Best Web Design Companies for Small Businesses in Canada

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How many of these things would your customers say about your website:

  • It’s a dream to navigate. I love it…
  • Browsing on mobile devices is a breeze…
  • Your business has a website?

If you’re not ticking off the first two bullet points, it’s probably time to think about getting a professional website redesign. If the last one sounds familiar, you definitely need one.

Whether you’re building a new website, overhauling an old one, or simply reskinning last year’s most visited webpage, you’ll be in safe hands with any of these top web design companies.

The Top 4 Web Design Companies for Small Businesses in Canada

Could one of these web design agencies create the website you always dreamed of?

Yellow Pages

Best for: Small businesses on a budget

Think Yellow Pages is just a directory? Think again. Yellow Pages specializes in creating affordable websites for all kinds of small businesses. They have experience in industries from food to finance, and can easily make versions of your site in both English and French. Their designs are simple, tried-and-tested recipes for maximum impact on a small budget.


Best for: SMBs that want to turn visitors into customers

Stunning web design doesn’t mean much if people don’t actually know your website exists. HigherVisibility gets this, which is why they work with small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients across the US to provide, SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing services, as well as web design.


Best for: Offline businesses looking to replicate their success online

Hibu is one of the few companies on this list that truly caters to the masses – and we mean that in the best way. The Yellow-Pages-publisher-turned-specialist-web-designer has worked with the likes of Google and Facebook, but many of Hibu’s clients are small companies. Hibu specializes in localized marketing and SEO.


Best for: Everyone

While many competitors emphasize specialization, GoDaddy takes the opposite route. Their range of services is staggering — domain names, web hosting, email marketing, and VOIP, to name just a few. It certainly hasn’t hurt them. They have 17 million customers, and are the largest domain name registration service in the world.

What Makes These Web Design Companies Special?

Without exception, the best web design companies all know how to:

  • Capture your users’ attention and keep them on your website
  • Steer your users through the conversion funnel, no matter which part of your website they land on
  • Drive your users to take a predefined action, whether that’s making a purchase, subscribing to your mailing list or creating an account on your website

And What Makes Their Websites Amazing?

They embrace three principles of great web design:

  • Usability – their designs are well-attuned to web users’ needs, abilities and limitations
  • Accessibility – their websites are inclusive for people with disabilities
  • Visual Appeal – their homepages look good enough to hang from the walls of a gallery
Did You Know?

On average, every dollar you invest in User Experience (UX) generates $100. That’s a return on your initial investment of 9,900%.

How Do I Hire a Web Design Company?

Whether you’re setting up a company blog or giving your shopping cart user interface (UI) a facelift, your web design should convey credibility and inspire trust. That’s something that the best web design companies, like GoDaddy and Hibu, do extremely well.

That said, there are some web design companies – and we won’t name any names – whose own websites do exactly the opposite. As a general rule, treat designing your website like getting a haircut – don’t trust anyone who has a bad one to do it for you.

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