The 5 Most Popular CRMs in Canada 2022

We’ve got the lowdown on the most popular CRMs in Canada – read on to find out about our handpicked CRM systems…

Best for $$$Trial ProsConsOur expert rating
Salesforce Large and multi-layered businesses $25 – $30030-day trial 
  • Most comprehensive CRM on the market
  • Customizable 
  • Expensive for more features 
  • Annual billing is limiting 
ZohoSmall Businesses that need a basic but functional system C$0 – C$8130-day trial 
  • Free version 
  • Flexible monthly subscription 
  • Extensive customization 
  • Poor customer service 
Freshworks Businesses on a limited budget$0 – $9921-day trial 
  • Free plan
  • Affordable
  • Minimal onboarding 
  • Less third-party app integrations than competitors 
Zendesk Businesses looking for customer service solutions $19 – $9914-day trial 
  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Easily customizable features 
  • Poor customer service 
SugarCRMMedium-sized businesses $52 – $1,0007-day trial 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Great customer service tools 
  • Inflexibility due to annual billing 
  • Difficult integration process 

CRM systems are vital to running an efficient and productive business. CRM systems do all the important things your business needs to grow, and the system you choose can affect every aspect of your biz, positively or negatively. 

We’ve made it easy to compare and evaluate the most popular CRMs in Canada so that you can make an informed decision. Read on for our reviews on these CRMs, informed by extensive research and over a decade of experience in recommending CRM systems.  


Best for large and multi-layered businesses

Salesforce is the most comprehensive and popular CRM system in Canada. Salesforce can be used by businesses of any size, although it’s better suited to larger businesses as you’ll need to invest time and money to make the most of the software. 

At first glance the pricing seems fairly affordable. However, the initial pricing only covers basic features. Extra features such as the Einstein AI tool will cost you $50 per user, per month. Choosing to pay only for the features you actually want is great, as you don’t need to pay for features you won’t use, but it does mean that extra costs can quickly add up. The annual billing can also be limiting for some. 

We love Salesforce because of how customizable it is – and after all, it is the most popular CRM on the market for a reason. It boasts tons of great features needed for any business to run smoothly. In fact, its extensive customization might even be unnecessary for your business, in which case you should take a look at other CRM systems that are less comprehensive than Salesforce.

Salesforce's Pricing:

Salesforce starts at $25/user/month for its Essentials tier, $75/user/month for its Professional tier, $150/user/month for Enterprise, and $300/user/month for its Unlimited tier. 


  • Most comprehensive and advanced CRM
  • Customizable
  • Workflow automation
  • Mobile app
  • Tons of third-party integrations


  • Can be expensive to purchase more features
  • Steep learning curve
  • 24/7 support only available for the highest-paying users
  • No free version


Best for small and new businesses

Zoho’s free version contains all the basic features a small or new business needs, such as contact and lead management and customization. Its paid versions are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses in a range of industries. 

Zoho CRM is customizable and scalable, which means it can grow alongside your business. In fact, you can customize any layout on the platform to suit your business needs. But this level of customization can be tricky for those who aren’t super techie – so it can be limiting for businesses without much expertise. 

Zoho CRM offers integrations with third-party apps such as Office 365, PayPal and Slack. However, on the free plan the integrations are limited to Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks. These integrations provide a seamless CRM experience and let you carry out your operations from one platform. 

Zoho reportedly has poor customer service, with users complaining that response times are slow and they’re unable to get adequate help. For some small businesses this isn’t too much of an issue, especially if the system will be used for fairly basic processes. But if you want to customize the system or carry out more complex processes, the poor customer service could be a major con. 

Zoho's Pricing:

Pricing starts at C$19/month for the Standard package, if billed annually, or C$25 when billed monthly. The Professional package is C$31/month (annually) or C$44 (monthly) and the Enterprise package is priced at C$50/month (annually) or $63 (monthly). Finally, the Ultimate package is priced at C$65/month (annually) or C$81 (monthly).


  • Simple, easy-to-use software
  • Free version
  • Monthly subscription
  • Mobile app
  • Extensive customization


  • Customer service can be poor
  • Can get expensive on the higher tiers
  • Some problems with lagging
  • Customer service support changes for each package


Best for businesses on a limited budget 

Freshworks has divided its offerings into Freshdesk, Freshsales and Freshmarketer. Each platform provides customer service, sales, and marketing tools to boost your business’s efficiency and productivity. 

The platforms are customizable to suit your business needs and boast unique features such as the ability to choose from more than 10 languages and over 100 different currencies. Freshdesk provides great collaboration tools to cut down on wasted resources and deal with customer queries quickly and efficiently. 

Using Freshworks, you can automate admin and repetitive tasks, such as following up with leads or sending welcome emails. There are also third-party integrations that provide a seamless experience – although compared to its competitors, Freshworks offers less of these.

Freshwork's Pricing:

Freshsales pricing starts at $15/user/month for the Growth plan, $39/user/month for Pro, and $69/user/month for Enterprise. Freshdesk starts at $15/user/month for Growth, $49/user/month for Pro, and $79/user/month for Enterprise. 

There’s a discount on the Omnichannel packages, which bring several Freshworks tools and solutions together. They start at $29/user/month for Growth, $59/user/month for Pro, and $99/user/month for Enterprise. 


  • Simple, easy-to-use software
  • Free version
  • Great ticketing features
  • Mobile app


  • Customer service can be poor
  • Less third-party apps than other CRM systems
  • Not as comprehensive as some competitors


Best for businesses looking to provide great customer service

Zendesk is a feature-rich and flexible CRM system that provides simple, straightforward solutions for customer service and sales. Zendesk offers great features such as customizable answer bots that lift a lot of the burden off your customer service teams, and enable your business to offer 24/7 support to your customers

A unique feature of this software is the ability to create a knowledge base for your customers to empower them to help themselves. You can also use it to troubleshoot common problems or answer popular questions. 

Zendesk Sell, Zendesk’s dedicated sales platform, has been developed to provide a no-fluff system for your sales team. The mobile app for this platform gives your sales agents the ability to log closed deals and other information on the app – even when offline. 

Zendesk’s pricing is clear and transparent, and its prices are typical for what you get, with the lower-priced tiers being well suited for small or new businesses. This system’s simple and customizable features make it a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses who need customer service tools. 

Many small businesses may not have the resources at this point to have a consistent customer service team, and Zendesk’s features can be used to provide adequate customer support instead. 

Zendesk's Pricing:

Zendesk starts at $19/user/month for Sell Team, its lowest-priced Zendesk Sell Package. Sell Professional is priced at $49/user/month and Sell Enterprise at $99/user/month. 

Zendesk’s customer service platform is offered as a suite that makes up several Zendesk products. Pricing starts at $49/user/month for Suite Team and ends with Suite Enterprise at $150/user/month.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple features
  • Features are easy to customize
  • Automated answer bots to increase customer support
  • Available in 40+ languages


  • Customer service can be poor
  • Advanced features only available for highest-paying users
  • Some problems with lagging
  • No free version
  • Annual billing can be quite limiting


Best for medium-sized businesses

SugarCRM is split into various platforms including Sugar Serve, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Market. You can opt for the platform best suited to your business needs. Sugar Serve provides great customer service solutions, including a streamlined omnichannel service to help communicate with customers efficiently. It also boasts features such as Service Console, a tool that allows your customer support team to find information quickly and resolve cases efficiently. 

Other features include AI technology, which helps provide accurate insights and forecasts based on historical customer journeys to make accurate predictions for the future. Predictive analytics is another feature that can save you time and resources and help you to make better business decisions. 

Sugar Market helps you to build automated marketing campaigns. You can easily create campaigns using drag-and-drop tools or, if you’re tech-savvy, you can even code your own. You can plan campaigns in advance and set up communications to be released based on triggers you choose.

SugarCRM’s software can be difficult to integrate without an in-house tech team. If you have some tech-savvy individuals, you’ll be able to integrate it more easily, but this is something to keep in mind when comparing CRM systems.


  • No hidden fees or costs
  • AI tech
  • Tools to create marketing campaigns easily
  • Automation to reduce repetitive or admin tasks
  • Mobile app


  • Complex integration process
  • No free version
  • Sugar Market is extremely pricey
  • Annual billing can be inflexible

SugarCRM's Pricing:

Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell both start at $80/user/month, while Sugar Market starts at $1,000 per 10,000 contacts. Annual billing means this software can be a little out of reach for small businesses or those with a limited budget. 

However, Sugar Professional (priced at $52/user/month) is geared towards small businesses and is a more affordable option. 

Our Expert Verdict

We love Salesforce for its comprehensive platform. But because it's so customizable, you can certainly run into issues getting the customizations up and running, which is why it is best for large and multi-layered organizations who have the necessary tech resources. Price-wise, it’s more suited to larger businesses. 

For medium-sized businesses we recommend SugarCRM. Its marketing automation, AI tech, and integration with third-party apps make it a great system, but its pricing makes it a little out of reach for new or small businesses with a limited budget. 

For small businesses, we recommend Zoho for its free version, which is packed with all the basic features a small business needs. As your business grows, you can then scale up to a paid version. The flexible, monthly subscription means that you don’t need to make a risky financial commitment. 

If you’re still not convinced, you can use our free quote tool to get matched up with trusted suppliers. All you need to do is give us some brief details such as the size of your business and your current CRM provider and you’ll receive no-obligation quotes.

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