Top 5 best GPS fleet tracking systems in Australia

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A great GPS tracking system will do more than simply track your fleet (although it should do that expertly, of course). Fleet managers can use GPS tracking systems for everything from reducing fuel expenditure to improving driver safety.

But with so many great vehicle tracking providers claiming their system is the best of the bunch, where do you begin?

The truth is, there isn’t a clear, ‘one size fits all’ winner when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking systems. Different softwares excel in different areas: some are more stripped back, so might prove too basic for large corporations; others offer incredibly granular reports, which might prove overkill for smaller businesses.

We’ve reviewed the top five GPS vehicle tracking systems to help you find the best fit for your business. But the one surefire way to find your perfect match? Fill in this short form, and we’ll match you with the suppliers that best suit your requirements. You can compare quotes at a glance, and go from there.

The top 5 best GPS fleet tracking systems

The best GPS fleet tracking systems in Australia are: Teletrac Navman Director, Verizon Connect, Ctrack, Connect Fleet, Fleetcare Fleetpro.

1Teletrac Navman DirectorBest all-rounderRead Review
2Verizon ConnectBest for monitoring driver styleRead Review
3CtrackBest for vehicle securityRead Review
4Connect FleetBest for fleets transporting cargoRead Review
5Fleetcare FleetproBest for small businessesRead Review

1. Teletrac Navman Director

Best all-rounder

teletrac navman director

The Teletrac Navman Director software is the force driving efficiency for over 100,000 assets in Australia and New Zealand. This award-winning software has been proven to reduce accidents and violations by up to 20%, and fuel consumption by up to 30%. With stats like that, it’s no wonder it’s one of Australia’s most popular GPS fleet tracking tools. Prices are available on a quote by quote basis.


  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking, giving you an instant overview of where everyone is
  • In-depth diagnostics reporting to maximise efficiency in every area
  • User-friendly dashboards make it easy to spot any issues or improvements
  • Customers generally praise the helpful customer support, available 24/7
  • Free demo available


  • May be too pricey for some smaller fleets
  • Pricing structure is unclear

2. Verizon Connect

Best for monitoring driver style

verizon connect

Verizon Connect offers all the great features you’d expect from a good fleet management provider. Its system allows you to track fleets in near real-time for improved driver behaviour.

But the driver safety functionality is where Verizon Connect really excels; after all, ‘safer drivers save money’. Driving style, speed, and unauthorised vehicle use all come together with other variables to give each driver their own dashboard and rating – perfect for starting some healthy in-team competition.


  • A household name, trusted by high-profile clients such as Pirtek
  • Track every sharp brake and every unscheduled detour with incredibly granular driver reports
  • Safer drivers save money; set up an internal competition for the safest driver of the week to maximise efficiency


  • Some reviews complain of patchy customer service

3. Ctrack

Best for vehicle security

Ctrack driver scorecard
Ctrack front page

Ctrack may not have the international reach of Verizon Connect, but its software stands tall next to even the most established competitors. With more than 30 years of experience in over 50 countries, it’s fair to say that Ctrack has a good grasp of what fleet managers need: visibility, in every area possible. Ctrack provides solutions tailored to a huge variety of industries, including the police service.


  • Industry-specific solutions to get the most out of your fleet
  • In-cab dashboard to safely communicate directly with drivers
  • Amazing visibility for every aspect of managing your fleet, from the specifics of driving style down to the best routes, updated in real time
  • Incident reports and alarms to notify you of issues or events


  • Dashboards can look slightly dated compared to competitors, but are still very user-friendly

4. Connect Fleet

Best for fleets transporting cargo

connect fleet

Connect Fleet is compatible with fleets of all shapes and sizes, but it really comes into its own when dealing with cargo-transporting fleets. The Connect Fleet system can incorporate additional gauge monitoring tools, helping you make sure your cargo is always at the optimum temperature. It also automatically generates 20 different reports on every aspect of your fleet, all of which can be tailored to your own business’ needs.


  • 20 types of reports included as standard and customisable to each business’ requirements
  • Option to install gauge monitoring controls for cargos required to be kept at a certain temperature
  • Vehicle engine immobilisation
  • 14-day free trial available


  • Comprehensive reports may prove overkill for small businesses

5. Fleetcare Fleetpro

Best for small businesses

fleetcare fleetpro

Fleetcare’s Fleetpro system is the stripped-back version of its fleet management software, with a focus on saving small businesses money at every possible point. Unlike many providers, Fleetcare combines the features you’d expect from a vehicle tracking system with several handy extras – namely fuel cards and roadside assistance. This is a really comprehensive, good value toolkit for smaller fleets.


  • Helpful additional extras, such as fuel cards and roadside assistance
  • An affordable option that offers great value to smaller businesses


  • Tracking features aren’t always as sophisticated as other competitors

Expert verdict

If you’re a fleet manager and you don’t currently have a fleet management system, you’re missing out – plain and simple. Any one of the systems on this list will start saving your business money, and will improve your efficiency from day one. We really rate the Teletrac Navman Director system as a great all-rounder, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the best system for every business. Fill in this quick form now (it really is quick, we promise) to receive quotes from the best suppliers for your business.

How We Test Vehicle Tracking Systems for Businesses

We tested 29 market-leading vehicle tracking systems to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, vehicle management, price, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to Australian businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and six subcategories – in fact, we covered 51 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for vehicle tracking systems are:

Price: the cost associated with using the vehicle tracking software, including upfront costs, subscription fees, hardware costs (if applicable), and any additional charges for advanced features or add-ons.

Tracking: the core functionality of the vehicle tracking software, which involves monitoring and tracking the location and movements of vehicles in real-time, such as GPS tracking, route optimisation, and geofencing.

Driver Management: the features and tools provided by the vehicle tracking software to manage and monitor driver activities. This can include driver behavior monitoring, driver performance reports, driver identification.

Vehicle Management: the functionalities that allow for the efficient management and maintenance of vehicles, such as vehicle health monitoring and maintenance scheduling.

Product Features: the additional functionalities and capabilities offered by the vehicle tracking software beyond basic tracking and management, such as real-time alerts and notifications or driver routing and dispatching.

Support: the resources, assistance, and guidance provided by the vehicle tracking software company to users, including phone support, email or chat support, and online forums.



1. Why do I need a vehicle tracking system?

We get it – your business has gone this long without a vehicle tracking system and it’s all going well, so why do you actually need a vehicle tracker?

The answer is simple; vehicle trackers make every move that each vehicle makes that little bit smarter. The slightly faster route, the softer braking, the early alert to dropping tyre pressure – it all adds up to mean big savings for your business, in both time and money.

At the end of the day, with so many suppliers keen to demo their product or even offer a free trial, what have you got to lose by giving vehicle tracking a go?

2. How much do vehicle tracking systems cost?

Due to the number of variables involved in equipping a fleet with a vehicle tracking system, most providers only offer prices on a quote by quote basis. Check out our guide to how much a vehicle tracker should cost for a rough breakdown.

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