Mobile POS Systems

By Dan Barraclough

Like iPad POS devices and systems, mobile POS systems offer high-tech and high-function with attractivity and ease of use. Not only can mobile POS be used in stores, it’s perfect for booths, stands, and outdoor and roaming retailers.

What are Mobile POS Systems?

Mobile POS systems, or a mobile device running POS software can run independently of a central PC network or integrated hardware.

Options are available for either device and software which is completely independent, or equally mobile hardware such as payment terminals or barcode scanners.

The technology can be wireless and integrated with the main network or master terminal via Wi-Fi and cloud functionality.

Features and Benefits of Mobile POS Systems


The size of a mobile POS device gives great flexibility to a retail business and enables them to offer an easy to use, interactive and highly functional device for ordering, stock control and payment processing for employees and customers alike.

Advances in payment processes such as touch free payment processing or mobile based payments mean that customers expect this kind of functionality at their “point of sale” as well as in their hand.


Mobile POS devices integrating the latest software and hardware offer speedy transactions. Whether that’s a fast touch free payment for a product or beverage, interactive and visual menu choice in a restaurant, or easy purchase of larger items with real-time stock availability. Mobile POS systems can also help to reduce queuing.

Using Wi-Fi and the cloud mean that payments are processed immediately and can be reconciled, along with stock, within a master system in real time, leaving less work for the retailer at the end of the day.

Advanced POS software allows easy access to full functionality or data contained within a central system, and vice-versa. The same information can be accessed on any device within a company network, by any employee.

Managers can access sales, marketing, stock and financials quickly and accurately. They can generate comprehensive reports and make management decisions immediately based on activity within their business.

Consultative Selling and Customer Service

For some retailers, mobile POS devices enable consultative selling. Turning sales assistants into sales consultants and increasing customer service levels dramatically.

Sales assistants can advise quickly on stock levels, complimentary or alternative products and product functionality with the touch of a button. They do not need to remember masses of information but can find it quickly with the customer by their side.

Mobile devices can also help sales assistants convert customers and make sales immediately as they talk. They can upsell accessories, upgrades and complementary products there and then.

A mobile device can also be used in a dedicated area of a store to push a particular product line or be used along with a demonstration for ordering or immediate purchase.


Again, running a system with the latest software and hardware, or purchasing a POS system with regular security and system updates means that data and payment security is maximised.

Most POS system suppliers provide regular system updates as part of the purchase or ongoing monthly subscription and/or maintenance charges.

It’s important to ensure that any mobile POS system runs the latest in fraud, hacking and virus prevention. A mix of hardware and software security measures should maximise cyber security.

A business can fail, or incur massive costs or loss of reputation for simple security breach, especially when processing customer payments and transmitting banking and card information.

Additional Features

As well as advanced payment processing, interactive ordering and real-time stock control, mobile POS systems have a huge library of functionality for a retailer or hospitality enterprise. Mobile POS systems can provide electronic receipts, ordering while browsing, or at one’s seat, loyalty offers and reward programs, and easy pressure free tipping for customers.

For employees, mobile POS systems make taking orders and processing payments simpler meaning that tips are more likely and can be allocated better, and help to manage their hours and bonuses.

For retail owners and managers, mobile POS systems give progressive customer monitoring and thus marketing functionality. They increase responsiveness to activity reports in real time, price, stock, reporting and payroll control and integrated payment and banking reconciliation to make accounting painless.

What will a Mobile POS System Cost?

Mobile POS software can be relatively low cost. Combined with android devices or PC’s the cost is reliant on the make, model, functionality and number of systems required. POS hardware can run into the hundreds and again depends on the requirement of the business.

A business choosing to be completely mobile and without hardware is looking at the cost of Android or Apple devices, any other networked devices or laptops which may already be owned and then just the software outlay or monthly subscription.

Many POS software providers will offer a free trial period, which is useful for trying out a new provider. Others will help with integration from one system to another or training and support to implement a new system.

Mobile POS Providers


eCommerce giant Shopify offer a completely mobile POS solution where payment can be accepted on any device. They have their own card reader which can plug into the headphone jack of a mobile device.

Their POS software can be used on a mobile, online, social media, in a store, or as they say, “out of the trunk of your car”. They have extensive functionality from reporting to marketing and payments plus a 24/7 POS support team.


Quetzel is a full featured cloud-based, mobile POS solution which can operate via the cloud or offline. It serves many clothing and footwear retailers but is suitable for most boutique and small retailers.

Features include employee management, inventory management, reporting, analytics, and eCommerce integration with Shopify. It has printable receipts, a loyalty system and integrates with over twenty payment processors.


Agiliron offer both mobile and in-store POS to streamline workflow and improve the sales process for retail, eCommerce, wholesale and distribution companies. Their POS systems are scalable for multi-locations including online commerce.

Features include the basics of POS, order management, and inventory management, plus marketing options like customer email marketing and customer support functionality. They integrate with the main accounting and payment systems. Agiliron POS is web based and accessible from any location.

NCR Counterpoint

NCR Counterpoint POS solutions are omnichannel – for both physical and online retailers. They have a key mobile POS product and add email marketing, integrated eCommerce, mobile alerts, gift card and loyalty programs, and SMS alerts to basic POS functionality.

Their software integrates with POS hardware for those who need POS terminals. Reporting is in depth, with instant cash drawer readings and employee clocking in and out functionality.

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