The Best POS Systems in Canada for 2021

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 11 October 2021

You already know that the best POS systems will make your business more efficient – and your life easier – by maximising your profits. Now it’s time to pick the right one. Thankfully, with years of experience in the POS industry, we know our POS systems inside and out.

From our research, we know that the best POS system in Canada is Lightspeed, offering impressive features to help both retail and hospitality businesses. However, we’ve also included four alternatives that might better suit your specific industry.

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Best POS systems Canada: The Top 5

From our extensive research, we know that the best POS systems in Canada is: Lightspeed, followed by TouchBistro, Revel Systems, Quetzal and Epos Now.

POS systemStar rating
Lightspeed: Best overall POS system
TouchBistro: Best restaurant POS system
Revel Systems: Best for fast-paced environments
Quetzal: Best for independent retailers and boutiques
EPOS Now: Best POS system for small businesses

1. Lightspeed: Best Overall POS System

Montreal-based Lightspeed is the best POS system in Canada because it offers industry-specific packages.

The first is Lightspeed Retail, enabling you to manage multiple retail stores from a single interface, making it our top POS system for retail, too. It also seamlessly integrates with Lightspeed eCommerce, which is ideal for retail businesses with an online store. Lightspeed’s restaurant-specific POS software is equally impressive, suitable for both pop-up stores and fine dining restaurants.

Pricing for Lightspeed starts from around $99 per month for a single register system.


  • Seamlessly integrate your physical and online stores with inventory management and more
  • Lightspeed rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

X Cons:

  • Not the most cost-effective option
  • Sheer choice of features can be overwhelming

Lightspeed Retail Pricing

LeanUSD $69/month
StandardUSD $119/month
AdvancedUSD $199/month

Lightspeed Restaurant Pricing

Lightspeed RestaurantUSD $59/month + $34/month /register

2. TouchBistro: Best Restaurant POS System

TouchBistro is the best-selling iPad-based restaurant POS solution in over 37 countries, offering hundreds of customization options backed by robust reporting features that help make service a breeze.

Using an iPad POS gives you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere, you can hide menu items based on the time of day or your inventory levels, so your breakfast customers don’t order from the dinner menu, or order an item that’s just sold out. This makes it one of the best POS systems for coffee shops and busy restaurants.

TouchBistro also offers a free trial period, after which it has four pricing tiers, billed by the number of licenses issued (one license covers one tablet). The first license starts at around $89 per month.


  • 24/7 customer support via phone and email
  • Great features for restaurants and food outlets both large and small
  • Best-selling iPad restaurant POS system

X Cons:

  • At $89 for your first license, it isn’t the cheapest
  • Not suitable for retail stores

TouchBistro Pricing



USD $69/month

USD $129/month


USD $249/month

USD $399/month

3. Revel Systems: Best for Fast-Paced Environments

Revel provides leading cloud-based and iPad POS software. It’s won numerous awards including ‘Best iPad Business App of the Year’, and has over 25,000 POS terminals in operation with customers around the globe.

When speed matters, Revel excels. That’s why its products are mainly used in restaurants and retail outlets, where high volumes of transactions are taking place, and quickly. This makes it one of the top mobile POS systems for food trucks and other busy retailers.

The software has a single dashboard to help you manage operations and transactions, and it’s supported by integrated social media management. Packages start at around $100 per month, per terminal.


  • Highly advanced and full of great features that make it ideal for larger businesses in particular (although smaller businesses will still benefit)
  • User-friendly with great online guides and industry-specific advice

X Cons:

  • Only compatible with Apple iOS devices
  • Setup is fairly complex, although it’s easy to navigate once done
  • Costly, but generally considered good value given its capabilities

Revel Systems Pricing


POS Software

USD $99/month /terminal

4. Quetzal: Best for Independent Retailers and Boutiques

Quetzal has an interesting niche, focusing on small clothing and accessory retailers.

There are no contracts or setup fees, with the company providing free demonstrations and a free trial period. Its software is suitable for small to medium-sized retail companies, so if you run over 10 locations then you should consider a different POS system.

Quetzal software is intended for iPads, but it’s compatible with Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Pricing starts from $75 per month.


  • Excellent customer service team
  • Niche focus makes it ideal for small retail or boutique stores

X Cons:

  • Not suitable for large businesses due to restricted features
  • Not as affordable as Epos Now

Quetzal Pricing


POS Software

USD $75/location /month

5. Epos Now: Best POS System for Small Businesses

Epos Now is the best POS system for small businesses because it’s simple to use and excellent value. Its top features include integrated inventory management, customer management, and retail accounting, with software prices starting at just $50 per month.

Epos Now POS software is cloud-based and compatible on Windows machines and iPad or Apple devices. It also offers an option to migrate your customer data, products, and stock information to your new Epos Now system as part of the implementation process.


  • Affordable and has a free trial on offer
  • Compatible on both Windows and Apple software
  • Great range of plugins to support every type of retailer

X Cons:

  • Not the most advanced system out there
  • More stylish hardware out there

EPOS Now Pricing


POS Software

CAD $55/month

Next Steps

We’ve shown you the best POS systems in Canada. Whether you’re the coffee shop on the corner, or a Walmart in the making, you need a POS system that will grow with your ambitions.

The easiest way to find the right one for you is to compare free quotes, and choose the offer that best suits your budget and style.

To get started, just tell us what you need on our free comparison tool and we’ll do the rest. We’ll match your business with trusted POS suppliers that best suit your needs, and they’ll offer you non-obligation quotes to compare.

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1. What is POS?

The ‘Point of Sale’ is where a retail transaction occurs. It can also be referred to as ‘Point of Service’ or POP, ‘Point of Purchase’. Point of Sale systems enable a payment transaction, with software and hardware to manage the process.

2. What are the Benefits of a POS System?

POS systems provide an innovative, fluid, and easy transactional system for both customer and store. With the long-term effects from COVID-19 expected to last for many years, these systems give your business greater flexibility when it comes to taking payments on the go if your brick-and-mortar store is temporarily closed.

Customers will love using familiar tech devices, such as iPads, to make their purchases. With a good POS system, managers can rest easy knowing payments will be taken smoothly and securely.

Plus, they can use the extra features to monitor stock and gather loads of valuable data. A good POS system will also be easy for employees to learn and use, and will make their life easier and their work far more efficient.

3. How Does POS Work?

Watch this short video to find out how a POS system actually works:

4. What Equipment do you Need for a POS?

POS Hardware

Hardware elements for POS include cash registers, payment terminals, barcode scanners and even scales, plus the computerized device that manages the process.

A cash register can be combined with a screen, a PC with a register, or an iPad or tablet device.

POS Software

POS software delivers the functionality required to process payments, manage pricing, generate receipts, manage discounts and loyalty schemes, conduct stock control, and daily and periodic accounting.

Good POS software will generate real time reports to help manage any aspect of a retail or hospitality business. POS software will deliver comprehensive reports for sales, marketing and accounting purposes.

5. How much does a POS system cost?

The cost will depend on your industry, the kind of software you need, and how much hardware you need to buy. Check out our page on how much a POS system costs for a full breakdown.

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