Best POS Systems Canada 2020

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 24 January 2020

Every business selling face-to-face needs a POS system. Plain and simple.

But not all POS systems are created equal!

A good POS system will make your business more efficient, and make your life easier. It should maximise your profits.

A bad POS system will over complicate matters, and glitch or crash at the worst possible time.

We know our POS systems, and in this article we have sorted the good from the bad. Each of these five POS systems offers an excellent service to businesses just like yours. Each excels in one area, but will be adaptable and well-received by lots of types and sizes of business.

Let’s take a look.

Best POS systems Canada: The Top 5

The best POS systems in Canada are: TouchBistro, Lightspeed Retail, Revel Systems, Quetzal and Epos Now.

TouchBistroBest restaurant POSRead Review
Lightspeed RetailBest for shops with an online presenceRead Review
Revel SystemsBest for fast-paced environmentsRead Review
QuetzalBest for independent retailers and boutiquesRead Review
Epos NowBest for retail managementRead Review
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1. TouchBistro

Best Restaurant POS

touchbistro pos

TouchBistro is the best-selling iPad-based restaurant POS solution in over 37 countries, offering hundreds of customization options backed by robust reporting features that helps make service a breeze.

Using an iPad POS gives you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere, with TouchBistro offering a generous range of features to boot.

You can hide menu items based on time of day (so your breakfast customers aren’t ordering from the dinner menu) or based on inventory (so they’re not ordering the porterhouse special you ran out of at 6:30).

TouchBistro offers a free trial period, after which it has four pricing tiers, billed by the number of licenses issued (one license covers one tablet). The first license starts at around $89/month, and all plans are billed annually.


  • 24/7 customer support via phone and email
  • Great features for restaurants and food outlets both large and small
  • Best-selling iPad restaurant POS system

X Cons:

  • At $89 for your first license, it isn’t the cheapest

2. Lightspeed Retail

Best for shops with an online presence

lightspeed pos

Montreal-based Lightspeed have a number of POS options that make taking payments as seamless as possible.

The first is Lightspeed Retail, a cloud-based retail POS solution. It seamlessly integrates with Lightspeed eCommerce, which is ideal for retail businesses with an online store.

The second is Lightspeed Restaurant, a well-regarded cloud-based hospitality POS system.

Lightspeed offers both cloud and server or network based POS software. The company offers hardware, software and combined solutions in bundles, and are well-known providers of iPad POS systems.

Pricing for Lightspeed Retail starts from around $99 per month for a single register system. Lightspeed Restaurant starts at just $69 per month.


  • Seamlessly integrate your physical and online stores with inventory management and more
  • Rated 8.1/10 on Trustpilot (‘Great’)
  • Reviews praise the helpful staff and the onboarding training that’s on offer

X Cons:

  • Contract is difficult to cancel
  • Not the most cost-effective option
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3. Revel Systems

Best for fast-paced environments

revel pos

Revel provides leading cloud-based and iPad POS software. It’s won numerous awards including ‘Best iPad Business App of the Year’, and have over 25,000 POS terminals in operation with customers around the globe. Impressive stuff.

When speed matters, Revel excels. That’s why their products are mainly used in restaurants and retail outlets, where high volumes of transactions are taking place, and quickly.

Their software has a single dashboard to manage operations and transactions. It’s supported by integrated inventory, customer and social media management. Packages start at around $100/month per terminal.


  • Highly advanced and full of great features that make it ideal for larger businesses in particular (although smaller businesses will still benefit from it)
  • User-friendly with great online guides and industry-specific advice

X Cons:

  • Only compatible with Apple iOS devices
  • Setup is fairly complex, although it’s easy to navigate once done
  • Costly (including a large onboarding fee) but generally considered good value given its capabilities

4. Quetzal

Best for independent retailers and boutiques

quetzal pos

Though not as large as other POS system suppliers, Quetzal has an interesting niche focus on small clothing and accessory retailers.

With Quetzal there are no contracts, or setup fees and they provide free demonstrations or a trial period. Their software is very niche and they recommend any retailer with more than 10 locations considers a different POS.

Quetzal software is intended for iPads but is compatible with Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Quetzal will either retail the hardware you need or recommend suppliers.

Quetzal tailors to their niche with specific functionality and simple pricing. It offers packages starting from $75 per month for standard support options.


  • Excellent customer service team. Customers report being given hours of support upon signing, and free ongoing support too
  • Niche focus allows them to cater to what small clothing and accessory retailers really want in terms of features

X Cons:

  • As a relatively new system, there are still some minor ‘kinks’ to work out
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5. Epos Now

Best for retail management

epos now pos

Epos Now is a retail management POS provider who focus on small to mid-sized businesses. They offer far more than your average POS solution; integrated inventory management, customer management, and retail accounting makes running your business that bit easier. The accounting option integrates purchase ledger, purchase orders and payroll processing.

Epos Now POS software is cloud-based and compatible on Windows machines and iPad or Apple devices. Epos Now are popular across most industries. They also offer an option to migrate your customer data, products, and stock information to your new Epos Now system as part of the implementation process. Their software packages start at around $50/month.


  • Affordable and has a free trial on offer
  • Compatible on both Windows and Apple softwares
  • Great range of plugins to support every type of retailer

X Cons:

  • You get what you pay for: Epos Now is great, but it’s not the most advanced system out there – most small businesses will still find it’s fine for their needs

Next Steps

Whether you’re the coffee shop on the corner, or a Walmart in the making, you need a POS system that will work with you and your ambitions. The best way to find the right one for you is to compare quotes, and choose the offer that best suits your budget and style.

Simply fill in our short webform to receive custom POS quotes for your business, large or small. It only takes a minute and is completely free of charge.

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1. What is POS?

The ‘Point of Sale’ is where a retail transaction occurs. It can also be referred to as ‘Point of Service’ or POP, ‘Point of Purchase’. Point of Sale systems enable a payment transaction, with software and hardware to manage the process.

2. What are the benefits of a POS system?

POS systems provide an innovative, fluid and easy transactional system for both customer and store.

Customers will love using familiar tech devices, such as iPads, to make their purchases. With a good POS system, managers can rest easy knowing payments will be taken smoothly and securely. Plus, they can use the extra features to monitor stock and gather loads of valuable data. A good POS system will also be easy for employees to learn and use, and will make their life easier and their work far more efficient.

3. How does POS work?

Watch this short video to find out how a POS system actually works:

4. What equipment do you need for a POS?

POS Hardware

Hardware elements for POS include cash registers, payment terminals, barcode scanners and even scales, plus of course the computerized device which manages the process.

A cash register can be combined with a screen, a PC with a register, or an iPad or tablet device. Depending on the functionality of device and hardware, transactions are moving more and more towards a single device which can handle every aspect of the POS.

POS Software

POS software delivers the functionality required to process payments, manage pricing, generate receipts, manage discounts and loyalty schemes, conduct stock control, and daily and periodic accounting.

Good POS software will generate real time reports to help manage any aspect of a retail or hospitality business. POS software will deliver comprehensive reports for sales, marketing and accounting purposes.

5. How much does a POS system cost?

How much your entire POS system will cost depends on your industry, the kind of software you need and how much hardware you need to buy. Check out our page on how much a pos system costs for a full breakdown, or fill in this form now to get a custom quotes for your business.

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