Aloha POS System Review & Pricing 2022

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NCR used to be known as National Cash Register, back when cash registers were leading POS solutions. Times – and POS systems – have changed, and so has NCR. The Aloha POS system is NCR’s signature product for hospitality point of sale for businesses across the world. It’s a long way from the old-fashioned cash register, and that’s a good thing for food service.

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Reviewed by Expert Market:2021/10/21

Getting Started with the Aloha POS system

It doesn’t provide the flashiest user experience, but Aloha’s essential FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of house) functions are easy enough to pick up. That said, some users report having trouble setting up the system’s more complex reporting features.

It’s fortunate, then, that NCR clearly understands the challenges involved with implementing POS solutions for the first time. To ensure smooth Aloha POS integration, they’ve partnered with Hospitality Control Solutions (HCS) to offer staff training at their facilities or yours.

Aloha Restaurant POS Features

Aloha POS has an extensive range of features. Core features include:

  • Front of house (FOH) terminals with order entry and payment processing
  • Back of house (BOH) displays with prep instructions and special requests
  • Guest management
  • Takeout and delivery management
  • HR and inventory controls
  • Mobile device functionality
  • Local and cloud installation with several layers of redundancy
  • Customer engagement
  • Security and theft prevention
  • High degree of customization
  • Extensive reporting features

Aloha Hosted Services

In addition to POS terminals, Aloha offers cloud-based “Hosted Services” that can augment your POS system and enhance your customers’ experience:

  • PULSE Real-Time: Access analytics on server performance and customer behavior from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Aloha Stored Value: Gift card sales and management help new customers discover your business.
  • Aloha Loyalty Program: Customize a loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back.
  • Aloha Restaurant Guard: Loss prevention and scam detection can be built into your everyday workflow.
  • Aloha Online Ordering: Integrate easy ordering with your existing website.
  • Aloha Insight: Understand the data that drives your business.
  • Customer Voice: Give your regulars the tools to evangelize for your business.
  • Aloha Command Center and Network Security Services: Maximize the performance and safety of your Aloha system without compromising your sensitive data.


In an industry where customer support is sometimes an afterthought, the Aloha POS system truly stands out by offering several modes of support. Phone support is available seven days a week, 8.00am to midnight. Aloha technicians are also available on-call during regular business hours for on-site troubleshooting.

Aloha’s ‘Depot Service’ also deserves mention. With Depot Service, NCR provides same-day shipment of new or replacement hardware, equipment rentals, asset management, installation, and setup. Given that hardware issues tend to affect users of any POS system over time, same-day delivery of replacement modules can be a lifesaver.

Plans and Pricing

Because each restaurant is different, no two installations are the same. This makes it difficult to generalize about Aloha POS system prices. On top of equipment costs, there are fees for software, installation, training, and licensing. You can request a custom quote to determine the scale and cost of your establishment’s install.

Expert Verdict

Few in the tech space can boast a 130-year history. The Aloha POS hasn’t been around for quite that long, but its parent company has. NCR draws on its experience to deliver a top-notch hospitality solution. Whether you’re running a take-out pizza parlor or a high-end bistro, the Aloha POS system has a configuration to manage all your touchpoints. This is hardly the only hospitality solution available, but it should be on your shortlist.

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How much does an Aloha POS system cost?

The cost of your Aloha POS system will depend on your business. This is because Aloha offers bespoke pricing, meaning you’ll need to get in contact with the company in order to get a clear price for your business.

What company owns Aloha POS?

Aloha is owned by NCR, one of the world’s leading enterprise technology providers of software, hardware, and services for a variety of industries, including retail and restaurants.

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