The Best Hospital Asset Tracking Software

Hospital Asset Tracking
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Learn about the best healthcare asset management software with our detailed guide…

With hospital asset tracking software, you can manage the distribution of medical equipment with ease, saving you time and money.

According to a study carried out by, nurses waste 6,000 hours a month looking for medical equipment.

Whether it’s wheelchairs and defibrillators, or boxes of gauze and medical tape, introducing hospital asset tracking software will help you save time looking for hospital equipment. This means you can treat patients faster, and provide a better level of care.

The Best Hospital Asset Tracking Software

The majority of healthcare asset tracking software is compatible with both RFID (radio frequency identification) and barcode tracking. This is because the best hospital asset tracking software will combine both barcode and RFID scanning.

From our research, we know the best hospital asset tracking software comes from Zebra, Asset Panda, Centrak, ASAP Systems and Guard RFID.

Find out how they fare against each other in the table below.

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Asset Panda

ASAP Systems

Guard RFID

Best For

Hospital Staff Tracking

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GPS Tracking

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Material Asset Tracking

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Barcode Tracking

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RFID Tracking


Best all-round supplier

When it comes to hospital asset tracking software, Zebra comes out on top. Why? Combining the joint powers of barcode scanning and RFID scanning, Zebra provides an all in one system specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare centers. There’s a range of equipment available, including mobile computers, fixed readers, handheld readers, and printers for printing off barcodes.

The team at Zebra are experts at designing hospital asset tracking software, so you can rely on them to provide your hospital with a system that matches your needs exactly.


  • Range of equipment available
  • Bespoke solutions


  • Expensive


Best for integration

A CenTrak system isn’t just about locating assets, it’s about knowing what condition they’re in too. You can use it to assess whether you need to replace a vital medical kit, or just find out where someone has placed the new pack of vinyl gloves.

For the team at Asset Panda, it’s all about the software. Whether you’re slogging through your 12th hour on the ward, or sunning it up on a well-earned vacation, you’ll be able to keep a full eye on the whereabouts and condition of your assets via your mobile phone.

With large hospitals and small health centers under its belt, CenTrak is experienced in designing hospital asset tracking software of varying scales.


  • Locate and assess asset condition
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t specialize in barcode scanning

Asset Panda

Best for affordability

Asset Panda is a big name in the asset tracking game, so if you’re looking for a reliable supplier with the reviews to back it up, this is the company to check out.

For the team at Asset Panda, it’s all about the medical equipment tracking software. Whether you’re slogging through your 12th hour on the ward, or sunning it up on a well-earned vacation, you’ll be able to keep a full eye on the whereabouts and condition of your assets via your mobile phone.

Best of all, Asset Panda’s hospital asset tracking software is affordable; from the free barcode scanning app, to the customized reporting that enables you to see all the figures you need to cut costs.


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited users


  • Technology not as sophisticated

ASAP Systems

Best barcode solution

Installing a barcode asset tracking system is cheaper than an RFID hospital asset tracking software. But just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality at all.

When it comes to barcode healthcare asset tracking systems, ASAP Systems does it very well. Its clients consistently comment on the power and adaptiveness of the system, with full reporting helping you to keep complete track on the whereabouts and condition of your medical equipment.

Whether you’re looking to improve patient experience, increase asset visibility, or manage equipment availability, a barcode scanning system from ASAP Systems will certainly make a difference.


  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Create reports, upload contracts


  • May not be suitable for larger hospitals

Guard RFID

Best RFID solution

A Guard RFID hospital asset tracking software really uses RFID tracking to the max. Whether you’re looking to avoid floor discrimination, prevent staff from wasting time, or simply improve the standard of patient care, the long range and short range tracking capabilities of a Guard RFID system will help you to improve the management of hospital assets and departments.

The best thing about Guard RFID is that you can integrate its hospital asset tracking software with a host of other hospital management solutions. Whether it’s infant security or tracking down wandering patients, Guard RFID will provide you with better visibility of your wards.


  • Integrate with other software systems
  • Full of features


  • Better for larger hospitals

Next Steps

Hospital asset tracking software is typically designed to suit different hospitals’ needs, so it’s hard to know how much a system will cost without talking to a supplier. Luckily, we’ve made it super-easy for you to get in touch with an expert.

All you need to do is fill in our form with a few details about your hospital or medical center, and the best supplier for your needs will be in touch.

How Does Hospital Asset Tracking Work?

There are two main types of healthcare resource tracking systems:

  • Barcode scanning
  • RFID scanning

Both types of hospital asset tracking software involve a reader, labels and software. Barcode scanning is suitable for ticket items, such as strips and gauze. RFID scanning is better for larger items, such as boxes of supplies, monitors or surgical equipment. You can find out more about barcode and RFID tracking below.

Barcode Scanning

You know that universally recognized beeping sound you hear when your items pass through the checkout? That’s barcode scanning. And barcode scanning for asset tracking works in exactly the same way.

  • You print a label onto your equipment
  • You scan the item out when you want to use it
  • You scan the item back in once returned

RFID Hospital Asset Tracking

RFID tracking is a little more complicated. An RFID hospital asset tracking system combines the power of RFID (radio frequency identification) with something called the Internet of Things (IoT). But how does it work? Let’s look at its three main elements.

RFID Reader

An RFID scanner or reader is usually attached to the hospital wall. This may be in a stock cupboard, an equipment cupboard, or somewhere nearby. An RFID reader will either pick up radio signals from active RFID tags, or activate passive RFID tags so they emit a radio signal back to the reader.


To avoid clashing of radio signals from MRI, ultrasound and other radio wave-emitting hospital equipment, it’s usually recommended that hospitals use passive RFID tags (though we recommend you seek the advice of an expert). These come in many forms, with the most common being stickers and labels that you can easily attach to boxes and devices.

RFID Software

RFID hospital asset tracking software is where the IoT comes into play. The RFID reader constantly talks to the software, usually via the internet. When a nurse or doctor removes a box of medical gloves from the cupboard, for example, the RFID reader no longer picks up the signal from the RFID label attached to that particular box. When you next check the system, it’ll register that the gloves have been moved to a different cupboard or location.

Of course, this is hospital asset tracking software on a basic level. If you would like to know more about how hospital asset tracking softwares work, and receive tailored quotes for hospital asset tracking software and hardware, simply fill in our form with a few details about your business and the best suppliers for your requirements will be in touch.

Best Hospital Asset Tracking Software FAQs

What are the benefits of investing in a hospital asset tracking system?

These are just some of the benefits of investing in healthcare asset tracking systems:

  • Improve clinical workflow
  • Trace equipment usage and assess condition
  • Increase staff satisfaction – cut down on stress levels
  • Integrate the system so it auto orders stock when it’s running low
  • Prevent theft
  • Integration with healthcare CRM software
What is a cloud asset management system?
A cloud asset management system enables you to view your asset reports wherever you happen to be, and on whatever device you happen to have. As long as you have an internet connection, you can still keep an eye on everything.
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