What is the Difference Between Point of Sale and Point of Purchase?

Point of Sale

By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

What’s the difference between point of purchase and point of sale? Find out below.

Point of sale and point of purchase refer to different areas of a store. The point of sale area is essentially where the customer carries out the transaction – the cash register. The point of purchase area is where the customer makes the decision to purchase a product – the shelves.

You’ll usually find that the point of purchase and point of sale areas are covered with strategically placed marketing materials or products. Store managers and store designers are trained to recognize which layouts achieve the most sales.

point of purchase

As you can see from the image above, big, bold and and colorful pricing and ‘save’ signage has been used to draw the customer’s attention, and to convince them to purchase the product.By the time the customer reaches the point of sale area, more subtle selling strategies are being used. Have a look at the image below.

POS display

In this image, there’s less loud signage and more strategic placement of products. Store managers know that point of sale areas are the perfect places to display tempting ticket items such as candy bars and guilty snacks.

Point of Sale Systems

If you’re going to spend time thinking about the appearance of your point of sale area, you should think about whether your point of sale system is meeting your requirements, too.

Signage can only do so much. What about if we said that some POS systems are clever enough to help you manage marketing campaigns? Or even allow you to check your inventory and take customer payments on the shop floor?

What we’re saying is if you combine clever point of purchase and point of sale displays with a modern POS system, you surely have the best ingredients for success.

So why not find out how much an EPOS system upgrade will cost your business today? Just fill in our form with a few details, and the best EPOS suppliers for your requirements will be in touch!

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