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Vonage’s affordable and scalable business solutions make it the best value for money. This is why it scores 4.3/5 in our in-depth research.

Vonage is one of the largest phone system providers with VoIP services designed for small to medium-sized businesses and large corporations. It provides the most flexible cloud communications platform for your business needs.

This Vonage review will go through the key factors you need to look into when shopping for a phone system: pricing, inbound and outbound communication features, integrability, scalability and customer support.

Our comprehensive research on Vonage will be the basis to help measure how this phone system performs against the rest of the top 5 providers. We’ll also highlight its standout features plus its pros and cons.

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Best value for Money


$15 – $40 per user, per month

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Check out Vonage's affordable plans

With prices starting from $15/month, Vonage has VoIP services for small to medium-sized businesses or large corporations.

Vonage’s Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of software programs and features for scalability
  • Affordable plans
  • All plans include 24/7 live support


  • Limited security options
  • Doesn’t include some outbound communication features

Pro: Wide Range of Software Programs and Features for Scalability

Vonage doesn’t just offer lots of CRM tools but helpdesk giants too. Some of these include Hubspot, Office 365 and Salesforce. Vonage also offers key features that will allow you to improve the efficiency of your business. There is no limit to the number of users on any of Vonage’s plans. Although, there’s an additional cost to add communication features, such as call queue, ring groups, call barge and call whisper. This is why Vonage scores an impressive 4.5/5 in scalability. GoTo Connect, however, scores lower than Vonage at 4.4/5 in scalability because there are only a few software platforms that you can integrate with. Thus, research shows that Vonage has a more scalable system.

 Pro: Affordable Plans

Vonage’s least expensive plan starts at $15 and has over fifty standard features plus 24/7 phone support. However, it lacks some inbound communication features such as ring groups, customizable greeting, and virtual receptionist. Despite that, it still scores 4/5 in pricing because it’s still packed with other important communication features such as voicemail, spam prevention and toll-free numbers.

RingCentral, however, scores 3.3/5 in this category because its lowest plan costs $22.99 per user, per month and it doesn’t offer ring groups and call queue in it, not until you upgrade to their Premium or Ultimate Plans.

Pro: All Plans Include 24/7 Live Support

All of Vonage’s business phone plans offer 24/7 live support, with user forum, knowledge base, live chat, email and phone support. Its customer support score is 3.4/5 because you need to pay an additional fee if you want to take advantage of the onboarding support during the initial setup.

Meanwhile, GoTo Connect also gets 3.4/5 because it doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support on any of its plans. Now, 8×8 gets a perfect score in the customer support category because all customer support channels are available in all its plans including those that aren’t included in GoTo Connect but, like Vonage, their onboarding support costs extra.

 Con: Limited Security Options

While all data signalling traffic flow through the Vonage platform is encrypted, multi-factor authentication can’t be set up for user accounts and password rules aren’t enforced. This sees Vonage score slightly above average of 3/5 for security in our research. It is, however, compliant in a number of fields, including HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUSTand PCI.

DialPad also scores 3/5 in this category because, like Vonage, it doesn’t enforce password rules, too. Hence, its low score.  8×8 scores a perfect score in security because it offers more security options such as multi-factor authentication, software encryption and compliant in a lot of fields. However, 8×8 doesn’t offer password rules and user permissions in its Express Plan.

Con: Doesn’t Include Important Outbound Communication Features

Vonage gets a score of 3.9/5 for features in our research because while it offers lots of outbound communication features across all of its business plans, it does fall short. Call conferencing, efax plus CRM and helpdesk software integrations come with additional costs. It’s also missing task management, call transcripts, and a call flow designer.

8×8, on the other hand, scores 4.5/5 in this category because it offers call conferencing, efax and software integrations without any extra charges.

How Much Does Vonage Cost?

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Lite Plan

Smart Plan

Best Plan







Key Features

International calls

Mobile app

Call hold/call transfer

Vonage meetings

Music or messages on hold

Call analytics

Key Features

All Lite plan features

International calls

Virtual receptionist

Call group

Call queue

Visual voicemail

Key Features

All Smart plan features

Calls to Australian landlines: included

Calls to Australian mobiles: included

Calls to 13/1300: included

International calls

You should know that calls from Smart number service will be charged at the Best plan rates. Aside from that, calls from any service other than Smart number, Smart or Best will be charged at Lite plan rates. This gets Vonage an overall pricing average of 3.8/5.

Meanwhile, GoTo Connect gets an average of 4/5 in this category even when its least expensive plan costs $17.95 because it offers better value for money. Its plans offer more key features and provide 24/7 support. Other than that, it offers unlimited domestic and free international calls to over 50 countries without getting tied to a contract, making it best for businesses with international clients.

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Whatever the size of your business, Vonage has a plan for you. Prices start from $15/month.

Vonage’s Standout Features

Smart WAN

Vonage seems to have fully embraced digital transformation by utilising an SD-WAN solution. Vonage’s SD-WAN solution, called smart WAN, allows you to enjoy voice, video, and data without compromising on quality, privacy, and control. It allows your business to continue through disasters, such as power outages, as it creates fail-safes on multiple broadband connections that help minimise disruptions. This will prove beneficial for businesses as it helps reduce overheads. There are other benefits that come with it too, such as enabling cloud usage and improving performance. This is why most phone system providers use SD-WAN software. Businesses that are shifting to remote work would benefit from this. A hybrid business, for example, has started to adopt this technology as part of its network connectivity strategy and security control.

Vonage Reach

With so many people making use of cell phones, it seems only natural that texting is the ideal form of communication and the main reason why phone system providers include this service in their plans. While there is an extra cost for the SMS feature to be added to your Vonage business plan, the additional cost isn’t just for a simple SMS/chat service. Vonage Reach is a powerful communication service platform that allows you to send a text message to one recipient or hundreds of recipients. This feature also allows you to do landline texting, cross-channel marketing and smart targeting which enables you to get more leads and close more deals in a short amount of time.


Vonage’s e-commerce platform is Volusion, which has been in the e-commerce industry since 1999. You can request this app to be added to your Vonage plan and setting it up is so simple. You can create your online store in minutes and immediately start selling online.

Through Vonage’s unified communications solution, this integration between Vonage and Volusion will be able to provide a better customer experience and even lower communication costs.

What Kind of Business is Vonage Best For?

Vonage is best for small businesses because it has the ability to create a comprehensive service based on the features and tools it offers on all of its plans and because of that, it can serve as a powerful solution that fuels growth and innovation. With features such as unlimited nationwide calls, free international calls, and SMART WAN software, businesses get the opportunity to fully explore digital transformation and quickly scale digital solutions.  It is worth noting that Vonage’s comprehensive system can meet corporate-scale business communication needs, too.

How Does Vonage Compare with Other Phone Systems?

Our in-depth research allows us to measure Vonage’s performance and compare its ratings with the top phone system providers. Vonage scores fairly well in a few of these categories, but we will do a deep dive into each category below.

PlatformsVonage8×8Ring CentralGoto ConnectDialpad
Inbound & Outbound Communications Features3.94.543.44.4
External Connections3.
Customer Support3.4553.44.5

Inbound and Outbound Communication Features

Vonage scores 3.9/5 for features in our research because Vonage is feature-rich especially in the inbound communications services since most features are available especially when you upgrade to its Smart and Best plans like the call queue feature, for example, which isn’t included in other providers’ plans. However, it comes with an additional cost of $14.99 per month per call queue plus $0.03 per minute wait time. Plus, some outbound communication features aren’t available on any plans, such as call transcripts, call-flow designer, and task management.

Meanwhile, more outbound communication features are available in 8×8’s X2 and X4 Plans, including call transcripts and call-flow designer, which aren’t included in any of Vonage’s plans.

Integrability and Scalability

A scaling strategy can easily be mapped out and accomplished when the communication solutions you have are at a level that allows you to function far beyond the traditional system. Vonage has a line-up of powerful integration software services that you can choose from and integrate with your system. This includes: Hubspot, Office 365 and Salesforce.

However, RingCentral scores a near-perfect 4.9/5 in this category, despite not offering software integrations in its Essentials and Standard plans. That’s because it has a variety of software programs for CRM, helpdesk, web conferencing, and internal and external live chat integrations that you can choose from once you upgrade to its Premium or Ultimate Plans and with a variety of ready-made integrations, business growth is inevitable.

When it comes to scalability, however, Vonage’s good integrability record gives your business the opportunity to scale, earning an average of 4.5/5 in scaling. Aside from that, Vonage offers collaboration features, such as team messaging, document sharing, and video conferencing will allow you to improve the efficiency of your services. Adding communication features, such as call queue, ring groups, call barge, and call whisper will require an additional charge but despite the additional charge, adding these to create an optimal service is what makes it such a scalable system.

Customer Support

There is an additional cost if you need to utilise its onboarding service. Plus, Vonage’s uptime guarantee is only 99.99%, meaning there is a 0.1% chance of downtime per month, which is roughly 43 minutes. This ranks it fifth in the customer support category where they get an above-average 3.4/5 score in our research. However, Vonage has various customer support channels, including a user forum, knowledge base, phone and 24/7 live chat and email support.

8×8, on the other hand, ranks first with a perfect 5/5 in this category because it offers various customer support services, including onboarding support, where they offer free online courses.

Does Vonage Have Good Customer Reviews?

Our researchers have gone through customer reviews across business review sites, such as G2, Capterra, TrustPilot and TrustRadius. Vonage’s average customer score is a solid 4/5.

These are some of what they have to say about Vonage’s service:

``Great product for small companies``

Comments: Great!!! I definitely recommend this software and even though it might seem a bit more expensive than others in the market, their quality is definitely worth it.


It is an amazing product for small companies. It has several useful features that work great for your business needs. Compared to other similar software out there, Vonage is way more reliable for your communication needs.


Even though we do love Vonage, sometimes getting in contact with customer service is a bit time consuming and tricky, but once you are connected to a customer service representative, you know you will get the help you need. (sic)


Angela Paez, GM in US
- April 9, 2020, Source Capterra AU
``Never miss a call!``

Comments: Allows my clinicians the ability to call patients with a business phone from their mobile device. One stop show for managing multiple office phone access and on call from anywhere. Easily retrieve VM as well as respond via text message. All in one product for managing your phone service. Enables multiple locations to call, transfer and communicate at the push of a button.

The mobile app makes it simple to receive all your work/office calls right on your mobile device. Remote work is seamless with all the functions of your office phone at home. Easily allows 24/7 phone monitoring from anywhere.


There are a lot of features that we do not use. Far too many to remember how to use when/if they are used infrequently. Quick guide would be helpful. We may have received something in the beginning but nothing that is left with the phone for new users or that has not gotten lost or damaged. (sic)


Shelly, Admin in US
- January 2023, Source Capterra AU
“Vonage Business Communication Review”


Ease of usage.Low-cost and reliable communication provider.Can be integrated with your CRM or ATS.


Poor customer service.A lot of technical glitches.You often get a lot of spam incoming calls. (sic)


Iqra, Recruitment Specialist in India
- December 2022, Source Capterra AU

Growth is the topmost agenda in the business world but with businesses struggling to emerge from the economic crisis, growth has been a challenge. However, Vonage offers essential features you can choose from to create a broad service that could help drive business growth. Its comprehensive communications technology can cater to an enterprise, but its simplicity and flexibility make it compatible with small businesses, too. So, we recommend Vonage to startups that are refusing to be left behind and whose top goal is to drive business growth fast.

However, it is lacking in some important inbound communication features such as ring groups and call queue in their most basic plan. Meanwhile, GoTo Connect has all the inbound communication features available in every plan, making it the best in low-price longevity except Vonage has better scalable business solutions because they offer a variety of ready-made integrations and are even cheaper than GoTo Connect.

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