Upserve POS Review: Pricing, Features and Benefits

Find out if Upserve is the right POS system for your business…


  • Easy and quick onboarding
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Integrates inventory
  • Sleek design


  • No free trial or version
  • Some add-on features are costly
At a glance: Upserve is a cloud-based POS designed for restaurants, with features such as offline mode, sophisticated reporting and a sleek, user-friendly design. It’s a more expensive option than some competitors.

Upserve has been designed with food service in mind and caters to a variety of restaurants including bakeries, high-end establishments, fast food spots and cafes. Upserve is stocked with restaurant management features such as sales analytics, easy menu editing, and automation.

Below, we’ll explore pricing, benefits, features and customer reviews so you can decide if Upserve is the right POS system for you. You can also use our quote tool to find POS systems suited to your business needs by easily comparing quotes.

What are Upserve’s features and benefits?

✓ Menu Management 

Thanks to Upserve’s connection to the cloud, you can edit your menu from anywhere in the world and customize it however you like. Menu management is important for the smooth running of your restaurant – and with the ability to edit and customize, you’ll have all the control.

The system’s inventory countdowns mean you’ll always know when a product is low in stock. Sold-out products are automatically marked as being out of stock, meaning no more embarrassing U-turns for your servers.

Upserve offers great reporting capabilities, including a menu that shows which items are doing well, which are underperforming and which are current favourites. This can help you make more insightful decisions.

✓ Insightful Analytics

Upserve provides insightful analytics with Upserve HQ, its very own analytics platform. This feature collects relevant data in one place to help you increase your team’s efficiency and find areas for improvement.

This feature includes data on staff performance, sales analytics, loyalty programs, guest books and even reputation management, giving you access to reviews across multiple sites. You can also add in-house online orders, although this comes at an extra cost.

✓ Great Training 

You can onboard new staff in just a few hours with Upserve’s dedicated training modules and user-friendly design. Alongside its great training and easy-to-use system, Upserve lets you manage employees by designating specific roles and permissions to individuals so they can access the right menus and workflows.

Staff and management can all communicate through the system, creating an efficient, collaborative and tight ship.

How much does Upserve cost?

PackagePrice (inc. or excl. VAT)What you’ll get


  • $60/terminal
  • Logbook
  • Guest trends
  • Training mode
  • Offline mode
  • Upserve Payments
  • Sales, product & labour reporting
  • EMV
  • Transaction search
  • Transparent batch/deposit info
  • Upserve Workforce
  • Third-party platform integrations
  • Upserve Marketing
  • Campaigns
  • Reputation management


  • $50/terminal
Everything above, plus:


  • Menu optimization
  • Server performance
  • Recipe costing
  • Vendor management
  • One-click purchasing
  • Low inventory alerts
  • In-house solution
  • Customizable rewards program
  • Upserve Inventory


  • $40/terminal
Everything above, plus:


  • Data API
  • Enterprise account management

Add-ons at an extra cost:

  • Upserve Online Ordering
  • Gift cards
  • Custom reporting

These add-ons are important features, and the fact they come at an extra cost can mean that you end up paying a hefty amount compared to some other POS systems.

Upserve’s intuitive interface, employee and menu management, and collection of important insights do place this POS system pretty high up, although it’s humbled by its slightly heavier pricing.

Is Upserve right for my business?

“I run a busy restaurant”

Upserve can help you streamline operations thanks to its intuitive cloud-based system. No more bringing out the phone calculators with Upserve – this system can automatically split the cheque, making it easy to take multiple payments from one table.

As well as being user-friendly, Upserve allows you to search for items without having to endlessly scroll, saving your staff time and energy and giving your customers a much more efficient service.

“I want to use a POS system in multiple locations”

One of the great benefits of Upserve is the fact that it works across both iOS and Android devices, meaning you don’t need to worry about using the same type of device in multiple locations.

Thanks to Upserve’s extensive reporting capabilities, you can easily see data that will help you make informed decisions for specific locations or for your business as a whole. Upserve’s easy-to-use interface and great training modules mean you can ensure that customers will get the same quality service at every location.

The ability to use the system even when offline means you can rely on it even when things go wrong. However, some users have reported that Offline Mode can be a little buggy, and of course if you’re offline you can’t be certain payments will be accepted.

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What do Upserve customer reviews say?

Check out what Upserve users have to say:

Customer review

“Overall it's pretty good for our quick service restaurant. We've used several POS systems over the last 15 years, and Upserve has less user-interface customization than some, but I think that's for the better. Sometimes POS's suffer from too many customization options and you end up with a cluttered interface which slows down order taking. We do not have table service, so those features on the POS we cannot comment on.

For new front-of-house employees the learning curve is easy – if you have ever used an app, then you've already started your training in Upserve. Also, replacing equipment (iPads, routers) will be relatively cheaper and much easier than full system upgrades. As restaurant infrastructure goes, it's great not needing a back office computer – and reports, menus and setup can still be handled through any web browser. This is great for those of us who can't always be present in one location.”

Anonymous, Upserve user
Customer review

“Upserve’s mobile app and reporting make immediate data easily accessible. The reports are presented simply and cleanly.

That said, it’s not very customizable. The software (or the developers) are unable/unwilling to adjust to the varied needs of different types of restaurants. While this is likely the case for most POS systems, we've found that other software integrations we use are much more likely to adjust and make custom improvements that directly benefit our restaurant.”

Annymous, Upserve user


Upserve provides a sleek, easy-to-use POS system created by experts in the industry. As well as providing management with relevant and insightful analytics and reports, the system is also designed to make work easier for waitstaff. This means a better experience for your customers, a smoother operation and happier staff.

As much as it excels, Upserve still has some drawbacks – namely its costly pricing and the fact you have to pay for add-on features which ideally should come as part of the initial package. Upserve might do well to rejig its packages and include these additional features as standard. Despite this, it does provide a great system which can streamline your operations.

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