Can You Buy or Rent a Postage Meter Direct from Canada Post?

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Cutting straight to the chase: you can’t buy or rent a postage meter directly from Canada Post.

Canadian law prohibits the purchase of postage meters. They can only be leased from one of the three manufacturers authorised to lease and service the meters.

This arrangement has its advantages. On one hand, individual businesses are responsible for postage costs, operations, and compliance. On the other hand, inspections and service remain the supplier’s responsibility.

This limits businesses’ liability as well as operating costs and overhead to the postage and supplies used.

Which Are the Authorized Canadian Postage Meter Renters?

The three companies authorised to lease postage meters in Canada are:

These companies also operate in the United States. The remaining company authorised to lease postage meters in the US – Datapac – doesn’t operate in Canada.

Which Mail Can Be Metered?

Most mail — from postcards up to the largest parcels — can be metered. Rates will vary for non-standard and oversized items, while pieces that fall outside the Oversized category would be classified and billed under Parcel Services.

Category LengthWidthThicknessWeight
Standard LettermailMin:140 mm (5.6 in.)90 mm (3.6in.)0.18 mm (0.007in.)2 g (0.07oz.)
Max:245 mm (9.6 in.)156 mm (6.1 in.)5 mm (0.2 in.)50 g (1.76 oz.)
Non-StandardMin:140 mm (5.6in.)90 mm (3.6 in.)0.18 mm (0.007in.)3 g (0.11oz.)
Max:380 mm (14.9 in.)270 mm (10.6 in.)20 mm (0.8 in.)500 g (17.6 oz.)
OversizeMin:140 mm (5.6in.)90 mm (3.6 in.)0.18 mm (0.007in.)5 g (0.17oz.)
Max:380 mm (14.9 in.)270 mm (10.6 in.)20 mm (0.8 in.)500 g (17.6 oz.)

For customers who routinely ship parcels, a Supplier Account — which provides tracking, transaction data, and other tools — should be added to your existing metered postage account.

How Much Does Postage Meter Rental Cost?

The pricing of postage meter rental is customised, so the authorised companies don’t advertise prices that apply to all companies. Your cost will depend on which meter and software solution you choose. The size of your business, your current postage spending, and your volume of outgoing mail will also factor in your postage meter pricing.

Besides the lease, supplies, and service fees, which will be set by the meter renter you choose, you’ll also pay the postage fees, which is charged by Canada Post. If you ship internationally, the postage is higher.

How Is Payment for Postage Made?

Payments for postage are separate from your lease payments and other fees. They can be paid directly to the meter provider (usually in the form of automatic replenishment set up directly via the meter). They can also be paid directly to Canada Post.

Is a Postage Meter Right for My Small Business?

If you’re trying metered postage for the first time and aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for your business, we recommend watching out for the periodic discounts or free trials that the postage meter renters offer, which can be helpful. If you own a small company, do check out our list of best postage meters for this kind of business.

Canada Post itself also offers a variety of programs and incentives even for business postal customers who choose not to use metered mail. In addition to ecommerce and marketing assistance, Canada Post also offers a program called Solutions for Small Business.

Solutions for Small Business is a free membership program that offers volume discounts on Parcels and Neighbourhood Mail, with quarterly discount rate adjustments based on activity.

Further discounts are available on mailing supplies and shipping. Furthermore, payment is simplified, with no credit checks or contracts. For low-volume businesses (especially a small side business operated from home), Solutions for Small Business may be sufficient.

Next Steps

Unfortunately, you can’t buy or rent a postage meter directly from Canada Post as Canadian law forbids this. However, you can lease one from Pitney Bowes Canada, FP Canada (Francotyp Postalia), or Quadient Canada – all of which work with custom pricing.

Given that there are literally dozens of meters, plus different peripherals and software solutions, available among the three authorised renters, the best way to ensure you get the best deal is by comparing no-obligation quotes.

Good news is we can help you with that – just use our quick and free comparison tool. We’ll match you with the providers most suited to your needs, and they’ll be in touch with tailored, obligation-free quotes!

Canada Postage Meters FAQs

Why can't you buy a postage meter?
You can’t buy a postage meter because Canadian law considers postage a form of currency that needs to be regulated. This is the same reason why money printing press are regulated. Postage is also considered a currency in American law
How does a business get a postage meter?
To get a postage meter, businesses must lease it from one of the three manufacturers authorised: Pitney Bowes Canada, FP Canada (Francotyp Postalia), and Quadient Canada.
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