Teletrac Navman Review and Pricing: The Best Vehicle Tracking System for Understanding Fleet Data

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We understand that great drivers pave the way to success, and your business can go places with the right fleet management system. We delved into the top fleet management systems and found that Teletrac Navman’s TN360 is the best for understanding fleet data, with an overall score of 4.5/5 in our independent research.

With over a decade of in-depth market research and analysis, we have identified the key factors you should look for when choosing a fleet management system: locating vehicles, reducing fleet costs, and managing vehicles.

This review looks at how Teletrac Navman’s TN360 performs in these categories and covers its pros and cons, pricing, standout features, and more.

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Teletrac Navman TN360

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $35 per vehicle, per month

Best For

Understanding fleet data

Teletrac Navman’s pros and cons


  • Outstanding driver management features
  • 24/7 help and support channel
  • Great tracking features


  • Not the best value for money
  • Lacks general product features
  • No temperature sensors

 Pro: Outstanding driver management features

Teletrac has the best driver management features, scoring a perfect 5/5 in our driver management analysis. It has everything you need, such as:

  • detailed driving history allows you to check the summary of your drivers’ distance, incidents (if there ever are), and the vehicle. Not to mention, you can do all this by replaying the entire journey on an interactive map.
  • Monitor driver behaviour and performance through real-time driver scorecards based on your fleet average, in addition to the leaderboard system that deducts points during incidents or harsh driving.
  • Automatic alerts when the system detects dangerous driving habits, such as speeding, harsh cornering, and geofence breach.
  • Tailored safety reports that give you an overview of multiple journeys, or hone in on a specific one.
  • Driver-side alerts that arrive real-time with in-cab visual and audio input, especially if they are impeding a violation, like speeding or breaching key performance indicators.

 Pro: 24/7 Help & support channel

A reliable help and support channel goes beyond accessibility as it can help you address emergencies or queries in a snap. This is why Teletrac ranks first in help and support in our research, scoring a solid 4.5/5 in this category. Worth noting here, is that this is a huge difference from the best overall in our research, Verizon, as it only scores 3.5/5 in our help and support analysis. Unlike Verizon, Teletrac offers 24/7 phone support and a comprehensive knowledge centre that uses interface signposting, granting you easy access to its help box. You only have to click a few options, and the system will guide you through the whole process. 

Pro: Great tracking features

Teletrac’s TN360 scores 4.9/5 in our tracking analysis, landing in the second spot behind Verizon, which scores 5/5. Teletrac covers general tracking features, such as mileage, geofencing, and live/active tracking. Additionally, it provides automatic tracking alerts and lets you manage and schedule jobs and journeys for your drivers.

Teletrac also has a feature called Journey Management, which allows you to set specific journey routes. This important feature allows you to plot the most efficient and safest routes, cutting down on driving time and reducing fuel costs.

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 Con: Not the best value for money

Teletrac’s plans start at $35 per vehicle, per month. While these pricing plans are bespoke, Teletrac doesn’t offer as much value for money, as it only offers product warranty for the first year, so we gave it a 3/5 in our pricing scoreboard. It falls behind Inseego (4/5) in our pricing deep dive, since it offers a cheaper entry point with longer, more inclusive warranty at three to seven years. But don’t worry; we’ll be delving into TN360’s pricing details a little further down!

 Con: Lacks general product features

Teletrac’s TN360 is at par with most features, such as on-board diagnostics, hardwired options, and asset trackers. However, its inability to integrate with satellite navigation (sat nav) systems can affect your driving experience as sat nav systems help with precise routes. It also does not provide weather updates, which could come in handy during storms or heavy snow days that could push your drivers into a pit stop.

If this is something you need in your fleet, we recommend opting for Verizon. With its system, you can use the Map Layers feature to determine any weather factors and conditions, such as tropical cyclones, visibility, and wind velocity.

 Con: No temperature sensors

If your business handles temperature-sensitive items, like food and other perishable goods, then this might be where you draw the line. Teletrac does not have temperature sensors, so you cannot check or receive alerts if your vehicle and cargo is close to overheating or significantly cools down.

Radius, on the other hand, gives you this convenience. You can detect temperature changes in your engine or cargo, and it will alert you in case it drastically changes to prevent further damage to your vehicles and cargo.

How much does Teletrac Navman cost?

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Teletrac Navman TN360

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $35 per vehicle, per month

Teletrac scores 3/5 on our pricing analysis, falling in third place behind Inseego (4/5) and Radius (4.1/5). Teletrac’s base price starts at $35 per vehicle, per month, which may change depending on your fleet size, contract length, and features. Another perk of its subscription plans is that it comes with a warranty for the first 12 months, ensuring that you have backing from the supplier if there is a fault with a device. If you want a more extended service warranty, you can try opting for Inseego. Inseego’s service warranty is governed by the Australian Consumer Law, which states that you have three to seven years of warranty coverage.

In terms of contract length, you can opt for contracts that range from 12 to 60 months. Just a quick reminder here, but Teletrac automatically renews your contracts – so you have to be watchful of the duration. Still, you can terminate your contract with Teletrac if you give a written notice 30 days before the contract expires, and you’ll have to pay all outstanding fees at a 3% discount.

If you want to check if Teletrac’s pricing plans work for you, our free quote comparison tool will help you get tailored quotes directly from top fleet management providers to help you find the right one for your business.

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Teletrac Navman’s standout features

Next-level user support channel

Teletrac takes customer support to the next level, which goes beyond its 24/7 phone support. It does not use help articles; instead, its system uses interface signposting. It will lead you to a help box, where you have to answer questions based on your queries. It’s faster, easier, and more spot-on. 

Interactive and user-friendly

Another Teletrac feature we’d like to highlight is its interactivity. It improves the user experience by allowing you to replay your driver’s journey through an interactive map. It’s also very accessible and user-friendly, thanks to its automated reports and notifications. This is a beneficial feature for fleet managers as they can track every vehicle faster and won’t have to comb through complex interfaces. 

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What kind of business is Teletrac Navman best for?

Our in-depth research into various vehicle tracking systems and their benefits sees us single out Teletrac as the best one for understanding fleet data. Teletrac makes data reporting a breeze with its user-friendly interface and innovative reporting features. For example, you can enter the term “Show me fuel consumption for the past seven days”, and it will automatically generate a detailed report with graphic charts to help you understand the data better.

This is very helpful for mixed or larger fleets, as you no longer need to comb through tons of data individually. It also saves you so much upkeep time, as Teletrac automatically does the job for you. This way, you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance sans the tedious work of manually checking on each vehicle in your fleet. Plus, you can rest assured that your fleet is as efficient as possible, thanks to all the data reflected in the reports.

How does Teletrac Navman compare with other vehicle tracking systems?

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Teletrac Navman TN360


Radius Fleet Services

Inseego (Formerly Ctrack)


Pricing (Software)

Starts at $35 per vehicle, per month

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size, contract length, and features

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $13 per vehicle, per month

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size and requirements

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size and requirements

Teletrac Navman’s vehicle tracking features

With a score of 4.9/5 in our tracking analysis, Teletrac possesses great tracking features that will help any fleet manager maintain overall efficiency. This is backed by our research, where our readers identified “locating vehicles” as the most important perk of a vehicle tracking system. Aside from providing data about geofencing, live tracking, and automated alerts, Teletrac deserves extra brownie points for its real-time data refresh rate, which is the fastest among all the suppliers we’ve researched. The next fastest rate is at 30 seconds, which is the case for Verizon.

Teletrac Navman’s ability to reduce fleet costs

Our independent research also looks at our readers’ priorities. We found that reducing fleet costs is the second most important factor they are looking for in a fleet management system. In this current economy, having features that help cut down fleet costs is a huge perk.

Teletrac offers traffic alerts that will help your drivers avoid busy roads that could extend their driving time. It also provides mileage data to help you compare the length of each journey and help you plan it more efficiently in the future.

Teletrac also has a feature called Journey Management, which allows you to set specific journey routes. When a vehicle deviates from the intended path, the integrated navigation device redirects them to the defined route. This important feature allows you to plot the most efficient and safest routes, cutting down on driving time and reducing fuel costs. A perk in this economy!

Teletrac Navman’s vehicle management features

Teletrac scores 4.1/5 for vehicle management. This category focuses on features that keep your vehicles in tip-top shape, such as vehicle diagnostics, maintenance scheduling, and fleet maintenance records. Teletrac possesses these features and even provides automatic maintenance scheduling as it syncs vehicle diagnostics data in real-time. 

However, it does not offer temperature sensors for cargo and engines. So if your business deals with temperature-sensitive goods, like food and other perishable goods, we recommend opting for Verizon, as it provides detailed information about your cargo and engine temperatures via engine and point diagnostics. 

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Does Teletrac Navman have good customer reviews?

Teletrac does well in providing customers with efficient tracking features to help fleet managers monitor their drivers, which gives them additional points on the driver management featureTo support this claim, we looked at its customer scores across Trustpilot and G2, where they averaged 4.2/5:

Customer review

It’s great that I can track the trailers in real-time to keep up with where they are currently located. I like that there are a lot of options for the information on the trailers. It’s also nice that I can arrange things on the system in a way that is most useful to me so that the information I need is first and foremost when I open Teletrac. (sic)

Rachel A., Administrative Assistant
Mid-Market - November 2021
Great service, great people.

The tech support is fantastic, and the service itself is the best we’ve seen. However, setup and migration are somewhat disorganised at times, so be aware. (sic)

Benjamin Knox, position not known
- February 2022
Customer review

The reports that we are offered do not allow for ease of use. Getting the information out of the reports is difficult, as well as getting the same information from multiple reports. For example miles for a truck on one report will say 100, and on another report they will be completely different. I have tried numerous times a month since November (it is now March) for Teletrac to finish the API set up with our maintenance software. The responses back from the Teletrac API team are few and far between. There is no support from our account rep and/or support when we have problems or need help answering a question. When we have ELD issues we are constantly told that there is just no way Teletrac can fix the issue. (sic)

Verified user, within Transportation/Trucking/Railroad industry
- March 2022
Help that actually helps.

As someone who is responsible for the maintenance of 100+ EDLs, Teletrac’s tech support is a lifesaver. The techs are competent and take as much time with you as they need to come to a resolution. One complaint: occasionally, the phone quality is poor, and I have a difficult time understanding, but usually, my experience with Teletrac tech support is 100% positive. (sic)

Verified Reviewer, position not known
- May 2022

Teletrac Navman TN360 is the best fleet management system for understanding fleet data, scoring an overall 4.5/5 in our in-depth research. It helps you stay on top of your fleet by providing automatically-generated reports about fuel, driver performance, and diagnostics. Moreover, it presents these data in graphic charts to help you gauge your fleet better.

However, it’s not the best value for money since it does not offer temperature sensors or weather updates. Here, we’d recommend Verizon, the best overall in our research, with a score of 4.7/5. It ticks all these boxes to keep your fleet as efficient and productive as possible/

If you’re still unsure about choosing Teletrac for your fleet, then try our free quote comparison tool. Answer a few questions, and we will match you up with vehicle tracking systems that are suited to your needs. They’ll then be in touch to provide tailored, no-obligation quotes for you to compare. It’s quick and simple!

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