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magicJack Review

This budget business VoIP solution leaves much to be desired

magicJack company logo

magicJack Go analog phone adapter

magicJack Review
Customer Service
Reviewed by:


  • Inexpensive (basic service starts at $35/year)
  • Can replace your landline entirely
  • Basic service includes some useful features

X Cons:

  • Many complaints about the customer service
  • Surprisingly difficult to renew your contract
  • The app requires a year’s subscription to the magicJack service
  • No in-app emergency call functionality

In a Nutshell

magicJack doesn’t live up to its billing as “the breakthrough device that makes your monthly phone bill disappear”.

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As far as TV ads go, magicJack’s range from slightly corny to very cheesy. This 2007 infomercial for the VoIP provider’s original phone adapter gets us every time. It worked though - shoppers called in, units flew off the shelves, and magicJack reaped the rewards.

magicJack still has tricks up its sleeve in 2019. The magicJack Go is their latest device for adding VoIP functionality to any phone with an ethernet port. It’s made for business users who want a low-cost way to upgrade their legacy phone systems.

Read on for our thoughts on magicJack, and request quick VoIP quotes for your business.

What’s On This Page?

magicJack adapter plugged into a laptop

magicJack plugs straight into any laptop or phone with a USB or ethernet port

magicJack Features

The way magicJack works is simple. First, you plug one end of the magicJack Go adapter into your old desk phone. You then connect the other end to your router. This setup lets you make free domestic and international calls across the internet with your old phone system.

magicJack also lets you assign one business phone number to many landline or mobile devices. Transferring your existing landline or mobile number is as simple as creating an online magicJack account. The call routing feature is handy when you need to take calls away from your desk, but it’s only as reliable as your mobile 4G connection. As long as your supplier has good coverage, you’ll be safe using magicJack as a landline replacement. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if the phone line cuts out at key moments.

Other key features include:

  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Android and iOS apps for making and receiving calls on mobile devices
  • Free 411 call services
  • Free long-distance domestic calls (for the first six months)*

*You’ll pay extra for most international calls and long-distance domestic calls (after the first six months).

How Much Does magicJack Cost?

If there’s a cheaper business VoIP solution than magicJack, we haven’t heard of it. The normal price of their standard service is $59.95, but they offer an introductory rate of just $35 for the first year.

Now for the negatives. magicJack’s website says the mobile app is free to download, but some customers report having been charged $9.99 for it. You also can’t use the app without a full account.

And, while magicJack throws in the magicJack Go device for “no extra charge”, it would be nice to be able to pay a reduced fee just for the app-based mobile VoIP service. magicJack doesn’t give you this option though - you’ll pay the same standard fee regardless of whether or not you’re planning to use the magicJack Go adapter. magicJack doesn’t do itself any favors with these pricing inconsistencies.

magicJack Customer Support

Unfortunately, magicJack has a less than stellar reputation for customer service. Here’s a summary of some common complaints:

  • They technically offer multi-channel customer support access, but many attempts to engage via live chat or email either time out or go ignored
  • Many of magicJack’s customer service operators have poor English skills, even though this is the only language in which support is officially offered
  • Customers have been hung up on by customer service operators
  • Complaint tickets are often raised and escalated, only to be lost or ignored

At best, magicJack’s customer support is understaffed and beset with technical issues. If you’re looking for a ‘premium support experience’, you won’t find it here.

magicJack Review Roundup

When magicJack works, it’s smoother than a good bourbon on a cool summer evening. The magicJack Go adapter is cheap and easy to install, and the VoIP service offers many useful features. Call quality is good too.

Sadly, service outages and other issues are unacceptably frequent. They’re also frustrating to fix when magicJack’s customer support is so unreliable. And, if you’re after a VoIP solution that’ll improve your own customer service, you’ll be disappointed with magicJack. It lacks the kinds of call control features that you’d expect from any modern VoIP solution - regardless of price.

You’ll benefit from using magicJack if you have basic needs and a modest budget. For anything more advanced, you’ll be better off with one of our top-rated VoIP solutions.

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