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Square is a company devoted to simplicity and is based in San Francisco, California. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey started Square in 2009 and built the brand with the mantra for providing access to processing cards to everyone.

Square specialize in processing mobile payments and offer a suite of features including analytics. Although additional hardware is required to create a fully functional store, packages are available for both paperless and traditional paper receipt transactions.

Square is now one of the largest card processing suppliers with over 3 million users, and they process in excess of $10 billion annually.

Square Review
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Services and Features

  • Payment Solutions: Mobile payments.
  • Contract Type: They offer customers month-to-month contracts.
  • Administrative Fees: Square doesn't charge monthly account or monthly minimum fees. Companies that intend to accept mobile payments will need to pay a $10 monthly fee to cover gateway payment costs.
  • Transaction Rates & Fees: 2.75% of all credit and debit card transactions.

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The Expert Market Verdict

Square have a beautiful website and an easy-to-use app. In addition to this they operate a very useful business blog. Square clearly understands their target audience are smaller businesses and so provide useful content which is valuable to such an audience. Square also has some of the most popular social channels in this industry, and utilizes Twitter and Facebook effectively to provide support and highlight their vast merchant network. Square also make great use of YouTube by providing helpful videos.

Whilst there are no set up costs, reviews indicate that there can be hidden fees, most notably Square holding funds for inconsequential reasons. In terms of customer service, historically Square has been slow to respond through both email and social media.

Additional features to consider are the fact that whilst this mobile processing is available for both iPhone and iPad, you are only able to connect peripherals to an iPad. In terms of software, there is no API available, meaning developers cannot integrate this functionality in their own apps.