Postbase Mini, the Neopost IN-360, the FP Ultimail U120s and the Neopost IS-6000.

FP Postbase MiniBest for home offices or very small officesRead Review
Neopost IN-360Best for small businessesRead Review
FP Ultimail U120sBest for medium-large businessesRead Review
Neopost IS-6000Best for large offices or mailroomsRead Review
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1. FP Postbase Mini

Best for very small offices

FP Postbase Mini

Equivalent Pitney Bowes model: the MailStation 2

If your office is already bursting at the seams, you might wonder if you even have space for a postage machine. Enter, the FP Postbase Mini. This incredibly compact and ‘whisper quiet’ machine can process 17 letters per minute - unless you’re processing a lot of mail everyday, you should find this more than fast enough. Unlike the Pitney Bowes equivalent model (the MailStation 2), the Postbase Mini also has a colour touchscreen, so you can interact with it like a smartphone.


  • Very compact and sleek - you’d struggle to find a more stylish postage machine!
  • ‘Whisper quiet’ for distraction-free operation
  • Remotely connects to a seperate (optional) set of scales that can weigh parcels up to 30kg
  • A very affordable option - you can rent a Postbase Mini for as little as $19.95/month

X Cons:

  • Definitely not the fastest available - if you process more than a few hundred pieces of mail per month, you’d be better off with a higher-spec model

2. Neopost IN-360

Best for small businesses

Neopost IN-360

Equivalent Pitney Bowes model: the DM125

For businesses which might have outgrown a smaller machine like the FP Postbase Mini, the Neopost IN-360 is a logical step up. Still fairly small in size, this model won’t take up much space, but processes mail nearly three times as fast (up to 45 letters per minute).


  • Processes 45 letters per minute
  • High speed LAN or wireless internet connection, so you can get the latest postal rates and add custom graphics to print onto your mail
  • Automatic envelope sealing option
  • Option to connect to an external weighing scale for items up to 35kg

X Cons:

  • Only includes 30 accounts as standard, with the option to upgrade to up to 100 (the Pitney Bowes equivalent includes up to 300 accounts)
  • Integrated weighing scale can only weigh items up to 3kg, which is lower than other comparable models

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3. FP Ultimail U120s

Best for medium-large businesses

FP Ultimail U120s

Equivalent Pitney Bowes model: the DM475

A notable step up from the Neopost IN-360 is the FP Ultimail U120. Able to process up to 120 letters every minute, and operates a seamless ‘seal - post - stack’ operation for maximum efficiency.


  • Processes 120 letters per minute
  • Relatively compact given its capabilities, so it won’t take up the whole office or making hardly any noise
  • Log up to nine advertising messages for greater brand awareness and personalization
  • ‘Seal - post - stack’ in one smooth operation
  • Information-based indicia (ECDSA) for maximum security

X Cons:

  • Only has capacity for 100 accounts, which is much less than the Pitney Bowes equivalent. Won’t be an issue for some businesses, but something to bear in mind

4. Neopost IS-6000

Best for large offices or mailrooms

Neopost IS-6000

Equivalent Pitney Bowes model: the SendPro P-Series

This isn’t just a postage machine: Neopost’s IS-6000 is a ‘Mail’n Ship Station’. With unbeatable speeds of up to 150 letters per minute, this machine means business. It’s perfect for any mailrooms, or companies posting commercially. With Neopost’s IS-6000, your days of manually sorting mail are well and truly behind you. Plus, it’s web-enabled, so you can input postage info in your online portal to be printed in postage label format.


  • Very fast - processes up to 150 letters per minute
  • Ability to weight parcels of up to 35kg
  • Can happily deal with mixed mail at pace

X Cons:

  • Only has capacity for 100 accounts, compared to the 300 available on FP’s equivalent model

Expert Verdict

All of the postage machine models featured on this page are the cream of the crop in Canada. They either match or beat their Pitney Bowes equivalents on like for like features. The right one for you simply depends on the needs of your business; if you’re processing hundreds of letters each day, you’ll find the FP Postbase Mini frustratingly slow. Equally if you only send a few, the Neopost IS-6000 would be wasted on you.

It’s all about finding the model that’s ‘just right’, and we can help with that. Simply fill in this short form with a few details about your business and your current postage expenditure and we’ll send you quotes from leading postage machine suppliers in Canada, leaving you to choose the one that’s best for you.


What is meter or postal indicia?

An incidia is the physical meter stamp on a parcel or letter that shows the postage has been paid. Postage machines add indicia to items of mail, enabling them to be processed and sent by Canada Post.

How much is a postage machine?

You can’t buy a postage machine outright in Canada, but you can lease or rent one from one of the three approved suppliers. Prices start at around $19.95/month for the smaller models.

What’s the best postage machine for small businesses?

In this review, excluding Pitney Bowes, we’ve identified the Neopost IN-360 as the best option for small business. Check out our roundup of the best mail machine companies for small businesses for alternative options.