The Best Restaurant POS Systems in Canada 2022

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Cook up a storm of success with the best restaurant POS systems…

POS (point of sale) systems are designed to help you to manage every area of your restaurant, from accepting orders to tracking staff hours.

By streamlining your most important tasks, these restaurant management systems give your restaurant the competitive edge and keep your customers happy and hungry for more.

Through our research and years of experience in the POS industry, we know that TouchBistro is the best POS system for restaurants in Australia, with Lightspeed coming in for second place.

However, this article will review the top five options, which are all compatible with a wide range of hardware and features, which, along with their pricing information, you’ll learn all about in this article.

The Best POS Systems for Restaurants

Thanks to our research, we confidently recommend the following suppliers as the best POS systems for restaurants. Each one offers an impressive range of features to help your restaurant cook up a culinary and financial storm.

  • Best overall POS system for restaurants – TouchBistro
  • Best customer service – Nobly POS
  • Best for delivery services – Lightspeed
  • Best for ease of use – EPOS Now


Best Overall POS System for Restaurants

Used on Gordon Ramsay’s  TV series, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, TouchBistro is clearly heaven to use. You can integrate an unlimited number of payment processors, take payments within the offline mode, view every delivery route, enjoy 24/7 customer support, and much more.

Perhaps one of the reasons why it does such a good job is because the majority of the TouchBistro team knows the restaurant industry. This means every little restaurant-associated niggle is – quite literally – catered for.

Top Features

  • Tableside ordering
  • Integrates with a kitchen display system
  • Extensive security and permission controls
  • Integrates with other industry software

Nobly POS

Best for Customer Service

Nobly POS is another restaurant POS supplier that has earned itself a good reputation among its clients. The software itself is relatively expensive, but packed full of features that’ll help you manage every area of your restaurant, whether it’s ingredient tracking or growing relationships with your customers through targeted marketing.

On top of that, its customer service team will ensure the installation and integration of your restaurant POS system is smooth and hassle-free.

Top Features

  • Can accept gift cards as payment
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Integrated with Barclaycard, iZettle, Sumup, and more

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Best for Delivery Services

Keen to literally deliver the goods? Lightspeed makes it super easy to sync your menu with major food delivery services, helping you reach more customers. This feature is particularly useful given that consumers are staying inside and ordering from their homes more than ever before.

You can also integrate your Lightspeed system with a large range of services, including iZettle, Trustpilot, Oracle, and much more.

Top Features

  • Organizes food orders by starter, main, and dessert
  • Self-ordering menu for customers
  • Detailed ingredient reports


Best for Ease of Use

EPOS Now’s restaurant POS system boasts a host of impressive features. Simple inventory management, straightforward accounting software integrations, and a slick touchscreen display make their software a dream to use.

Meanwhile, 24/7 chat support and friendly customer care agents can solve virtually any issue.

Top Features

  • Intelligent reporting
  • Take orders at tables
  • Good amount of offline features
  • Inventory management

How Much Does Restaurant POS Software Cost?

It's now time for the all-important discussion about POS system costs. The majority of restaurant POS system suppliers in our article offer pricing plans starting from $69 per month for the software. You’ll likely need to pay extra for the hardware, which usually costs approximately $1,000+ as a one-off fee.

Check out our table below, featuring the monthly prices from our top five suppliers:

SupplierPricing PlansHardware Cost
TouchBistro Solo: $89/month

Dual: $169/month

Team: $409/month

Unlimited: $569/month

N/A (software only)
Nobly$199/month$1,072 (touchscreen, printer, iPad stand, and barcode scanner)
LightspeedLean: $69/month

Standard: $119/month

Advanced: $199/month

Pro: $229/month

Bespoke pricing
EPOS Now$39/month


Bespoke plan

$1,799 or $72/month

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Expert verdict

You now know who the best restaurant POS system suppliers in Canada are. From our research, the top three are TouchBistro, Nobly POS  and Lightspeed, all of which offer excellent features at reasonable price plans for their software, but EPOS Now also offer solid solutions.

However, we’ve found that restaurant POS providers aren’t particularly forward with their prices, which means it’s best to get in touch with their sales teams if you want to find out exactly how much you’ll be paying.

We make this really easy for you – simply provide us with a few details about your restaurant business, and we’ll match you with suppliers that best meet your requirements. They’ll then be in touch with prices and more information for you to compare.

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