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MightyCall Review

A truly awesome auto attendant

MightyCall company logo

MightyCall Review
Customer Service
Reviewed by:


  • Intuitive interface with easily-accessible features
  • Simple to set up, thanks to clear instructions
  • Reasonably priced

X Cons:

  • Lacks a couple of important features
  • Cell phone app sometimes slow to respond
  • Some customers simply resent being put through to virtual receptionists

In a Nutshell

MightyCall is perfect for SMBs who receive lots of calls, but don’t have enough staff to deal with them.

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Auto attendants have a bad rep in some customer service circles; but we don't think they deserve it. Sure, speaking to a virtual receptionist instead of an actual person isn’t ideal, but it’s better than not getting through to anyone at all. And when more than a third of callers who hang up don’t call back, it’s critical to catch them the first time around.

MightyCall sets out to solve this problem with its virtual receptionist VoIP software. The Seattle-based tech firm designed it to help small and mid-sized customer service teams distribute incoming calls more effectively. It also packs social media and customer relationship management features that you won’t find in other similar VoIP solutions.

That’s all well and good on paper; but how does it perform? We’re glad you asked.

What’s On This Page?

Small business call center

MightyCall helps match call agents with customers so they never spend too long on hold

MightyCall Features

MightyCall has a very comprehensive set of features. It even includes a few that you rarely see in other systems. The core features are:

  • Call activity dashboard
  • Call forwarding
  • Call queuing
  • Call transfer
  • Customisable call menus
  • Customisable extensions
  • Group call alerts
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Ring groups
  • Separate voicemail accounts for each employee or extension
  • Text messaging
  • The ability to select your existing number
  • The option of setting up toll-free or local numbers
  • Virtual receptionist and auto-attendant
  • Voicemail to text transcription
  • International call forwarding
  • Standout Features

    • Integrated Contact Us widgets
    • Click-to-call widget (for blogs and social media)
    • Social media tracking options
    • Integrated task tracking and ‘to-do’ list
    • Email integration

    Glaring Omissions:

    • No global blacklisting feature
    • No ‘low minutes’ notifications

    How Much Does MightyCall Cost?

    MightyCall offers three service plans: Basic, Standard and Ultimate. All of them include a virtual receptionist, web widgets and social media integration. The main difference is the included number of minutes and lines/extensions:


    $19.99 per month

    1,000 talk minutes included

    Two local or toll-free numbers


    $49.99 per month

    5,000 minutes included

    Five local or toll-free numbers


    $99.99 per month

    15,000 minutes

    Ten local or toll-free numbers

    MightyCall Customer Support

    MightyCall’s customer support is top notch. You can contact their service reps via phone, email or web chat, and they’re normally pretty responsive, provided you reach out during business hours. In our experience, they’re knowledgeable enough to suggest fixes for most problems.

    The support team is also really proactive when it comes to finding and responding to customer complaints online. While trawling through online reviews, we counted no less than three personal responses to unhappy customers by MightyCall Head of Customer Success. That kind of post-sale support speaks to how seriously MightyCall takes customer service.

    Expert Verdict

    If you can’t justify hiring a full-time receptionist or call center agents, MightyCall could be just the ticket. Call quality is good, it’s easy to configure, and it’s reasonably priced.

    The service also offers some hugely important features, like click-to-call, that are hard to find elsewhere. Their customer service staff are always helpful and easy to reach. Most importantly, they’re great at finding solutions to problems and making your experience with MightyCall as smooth as possible.

    So, what’s not to love about MightyCall?

    Well, the service doesn’t support caller blacklists, which isn’t helpful in an era when Telephone Denial-of-Service (TDoS) attacks are on the rise. It’s also needlessly tricky to monitor minutes usage, since MightyCall won’t alert you when you’re running low. All in all though, these shortcomings pale in comparison to everything MightyCall does well.

    So, is MightyCall right for you? It can be tough to tell from just one review, so by all means keep researching until you’re sure. If you’ve got questions, find the answers with our supplier contact tool. Just fill out this short form and we’ll put your in touch with top business VoIP suppliers who can help. It’s free, takes less than 30 seconds, and it’ll give you access to the best deals for your business.

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