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Today's business phone systems are for more than just making and taking calls, with the rise of affordable cloud technology transforming the telecoms industry. Find out more with our guides and reviews, and use our free quote-finding tool to get tailored prices from the best phone system suppliers for you.

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What is a Business Telephone System?

The right business phone system can revolutionise the way your team works, and how your business operates. Most businesses are now choosing to use cloud-based VoIP systems, which transmit calls over the internet rather than the landline. Such a system can ease the transition to hybrid working by enabling your team to use it from anywhere, collaborating with colleagues and making and taking business calls from any internet-connected device. Plus, in-built unified communications (UC) features – including video conferencing and instant messaging – can make working together across multiple locations simple.

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Business phone systems

The Top 5 Small Business Phone Systems in Australia

The top phone systems for small businesses in Australia are 8x8, GoTo, Vonage, Dialpad and RingCentral - but which best suits your needs?

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What is VoIP?

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What is VoIP?

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How much do business phone systems cost?

This depends on how advanced the system is – by that we mean the number and sophistication of the features it offers.

The most simple VoIP systems have prices starting at around $18 per user, per month, while enterprise-grade systems can cost upwards of $60 per user, per month. Basic VoIP-compatible desk phones start at $50 each, while high-spec models can cost up to $500.

Why do I need a business telephone system?

Modern business phone systems boast plenty of benefits that you just don’t get with bog standard domestic phone systems.

Advanced features, such as voicemail, automatic call direction and forwarding, and on-hold music and messages, show the outside world that you’re running a professional operation, and help you build better communication and relationships with customers.

Meanwhile, in-built UC features, such as video calling and instant messaging, mean your team can collaborate more easily while hybrid working, boosting productivity.

Plus, cloud-based business phone systems are truly mobile, and can be accessed and used on any internet-connected device, in any location. Using your personal smartphone, you can make and take calls with your business number, video chat with your team, and more.

What kind of business phone system should I get?

When deciding on the kind of phone system your business should install, there are a couple of choices to be made.

Firstly, you should decide whether you want a traditional landline system, or a VoIP system, which makes and takes calls over the internet. Nowadays, most businesses are turning to VoIP systems as they’re more affordable, easier to install and scale, and come packed with sophisticated professional features.

If you plump for VoIP, you’ll also need to think about whether to go for a hosted system or an on-premise system. With hosted VoIP, your phone network will be managed and maintained remotely by your system provider, who’ll keep everything ship shape behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, an on-premise system will be hosted on your own servers, at your own workplace. You’ll be responsible for keeping the network running smoothly yourself, but you’ll also have full ownership of it, and will be able to customise and configure it to your exact needs.

What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and refers to tech that transmits phone calls over the internet.