The 5 Best Fleet Cards for Small Businesses in Australia 2022

Person paying for fuel using a fleet card

The best fuel card for small businesses will combine an extensive range of features with affordable pricing options. Ticking both those boxes is our top pick fleet card, the WEX Motorpass, boasting the best network coverage of any fleet card we reviewed, and costing just $5 per month.

We’ve also included four alternatives which might better suit your small business' fleet. In our research, we analysed each card based on their pricing, features, coverage, and top benefits. By the end, you’ll know exactly which fleet card is right for you.

Alternatively, if you’re short on time, you can get free quotes directly from trusted suppliers through our quote-finding comparison tool. You simply answer a few questions about your fleet, and we match you with the most suitable fleet card company who’ll offer bespoke, no-obligation quotes.

The 5 best fuel cards for small business

Following our extensive, independent research into the best fleet fuel cards in Australia, we know that the best options are:

What are the best fuel cards for small business?
1Wex MotorpassBest fuel card for small businesses$5 monthly fee6,000+ sites
2Shell CardBest customer care$2.50 monthly fee1,250+ sites
37-ElevenBest budget buyNo monthly fee550+ sites
4BP Fuel CardBest scalabilityFees available on request1,400+ sites
5AmpolCardBest for peace of mind$2.95 monthly fee1,900+ sites

Paying for fuel using a fleet card
The right fuel card can unlock a whole world of deals for your business

WEX Motorpass

Best fuel card for small business

WEX Motorpass fleet card
CoverageAccepted at over 6,000 stations across Australia
SavingsDiscounts available at WEX's partner stations
Key costs$5 monthly management fee, 50 cents per transaction


  • Set spending and transaction limits
  • Limit purchase types
  • Track spending by vehicle or employee
  • Requires individual ID numbers for use


  • Discounts not as good as branded cards…
  • …and ditto for data capture

In a Nutshell

WEX has the best coverage of any fleet fuel card we reviewed, making it our top choice.

If there’s one fuel card company known for stellar service at thousands of gas stations, it’s WEX. Continuing that tradition, the WEX Motorpass fuel card covers you at 93% of Australia's gas locations.

You can access an online account to monitor your usage and approve transactions where needed. On the go? No problem – you can log in via the WEX Motorpass mobile app to check your spending at a glance.

Whether you’re in the urban environment or the outback, you’ll be well looked after with WEX.

Shell Card

Best customer care

Shell Card
CoverageAccepted at over 1,250 Shell, Coles Express, Liberty, and Westside branded sites
Savings6 cents per litre for the first six months, then at least 2 cents/litre on standard fuels and 4 cents/litre on premium fuels
Key costs$2.50 monthly card fee. Other fee info available on request. No card fees for the first six months


  • Assigned PIN numbers for security
  • Online monitoring and reporting
  • Quality fuel at a fair price
  • Flexible weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payment options
  • Earn Flybuy points at Shell Coles Express sites
  • Up to 51 days credit


  • Fees for paper statements

In a Nutshell

The Shell Card has excellent customer support to help keep your small business' fleet ticking along.

Global conglomerates and world-beating customer care don’t normally go together. Shell is different; the fuel card provider truly pulls out all the stops for small Australian fleets. The Shell Card comes with a dedicated 24/7/365 phone service to support your drivers anywhere, anytime.

Its card fee is easy on the wallet at just $2.50 per month, and the flat fee structure also means you don’t need to employ forensic accounting techniques to understand your fuel bill. And did we mention it’s accepted at 1,250+ locations across the country? Certainly not the widest coverage, but more than enough for the needs of most small businesses.

7-Eleven Fuel Card

Best flexibility

7-Eleven fuel card
CoverageAccepted at over 550 7-Eleven fuel stations
SavingsMinimum savings of 2 cents per litre on regular fuel, and 4 cents per litre on premium fuel
Key costs35 cents per transaction


  • Reduce time needed to review transactions
  • Choose between driver or vehicle cards
  • Digital reports for viewing on the go
  • No monthly management or card fee


  • Doesn’t offer as many rewards as a branded card
  • Bear in mind the payment processing fees

In a Nutshell

7-Eleven is a flexible and customisable fleet card, ideal for firms with a rolling cashflow.

7-Eleven understands that small business budgets don’t stretch to the ends of the earth, which is why their fuel card offers generous savings at 550 locations. Let’s start with the fuel discounts – a minimum of 2 cents per litre on gas and diesel. Then there are the deals on vehicle services like car washing and oil changes – entirely optional, and customisable in line with your needs.

But what really makes the 7-Eleven fuel card an excellent option for small business owners are its generous repayment terms. Specifically, 44 payment-free days gives you a nice amount of breathing room to settle outstanding balances. 7-Eleven bends over backward to accommodate your cash flow.

BP Plus

Best scalability

BP Business Solutions Plus fuel card
CoverageAccepted at over 1,400 sites across Australia
SavingsMinimum savings of 2 cents per litre on regular fuel, and 3 cents per litre on BP Ultimate and premium fuel
Key costsFee information is available from BP on request


  • Easy online account management
  • Assign cards to individual drivers
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Easily upgrade as business grows


  • Gas stations concentrated in the East
  • Doesn’t offer quite as much data as other cards

In a Nutshell

BP is best in class for savings that scale with the size of your fleet.

BP Plus is the best fleet card small businesses with big goals. Whether you’re tracking fuel costs for five cars or 500 trucks, it’s easy to do through BP’s intuitive online portal. Plus, an extensive discount network means you can avail savings on parts, supplies, and repairs with BP’s partners, including Bridgestone, Goodyear and Tyrepower.

BP Plus also happens to have the longest payment period of the bunch – 51 days from the time of purchase. So, for more liquidity and less stress, look no further than BP Plus.


Best for peace of mind

AmpolCard fuel card
CoverageAccepted at over 1,900 sites across Australia
SavingsSavings of 2 to 4 cents per litre on petrol and diesel
Key costs$2.95 monthly card fee


  • Roadside Assistance and Services and Repairs add-ons available
  • Can be used to pay for HaloGo fuel delivery service
  • You'll get 10% off packaged engine oils and 5% off Secure Parking


  • No further pricing information available online

In a Nutshell

AmpolCard brings safety and ease to the fore with convenient add-ons and integrations.

If you were traversing Australia's roads before 1995, the name Ampol probably rings a bell. That's because, in that fateful year, Ampol merged with Caltex – another Australian petroleum company – to become Caltex Australia, with the name Ampol becoming memory.

All that's changing now, though, as Caltex is in the process of rebranding itself and its 1,900+ fuel stations to operate under the name Ampol. And with this transition comes fresh-faced fuel card AmpolCard, which replaces the Caltex StarCard.

Partnered with Woolworths' Everyday Rewards program, you can earn rewards points by topping up with your AmpolCard. But more significant than that, we feel, is the peace of mind afforded by AmpolCard's specific benefits, including Roadside Assistance, discounts on parking, access to HaloGo fuel delivery, and Services and Repairs.

Next steps

Now you’ve got the inside scoop on the best fuel cards for small businesses, you might want to start thinking about which one’s right for you.

Why not request a quick quote? It only takes 30 seconds to share a few details and get matched with leading suppliers.

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Which company fuel card is best in Australia?

From our research, we know that the best fleet fuel card in Australia is the WEX Motorpass. This card offers the widest network coverage of any card we tested, and offers affordable pricing options starting from just $5 per month.

What is the easiest business gas card to get?

The easiest gas card to get is the Shell Card because it has 24/7 customer service to help answer any queries you have, and pricing starting from just $2.50 per month, meaning it’s easy to buy no matter your budget.

Is fuel cheaper with a fuel card?

Yes. When using a fleet fuel card, you’ll typically save a few cents per litre thanks to the discounted rates provided by the fuel card company, but you’ll also save money on fuel by accurately tracking and managing your fleet’s mileage and fuel consumption.

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