Revel POS Review: Pricing, Features and Benefits

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  • User-friendly
  • Extensive functionality
  • Offline mode


  • Can be buggy
  • Slightly steep pricing

At a glance: A cloud-based platform that integrates a POS system, operations, and customer channels. Revel POS is suitable for retail stores and restaurants of all sizes.

Revel POS is unique to other POS systems as it includes customer channels and operations all on one dashboard. Revel POS gives you a POS that includes inventory management, social media management, and customer management. The possibilities are endless with Revel.

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What are Revel POS’s features and benefits?


Revel POS offers a self-service checkout, giving you options to include branded messaging, payments, and more. Your customers are able to place orders and pay through the self-service kiosk. Designed intuitively with customers and your operations in mind, you can reduce face-to-face contact, providing a more comfortable experience for customers.

The kiosk is customizable, and you can choose images, videos, fonts, colours and more. You can also opt for a kiosk-specific menu to make accommodating for add-ons and other modifications easy.

Online Ordering

With Revel’s fully-integrated Online Ordering XT solution, you can give your customers a fresh, customized online experience. You can stay in complete control and ensure your brand stays centre.

You can make updates in real-time from anywhere in the world, staying on top of any changes or mishaps. As items go out of stock, you can update the online interface immediately to prevent disappointed customers. Customer data from online orders is stored, so you can use this info to send out personalized messages and promotional materials.


Revel POS provides everything you need to offer a full drive-thru service, from a digital display board to headsets. Revel’s drive-thru solutions are customizable to ensure you provide a service that matches your branding and customer experience.

Features include digital menus, order confirmation screens, timing systems, and a management queue. The drive-thru solution is integrated with Revel so drive-thru orders are seamlessly integrated with your other orders.

You can instantly make updates to your digital menus, and set up automated tasks and actions such as pre-scheduling content.

How much does Revel POS cost?

PackagePrice (inc. or excl. VAT)What you’ll get
POS SoftwareStarts at $99 per month*


(per terminal)


*When you pay annually on a three-year Revel Advantage contract. Minimum purchase of two terminals required.



  • POS system
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Reporting and analytics
ProcessingContact providerRevel Advantage includes:


  • Apple Pay ready
  • In-house dedicated support team
  • All card types included
  • Online statements and reporting
ImplementationStarts at $674Includes:


  • Menu consultation
  • Hardware installation
  • Payments set up
  • Software onboarding
  • Management console training

Revel’s pricing is a little unclear and confusing, and you’ll need to contact the company for a quote to get a real idea on the price you’ll be paying. Revel does offer a free demo, so this can help you decide if this is the right system for your business without investing a cent.

Revel’s prices are a little steep, but this is down to the fact that it offers more than your usual POS system. If you want to utilize these features, this balances out the steep pricing. But if not, you might be better off with a different system.

Is Revel POS right for my business?

“I manage a small business”

Revel POS is a great option for small businesses because it includes all the necessary functions of a POS system, plus lots of extras. As your business grows, you can begin to make use of the extensive functionality, seamlessly integrating new processes and building out your business.

This system is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of training, which means new and current staff can easily pick it up without there being any lulls in quality of service. Some users have reported that it can be a little buggy at times, but the sleek interface, 24/7 phone support, and packed features make up for this flaw.

“I want to offer several payment methods”

Revel POS gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to payment methods. You can also open a bar tab without a held card, so your guests have complete flexibility as well. Revel Smartpay supports SMS text-to-pay and QR code scan-to-pay for in-store or phone transactions. This payment method is a quick, safe, and contactless way for your customers to pay.

Revel POS also gives you the options to provide store credit and provide invoices for catering orders, etc.

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What do Revel POS customer reviews say?

Customer review

“It's easy to learn and accessible. Having it on an iPad means that it's large enough to know what button is being pressed, and to move things around if need be. Having categories set up is great so we can keep track of how much change we need or how many people came in to visit that day.

“It can get a little complicated, especially with adding discounts to certain purchases, which can be difficult for our older volunteers to get a hold of. But really, on the basic side of things, it works well and does the job efficiently.”

Anonymous, Revel POS customer
Customer review

“There are many POS providers out there today but I think Revel does a great job for small business owners. They utilize familiar hardware (iPad) and turn it into a POS system that's easy to navigate. Being in a rush or training new employees can be a disaster if you have the wrong POS system, but Revel does a great job with its easy layout.

“Customer service can be disastrous at times, especially if your POS system is down during a rush. It doesn't happen frequently but it does happen, so you should be aware of that before making your choice.”

Annymous, Revel POS customer

We recommend Revel POS for small businesses because it includes everything you need at the point of sale, plus much more. It can be buggy at times, which may make it difficult for larger enterprises when they run into technical difficulties. It’s flexible, easy to use, and has tons of features.You have access to insightful reports and data, giving you the ability to make more informed decisions.

You can seamlessly access social media tools and connect with customers, as well as providing personalized marketing, up-to-date menus, and several payment options.

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What other POS Systems could I consider?

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