Asset Tracking Costs: Our Overview

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So you decided that an asset tracking system is a must for your company but you’re worried about the costs? Say no more: we got you covered.

In this article, we’ll cover how much some of our trusted asset tracking providers charge for their services, comparing their pricing plans as well as their features, so you can make an informed decision for your business.

Of course, you can cut straight to the chase and use our comparison tool to get these providers to send you custom quotes for you to compare – it’s as quick and simple as it gets! However, if you’re keen on knowing more about asset tracking pricing – with examples for good measure – just head to our list below.

Asset Tracking System Costs (per month)

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

  1. Freshservice: $19 – $109
  2. Verizon Connect: est. $50 – $250
  3. EZOfficeInventory: $35 – Custom
  4. Asset Panda: est. $40 – $125
  5. UpKeep: Free – $120
  6. Sortly: Free – $99
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Verizon Connect

EZOffice Inventory

Asset Panda



Lowest paid plan

$19 per user per month

Lowest paid plan

Custom (est. $50/month)

Lowest paid plan

$35 per user per month

Lowest paid plan

Custom (est. $40/month)

Lowest paid plan

$45 per user per month

Lowest paid plan

$29 per user per month

Highest paid plan

$109 per user per month

Highest paid plan

Custom (est. $250/month)

Highest paid plan


Highest paid plan

Custom (est. $125/month)

Highest paid plan

$120 per user per month

Highest paid plan

$99 per user per month

Free Trial/Plan


Free Trial/Plan


Free Trial/Plan


Free Trial/Plan


Free Trial/Plan


Free Trial/Plan


Compare Quotes Compare Quotes Compare Quotes Compare Quotes Compare Quotes Compare Quotes

Prices are in USD, and billed annually. The length of the free demo you’ll get depends on the supplier, and you’ll need to request a quote for Asset Panda and Verizon who offer bespoke pricing rather than set pricing tiers.

But now you’ve had a glimpse at some of the best low cost asset tracking systems, let’s take a deeper look at how much asset tracking typically costs, as well as these suppliers’ prices…

Asset Tracking Costs: An Overview

Some suppliers – such as Verizon and Asset Panda – offer bespoke pricing, which makes it hard to pin down a price.

However, asset tracking will generally cost your business anywhere from $15/month to $35/month for a limited range of features, and somewhere between $50/month and $150/month for a more premium service.

At the cheaper end of the pricing plans, you’ll typically have access to features like barcode lookup, custom QR labels, reporting tools, and audits.

The premium plans on the best asset tracking systems will usually unlock features such as G-Suite and Zendesk (CRM software) integration, customisable fields, data backups, and many other useful add-ons.

Want an even easier way to compare asset tracking software prices? We can put you in touch with the asset tracking system suppliers that best suit your exact needs. Simply tell us what you need from your asset tracking software, then we’ll match you up with trusted suppliers who’ll provide free quotes for you to compare.

Low Cost Asset Tracking Systems

We’ve selected six of the best low cost asset tracking systems to help you make the most effective and budget-friendly choice for your business. You’ll find details on each supplier’s price plans and range of features, plus our estimations of how much a supplier’s bespoke quote might cost your business.

Freshservice Pricing ($19 per Month – $109 per Month)

  • Starts at $19 per month
  • 21-day free trial
  • 24/7 customer support on all plans
  • 100 free assets on the Garden Plan
  • Free installation
freshservice logo
Pricing ($19 per Month – $109 per Month)
Quick overview

Freshservice is an award-winning software solution used by over 40,000 clients, claiming the title of Capterra’s Most Popular ITSM (IT Service Management) Software in 2019.

Offering your business free installation and the chance to track up to 100 assets at no extra cost on its Garden plan, Freshservice is definitely one of the best low cost asset tracking systems around.

Check out Freshservice’s asset management price plans below (prices in USD).




Best for 

Small businessesGrowing teamsLarge businesses


Price (billed annually)



Top features

Automated workflow

Unlimited asset users

Basic analytics

100 free assets

Multiple portal languages

Unlimited mailboxes

Software license management

Advanced security (custom SSL)

Analytics Pro

Restrict access to your network from certain IP addresses

A dedicated customer success manager

Freshservice Pricing Roundup

Freshservice offers excellent value for money, with a generous range of features on its cheapest plans. We’d recommend opting for the Garden plan, specifically for the ability to track 100 assets at no extra cost.

It’ll cost around $130 per month to track an extra 1,000 assets, and around $1,500 per month to track an unlimited number of assets. Better yet, you’ll have access to 24/7 email support and 24/5 phone support on all plans.

Verizon Connect Pricing (EST. $50 per Month – $250 per Month)

  • Custom pricing
  • Free demo available
  • Estimated cost is $50 per month to $250 per month
Verizon Connect logo
Verizon Connect
Pricing Est. $50 per Month – $250 per Month
Quick overview

A leading name in the asset management game, Verizon Connect is trusted by heavy hitters Aussivemove and Pepsi.

While its prices make it better suited to medium to large businesses, it offers some fantastic features and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck if you go for it.

While Verizon Connect offers only custom pricing, you can expect to pay somewhere between $50 per month and $250 per month depending on the type and number of assets you want to track.

Verizon Connect Pricing Roundup

With Verizon Connect, you can have full visibility of your equipment, trailers, and high-value physical assets directly from the software’s web-based dashboard, which also offers  fast search and tag filtering. You can even track engine hours for your vehicle assets and create reminders for scheduled maintenance.

Like the sound of these suppliers so far? We can go one better and match your business with asset tracking suppliers that can meet your exact needs. To get started, you just need to tell us what you need, and you’ll receive tailored quotes. Don’t forget, our service is completely free.

EZOfficeInventory Pricing ($35 per Month – Custom)

  • Starting from $35 per month
  • 15-day free trial
ezofficeinventory logo
Pricing $35 per Month – Custom
Quick overview

EZOfficeInventory will give you full visibility of your company’s equipment from anywhere at any time, thanks to its iOS and Android app. From the app, you can track assets, conduct audits, edit documents, and more.

With cheaper plans than Freshservice, EZ makes a great low cost asset tracking software option for physical assets within your office, while Freshservice is more suitable for tracking IT-based assets.

See EZOfficeInventory’s price plans in more detail below…




Best for

Small teams that are getting startedGrowing teams that are tracking complete asset life cyclesTeams that are collaborating on asset management tasks

Enterprises with custom requirements

Price (billed annually)



Top features

Depreciation management

Custom fields

QR and Barcode labels

Asset availability calendar

Data backups (via DropBox and OneDrive)

Checkout bulk items

RFID (radio frequency ID) scanning

G Suite integration

Limited asset visibility to certain departments

Global private cloud option

Custom integrations and security

A dedicated account manager

EZOfficeInventory Pricing Roundup

EZOfficeInventory offers cheaper pricing plans than Freshservice, with its Premium plan costing just $50 per month, compared to Freshservice’s top-tier $93 per month plan. While EZ’s Premium plan is suitable for large businesses, the enterprise owners among you will love the namesake plan’s customisable security and integrations.

Asset Panda Pricing (EST. $40 per Month – EST. $125 per Month)

  • 1,000 assets costs $40 per month
  • Free demo available
  • $500+ implementation service
asset panda logo
Asset Panda
Pricing Est. $40 per Month – EST. $125 per Month
Quick overview

Asset Panda offers really customisable asset management software at reasonable prices.

For just $40 per month you can track up to 1,000 assets (that’s way cheaper than Freshservice’s $47 per month plan, which offers 100 free assets).

Given that you can customise all data fields and add unlimited users to the software, Asset Panda would be a great asset to your business if you’re looking for flexibility and bespoke pricing.

Asset Panda Pricing Roundup

According to its website, Asset Panda is the ‘most flexible and customisable system in the industry’, and it’s hard to disagree. You can add unlimited users, customise all data fields, and scan barcodes with your smartphone.

UpKeep Pricing (Free – $120 per Month)

  • Paid plans start from $45 per month
  • Free demo available
  • Free plan available
Pricing Free – $120 per Month
Quick overview

As far as low cost asset tracking goes, UpKeep is up there with the best value options.

The free plan is suitable for single maintenance technicians who manage a couple of items, but you’ll be unable to view your work order history which makes it hard to know where your tools have been.

UpKeep’s most popular plan is the Business Plus plan ($100 per month). It’s ideal for medium-sized companies, offering cost tracking tools to help you understand your budget, integration with the instant messenger Slack, and a dedicated account manager from UpKeep.

Check out UpKeep’s pricing plans in more detail below…



Business Plus

Best for

One user looking to track a couple of assetsSmall businesses looking to streamline work ordersSmall and medium-sized businesses that want detailed reporting

Medium-sized businesses that need advanced features

Price (billed annually)



Top features

View current work orders

Inspection checklist

Unlimited work orders and requests

Barcode scanning

Chat support

Require signatures

Add PDFs and videos to your system

Reporting dashboard

Workflow automation

Asset depreciation and downtime tracking

UpKeep account manager

UpKeep Pricing Roundup

UpKeep has slightly more expensive price plans than Freshservice and EZOfficeInventory, but it does offer a free plan which might be of interest to single technicians looking for the bare minimum range of features (for example, you won’t get any work history information). However, UpKeep’s most basic paid plan offers unlimited work requests, plus access to customer support via live chat.

Love cutting costs? You can save money on your asset tracking software by comparing quotes.

Sortly Pricing (Free – $99 per month)

  • Free plan
  • Paid price plans start from $39 per month
  • 14-day free trial
Quick overview

With its user-friendly app and budget-friendly plans, Sortly is one of our favourite low cost asset tracking systems.

There are only three plans to choose from (most other suppliers have four), but we’re sure you’ll find Sortly’s choice of features more than good enough.

We’ve sorted Sortly’s pricing plans into a neat table below…

PlanFree Advanced Ultra
Best forSingle usersSmall businessesMedium to large businesses
Price (billed annually)$0$39/month$99/month
Top features100 asset entries

Barcode lookup

In-app scanner

Add 8 photos per item

2,000 asset entries

3 user licences

Custom QR labels

Stock alerts

Unlimited asset entries

5 user licences

Unlimited custom fields

Handheld scanner compatibility

Sorty Pricing Roundup

Suitable for single users, the free plan comes with barcode lookup, an in-app scanner, and the ability to track up to 100 assets, which is slightly more generous than UpKeep’s free plan offering.

The Advanced plan ($39 per month) would suffice for most small businesses, offering custom QR labels, and 2,000 asset entries. The Ultra plan ($99 per month) is ideal for medium to large businesses looking for unlimited asset entries and custom barcode labels.

How Asset Tracking Can Save Business Costs

Misplacing assets can prove costly, particularly for SMBs (small and medium businesses). That’s because losing track of an asset means losing dollars by spending money on replacing assets or turning down contracts because you don’t have the right equipment. Depending on your industry, that lost asset dollar figure could reach the thousands.

Asset tracking can also help your business cut costs on labour. That is, you can invest in a low cost asset tracking system that automates your asset management workflows, allowing your staff to focus on other areas of your business, or reducing the need to hire extra staff to help log asset details.

Compare free quotes and save money on your asset tracking system today.

Next Steps

Now that you know how much asset tracking will cost your business, it’s time to get cracking with the tracking.

The easiest way to find the best price is by comparing quotes from suppliers. We can help you do just that. All you need to do is tell us about what you need from your asset tracking system, and we’ll put forward suppliers that best suit your needs and budget. They’ll then be in touch directly with free, bespoke quotes for you to compare.

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