Teletrac Navman Fleet Management Review: Is it Right for Your Fleet?

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  • Support staff know the service inside out
  • Real-time location updates work without a hitch
  • Fantastic value for money


  • Could have deeper reporting features

Who is Teletrac Navman?

Teletrac Inc. merged with Navman Wireless in 2015 to form Teletrac Navman, who now lever 25 years of telematics experience, which they channel into world leading GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software. With over 40,000 business customers globally, including the American Red Cross, Ryder Logistics, Virgin Atlantic, and BMW, their goal is to enable their customers to boost revenue, and lower operating costs.

Industry leaders

The telematics giant has an industry-leading research and development budget. They aim to bring innovation to the GPS tracking, and telematics industry, at a faster pace than currently exists in the market. Customers can expect Teletrac Navman products to be at the fore of fleet management technology.

Teletrac Navman products include advanced GPS and data tools for real-time location tracking, fuel monitoring, safety, and business intelligence. Their purpose is to maximise journey efficiency, decrease fuel waste, manage overtime and working hours, and improve driver, vehicle, and load safety.

Teletrac Navman software, and data storage is cloud based, the dashboard can be accessed on any device, for complete remote management.

Suitable Businesses

Teletrac Navman’s comprehensive tracking and management features can be implemented in any size business, with a fleet of vehicles, who are seeking to improve logistical productivity. They serve mainly the transportation and construction industries but boast customers from every sector.

What are the Teletrac Navman Features and Benefits?

Teletrac Navman’s products include both hardware for satellite navigation and software for vehicle and fleet telematics, delivered as a cloud based SaaS.

These products can be acquired as specific features to serve individual aspects of your business, or combined into a comprehensive, and full, fleet service.

Fleet Management Software

DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software is Teletrac Navman’s key solution for managing a fleet, and a mobile workforce, using a single platform. It’s this software which is employed by 40,000 business customers globally. It is scalable to any size fleet, and combines with GPS fleet management to add real time control, and productivity improvement, to field operations, legal compliance, asset management, maintenance scheduling, and driver safety.

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Smart Telematics

Teletrac Navman provide engine fuel, and driver management, via Smart Telematics. Data can be sent directly from the vehicle CAN bus to give a complete picture on engine operation, and fuel consumption. Adding in-cab hardware can warn drivers of issues with their driving behaviour, which they can work to rectify. Comprehensive performance information, and the Teletrac Navman telematics system, can help managers to identify the impact of driver behaviour, and scenarios of fuel usage, to learn how to address and optimise them.

Teletrac Navman reporting and analytics

Vehicle Tracking

Truck based GPS hardware is united with DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software to deliver full vehicle tracking from Teletrac Navman. It is used to improve fleet productivity, journey efficiency, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and to manage compliance with driving, working time and environmental legislation. Their software and hardware is fully scalable and constantly enhanced. It will also integrate with other leading industry applications.

Teletrac Navman’s full fleet management suite combines the three elements above, with GPS, CAN bus and in-cab hardware and its cloud-based DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software.

Qtanium Connect

This specialist service is an asset management solution for fleets of heavy construction equipment, and those operating mixed fleets. Data is collected from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) telematic units, and is used to give a visual view of construction equipment on site, or on the road. Fleet and project performance can be maximised, and the system integrates with DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software for a full fleet and logistics solution.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software is a global leader of fleet management systems. It allows the total management of fleet and mobile workforce in a single cloud based platform. DIRECTOR is scalable so can be adapted for any size of business. There are three editions of the software from Essential, suitable for the smallest of businesses. Through to Enterprise, the most comprehensive system for larger fleets.

We outline some of the features below:

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Essential Edition

The ‘Essential’ edition includes:

  • Real Time Tracking – location services, dispatching and geo-fencing. It is available via Smartphone and Tablet App
  • Activity Alerts – including Nearest Vehicle Search
  • Data Management – mapping and search options and functions for grouping vehicles and establishing hierarchies.
  • Vehicle and Driver Interactions – including dispatching and routing
  • Vehicle and Trip Reports – covering fleet performance and worker/hours worked management

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Professional Edition

Comprising all the elements of the DIRECTOR Essential edition, plus enhanced performance measurement tools:

  • Dynamic Dashboard – allowing flexible, comprehensive analytics and data charting
  • Driver Data and Scorecards – allowing you to monitor and act on driver behaviour
  • Maintenance and Fuel Reports – enabling scheduled maintenance and fuel cost tracking
  • Vehicle Event – monitoring of special events and email alerts
  • Street View Mapping – utilising Google Street View allows accurate guidance for drivers from management
  • Report Suite – a more comprehensive package of reporting functions including idle time, peak speed, time sheets, and CO2 emissions

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Enterprise edition

Comprising the elements of DIRECTOR Essential Edition and Professional Edition, The DIRECTOR Enterprise is the most comprehensive fleet management system on offer from Teletrac Navman and includes all-encompassing data access and control:

  • Second-by-Second Replay
  • Posted Speed Monitoring
  • User Permission Controls – enabling you to restrict or allow access as required, and to run audit reports
  • API Support
  • Customer Form Builder – Access and create custom reports and forms
  • Enhanced Geo-Search – See your fleet’s movements at any time in the last 24 months.

Expert Verdict

Teletrac Navman are market leaders both in sales, and in telematics innovation, of fleet management systems. Users of any size can be sure of a reliable, comprehensive product, with frequent software updates. Teletrac Navman have an extensive customer support network, and excellent reputation supplying leading logistics, and transport companies.

Their prominence in the industry is supported by approval from companies large and small for ease of use, integration, customer support, and problem resolution.

The system is highly scalable with three key editions to suit small, medium and larger businesses. It’s an excellent tool for improving productivity and cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, vehicle maintenance scheduling, and daily logistics.

GPS vehicle tracking systems combined, with fleet management software, are proven to decrease journey time, improve driver behaviour and prevent theft.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software is certainly a platform to investigate for any sized fleet. Complete our web form today to receive free tailor-made quotes for your business from up to four leading suppliers.

Written by:
Julia Watts Content Manager

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