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The new and evolved Inseego (formerly known as Ctrack) has upgraded its roster by including 5G technology, software as a service (SaaS), and telematics. Our independent research reflects this, naming Inseego the best for improving driver safety with a fair score of 3.6/5. 

Here, we’ll delve into Inseego’s pricing, pros and cons, standout features, and how it matches up with the other vehicle tracking providers. We’ll also analyse its vehicle tracking features, ability to reduce fleet costs, and vehicle management features.

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Inseego (Formerly Ctrack)

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size and requirements

Best For

Improving driver safety

Inseego’s pros and cons


  • Great value for money
  • Swift data refresh rates


  • Can't integrate with fuel cards
  • Limited vehicle management features

Pro: Great value for money

Inseego ranks second in our pricing analysis with a score of 4/5, just a few points shy of our top scorer, Radius, at 4.1/5.

As per industry norms, Inseego’s price plans are tailored to your fleet size and contract length. With bespoke pricing setups, you can ensure that your business needs are carefully factored in to ensure the utmost scalability and flexibility. Additionally, your monthly costs may bump up if you wish to add other features, such as Inseego’s advanced AI-12 dash cams (more on that later!). However, if you are wanting to sign up with a company that is more transparent with its pricing, Radius offers the most affordable plans that start from $13 per vehicle per month.

According to the Australian Consumer Law, companies must:

  • Repair or reimburse the product in case of a major failure
  • Provide compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage
  • Replace or repair broken goods that are not of acceptable quality
  • Guarantee three to seven years of protection

As such, you are in great hands with Inseego, as it strictly adheres to these warranty guidelines and ensures longer protection for your business. This is more than what Radius offers, as it will only exchange the broken hardware it rents to your fleet. 

Pro: Swift data refresh rates

Inseego provides excellent tracking features on its roster, and its 4.3/5 score in our tracking analysis can attest to this. 

One of the factors in this category is data refresh rates, where Inseego powers through with its real-time updates. It’s a considerable difference from Netstar (4.1/5), which has a refresh rate of 1 to 5 minutes. Data refresh rates determine the speed at which you can track your vehicles. It also helps you stay on top of emergencies or time-sensitive situations, allowing you to monitor your driver’s location and behaviour. Given that Inseego updates your system in real time, you can rest assured that your entire fleet is always up-to-date!

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Con: Can’t integrate with fuel cards

Since fuel is one of your fleet’s largest expenses, having access to fuel cards with your vehicle tracking system is a great perk. Fuel cards provide discounts with every purchase, as well as payment security and fuel purchase reports to help you track your expenses. Unfortunately, Inseego doesn’t integrate with fuel cards at all, which means you could be losing out in the long run.

If you wish to unlock this feature, we recommend you check out Verizon. It can integrate with Fleetcorwhich works for over 90% of petrol stations across Australia. You can use it at Shell, 7-11, Caltex, Woolworths, BP, and United. Verizon also employs a Vehicle Fuel Log, which helps you track every vehicle’s entire purchase history and is helpful when it comes to calculating fuel taxes!

Con: Limited vehicle management features

When it comes to vehicle management, our independent research shows that Inseego performs poorly in this category, scoring a low 1.9/5 in this category.

It is unfortunate that Inseego doesn’t offer vehicle diagnostics, fleet maintenance records, and maintenance scheduling – three crucial features that will help keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. Vehicle diagnostics help detect any broken parts or faulty systems in your vehicles, whereas maintenance scheduling ensures that your vehicles are properly maintained and regularly checked to prevent any damage. Lastly, fleet maintenance records keep the entire maintenance history of your vehicles, so you can easily detect any repairs or upgrades you’ve made. With these embedded into your vehicle tracking system, you can minimise downtime, boost your fleet’s productivity, and potentially save yourself money. 

If this is a feature you cannot do without, we recommend going with Verizon, which scores a perfect 5/5 in our vehicle management analysis. Verizon automatically updates your records if it detects a faulty system in your vehicles, and you can schedule regular maintenance checks. Additionally, you can create service plan templates to indicate the cost of every maintenance service, plus the intervals at which you should get these done. 

How much does Inseego cost?

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Inseego (Formerly Ctrack)

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size and requirements

Landing in second place with a score of 4/5 in our pricing analysis, Inseego proves to be a great bang for your buck. As per industry norm, it provides bespoke pricing plans depending on your fleet size, contract length, number of assets, and the features you wish to unlock. Our pricing top-runner, Radius (4.1/5), offers the cheapest plans from $13 per vehicle, per month, but this can also rack up based on the same factors. 

Although Radius offers the lowest price entry point among all of the top providers we’ve researched, it’s worth noting that Inseego’s fleet management solutions and add-on assets come with guarantees covered by the Australian Consumer Law. It entitles you to have a replacement, repair, or refund of any broken hardware. You may also get compensated if there are major failures in the products provided to you. If you are looking for longevity, Inseego provides three to seven years’ worth of coverage. Since Radius rents the hardware to you, it will only replace the damaged hardware. It is worth noting that Inseego also offers free installation of its tracking system, which means you don’t have to shell out for this additional cost. This makes Inseego a practical choice that gives assurance to every asset and product.

To know more about Inseego’s pricing, check out our free quote comparison tool. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your fleet, and we’ll link you up with our trusted providers. They will then get back to you with custom price quotes for your fleet. It’s as simple and easy as that!

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Inseego’s standout features

Power take-off (PTO) systems

Inseego has one of the most impressive theft prevention features, thanks to its power take-off (PTO) systems. PTOs transfer an engine’s mechanical power and send power to other equipment that lacks its own engine or motor. Inseego’s PTOs detect the movement of your truck’s door, so whenever it opens or lifts outside working hours, it immediately sends you an alert indicating out-of-hours movement. 

When compared with Verizon, our vehicle tracking top-runner (4.7/5)Inseego offers more security for your fleet. Verizon’s theft prevention feature is a bit of a grey area, as you can only set specific timers for unassigned vehicles or alerts for out-of-hours usage. So, while this could detect theft, it’s not as proactive as Inseego.

Next-level AI-12 fleet dash cams

Inseego takes dash cams to the next level by using the AI-12 fleet dash cams, which give you total visibility of your drivers and helps enhance their safety on the road. Unlike traditional dash cams, AI-12 cameras combine artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision (MV). MV serves as the eyes of the camera to detect dangerous driving behaviours, such as distracted driving, not wearing a seatbelt, or eating while driving. AI, on the other hand, helps prevent accidents by interpreting the captured footage and raising the relevant alerts. For example, if the camera detects your driver is not wearing a seatbelt or is texting behind the wheel, it will send an alert immediately. If an incident does happen, the dash cams will automatically upload and classify the recap of the incident. You can use this as proof of liability or an avenue for training opportunities.

This MV/AI combination notifies the driver of any potential dangers via real-time audio and visual alerts. It’ll allow them to develop awareness, self-management, and safer driving habits over time. Verizon also offers AI dash cams, although it is worth noting that it does not utilise this combination like Inseego. This earns Inseego extra credit for driver management, deservingly earning the title of the best for improving driver safety among all the other providers we’ve researched.

One-touch panic buttons

Panic buttons are lifesavers in emergencies. With a single click from your drivers, you can receive an instant notification during an emergency. Inseego’s panic buttons are great as they can be installed in a concealed location, giving your driver easy access during an emergency. This is helpful, especially during robberies, since your drivers can alert you or nearby authorities without aggravating the situation. Panic buttons also allow your drivers to send SOS alerts in a snap. Teletrac, the second overall in our vehicle tracking research, does not offer this nor link you up with third-party providers for installation. 

What kind of business is Inseego best for?

Inseego provides advanced AI-12 dash cams that combine AI and MV’s power to improve driver safety. It can help you resolve road disputes, manage drivers, and mitigate the risk of accidents. These dash cams can detect driver behaviour in real time, such as texting while driving, not wearing a seatbelt, smoking, or eating. Once detected by the camera, it will automatically alert you and the driver, so they can self-correct and help prevent accidents. It also provides optimal visibility as it can cover every angle, including driver-facing, forward, wide-angle, side, or rear cameras. 

This is why our research named Inseego as the best for improving driver safety. When drivers are on the road, they face various stressful situations, including dealing with reckless drivers. The dash cam video evidence can be used to quickly defend one of your drivers.

Another invaluable feature that Inseego offers for these fleets is that your drivers can seamlessly sign in and out of shared vehicles using its Driver ID. You can also filter individual driver reports for shared vehicles, providing a clear picture of your team’s activity and performance. As such, we recommend Inseego for larger fleets where the crew often share vehicles.

Want to find the best vehicle tracking provider for your business? Head on over to our free quote comparison tool. Just tell us a few things about your fleet, and we’ll link you up with our trusted providers that’ll provide you with custom, obligation-free quotes for your business. 

How does Inseego compare with other vehicle tracking systems?

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Inseego (Formerly Ctrack)


Teletrac Navman TN360

Radius Fleet Services


Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size and requirements

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size, contract length, and features

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $35 per vehicle, per month

Pricing (Software)

Starts at $13 per vehicle, per month

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke pricing depending on fleet size and requirements

Best For

Improving driver safety

Best For

Best Overall

Best For

Understanding fleet data

Best For

Smaller fleets

Best For

Heavy vehicle fleets

Earlier, we mentioned that our research also considers the priorities of our readers, which allows us to gauge which features matter most according to their standards. Hence, we identified that vehicle tracking, ability to reduce fleet costs, and vehicle management are the utmost priorities. Here’s how Inseego performs according to these factors:

Inseego’s vehicle tracking features

Inseego ranks third in our tracking analysis, with a score of 4.3/5. With promising tracking features, it helps you stay on top of your vehicles’ location and performance. For starters, Inseego updates your tracking data in real time, one of the fastest rates among the providers we’ve researched. Because of this, you can monitor your vehicles on the fly. Radius (4.3/5), which shares the third spot with Inseego, offers the next fastest refresh rate at 30 seconds

Additionally, its geofence system helps you monitor activity in seconds, and you will receive quick alerts whenever your driver enters a geofence site. It’ll help you increase security and compliance with local laws regarding geofences. 

Inseego’s ability to reduce fleet costs

With fuel prices on the rise, it’s a relief to have a vehicle tracking system that will help you minimise fuel usage. Inseego can help you in this regard with its automatic route optimisation feature. It generates the most efficient routes in minutes and calculates the most profitable journey without sacrificing productivity.

It also streamlines automatic mileage data, providing you with insights on your business or private trips as well as analysing your fuel consumption. Small wonder, then, that Inseego made it to our list of the best route planning software tools on the market.

Unfortunately, Inseego doesn’t provide traffic alerts, which is also a big help when trying to reduce driving time and fuel consumption. In addition to these features, Teletrac also syncs with Google Maps to provide input on which roads are currently jam-packed. So, if this is something you need in your fleet, Teletrac might suit you better.

Inseego’s vehicle management features

Inseego’s score dips down to a low 1.9/5 in our vehicle management analysis because it misses the three critical features when it comes to maintaining your vehicles: vehicle diagnosis, fleet maintenance records, and maintenance scheduling. These three features help keep your vehicles in optimal condition, preventing any downtime that could hinder the efficiency of your operation. It detects damages to your vehicles and syncs this information with your system so that your mechanics can fix the issue timeously. 

If this is a feature you cannot do without in your tracking system, then Verizon, which scores a perfect 5/5 in this category, would be a better choice. It can automatically detect faulty parts or systems in your vehicles and syncs this information with your records. Plus, Verizon allows you to customise your service plans, including the schedule of your maintenance checks and service costs.

However, Inseego makes up for this with its commendable theft prevention feature. Using PTO systems, Inseego keeps your vehicles protected by sending immediate notifications whenever your truck’s doors open outside working hours. It’s more secure than Verizon, as it can only set timers when your vehicles are used outside working hours.

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With an above-average score of 3.6/5 in our independent research, Inseego provides a basic vehicle tracking system package with commendable tracking features and a proactive theft detection feature. But its highlight feature is its innovative and comprehensive dash cams, which help it earn the title as the best for improving driver safety. These cameras can monitor your drivers in real time and detect dangerous driver behaviours that may lead to accidents. 

However, there’s a lot to improve regarding vehicle management, where Inseego drops down to a low 1.9/5 in our research. With this, we’d recommend vying for Verizon, which scores a perfect 5/5 in this category. It can detect faulty parts or systems in your vehicles and immediately sync this information with your records. Furthermore, Verizon lets you customise your service plans, so you’ll be able to stay on top of the upkeep of your fleet.

If you want to find a vehicle tracking system that is fit for your fleet, give our free quote comparison tool a try. You only have to answer a few questions about your fleet, and we’ll match you up with our trusted providers. They will then contact you with tailored, obligation-free quotes for your fleet. It’s that fast and easy!

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