The Best Business Energy Brokers

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Unless you want your employees to work by candlelight, swaddled in blankets for warmth, the need to fork out for business energy is just a fact of running a business premises – whether its an office, shop, restaurant, garage, or anything in between.

Business energy brokers are the middleman between your business and your potential energy suppliers. They seek out and negotiate the most suitable energy deals around, so you don’t have to.

This, of course, begs an equally pertinent question: Which business energy broker should you choose to work with? Well, by reviewing four of the top business energy brokers in Australia, we aim to make this decision a bit easier for you.

The best business energy brokers

The best business energy brokers are:

  • Make It Cheaper
  • Choice Energy
  • Bulk Energy
  • HV Brokers

Make It Cheaper 

MIC has over 10 years of experience finding the best rates for more than 45,000 businesses. Its tendering process is free, and you’re not under any obligation to take up any offers.

This energy broker gives you a complete, transparent breakdown of every offer so that you know exactly what you would be paying. This transparency helps you make the right decision for your business.

MIC offers account management services like one-to-one support, bill validation, consolidation of accounts, and group buying. You’ll also get monthly email/postal billing options, flexibility to move in and out of sites without penalties, and full payment options with transparent merchant service fees.

Choice Energy 

Choice Energy’s customers come from a wide range of industries, so this provider can easily cater to your business’ unique energy needs. Choice Energy has a focus on solar energy, and can help you make the switch to reducing both your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Solar power can help protect your business against future rises in energy costs, and provide you with a back-up source and a transportable solution that can move alongside your business.

Choice Energy uses its expertise to help you manage and reduce your energy costs so you can be confident you’re making the best decision for your business and the environment.

Bulk Energy 

Bulk Energy is unique because it creates buying groups of similar small businesses in order to get the best prices. This energy broker is based in Melbourne, but services all of Australia.

Bulk Energy is a big advocate for renewal energy, and if you’re keen to source environmentally friendly energy, this is also your chance. To get involved with this unique brokering scheme, send over a copy of your recent electricity bill. Bulk will carry out a free bill check, so you don’t need to invest too quickly without knowing all the facts.

HV Brokers 

HV Brokers services the areas of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Although it provides a full service across all sectors of the energy market, HVB specialises in renewable energy.

With over 30 years of industry experience, HVB is committed to delivering simple and straightforward energy solutions for your business.


There’s no single business energy broker that’ll be best for absolutely everyone – rather, you’ll need to choose a broker based on your business’ needs and your own priorities.

Our top two picks are Make It Cheaper and Choice Energy. Armed with the relevant industry knowledge and expertise, they can help you make the right decision for your energy needs.

Of course, we at Expert Market can also help with your decision – and get you access to custom energy quotes right away. Just provide us with a few details about your business via the form at the top of this page, and you’ll receive quotes directly from the brokers that can best help you. This process is fast, free and easy – why not give it a go?


What is a business energy broker?
Put simply, a business energy broker acts as an intermediary between your business and the companies that supply business energy. Brokers scour the market to find the best possible business energy deal for you, based on your requirements. Usually, they’ll negotiate with suppliers in order to bring your energy costs down even more.
Why should I use a business energy broker?
There are several reasons you might choose to use a business energy broker:
  1. Cost savings. Because brokers form strong relationships with energy suppliers, they’re able to negotiate with them on your behalf and secure low prices you simply wouldn’t be offered if you approached the supplier yourself.
  2. Time savings. All you need to do is tell your broker what your business needs, and it’ll go out and find, negotiate, and compare the best quotes for you. The alternative? Sinking hours into researching suppliers, comparing prices, filling in forms, speaking to representatives, and desperately trying to secure a low price that isn’t forthcoming.
  3. Additional support. While the primary purpose of a broker is to secure you an excellent deal, many also provide additional services. These can include teaching you how to effectively monitor your energy use, or helping you to implement strategies for boosting your business’ energy efficiency.
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