magicJack Review 2020

magicjack review

By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

Are magicJack’s plug-in VoIP solutions better than a sophisticated system? Read our review to find out…

magicjack review


  • Inexpensive (basic service starts at $35/year)
  • Unlimited calls to US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands
  • Can replace your landline entirely

X Cons:

  • Many complaints about the customer service
  • Only suitable for small businesses
  • The app requires a year’s subscription to the magicJack service
  • No in-app emergency call functionality

In a Nutshell:

magicJack Go and magicJack for Business are handy quick fix VoIP solutions for those wanting to cut down on call costs. That’s all well and good, but the system is riddled with bugs – and with an unreliable customer service department, magicJack doesn’t always leave its customers spellbound.

Introducing magicJack…

magicJack’s mission is to provide its customers with a simple, cost-effective VoIP solution. It wants you to forget about contracts, forget about confusing pricing, and benefit from clear calls at a fraction of the price of other VoIP providers.

Its target market is startups, small businesses, and homeowners who want to replace their landline with VoIP – and it succeeds in reaching that market. Those who only have one or two phone lines will find both magicJack products to be perfectly adequate for their needs.

For businesses with more than two phone lines, magicJack starts to become less cost-effective. And you’ll find that its VoIP features aren’t as advanced as you need them to be. We recommend that you have a look at alternative small business telephone systems for a more sophisticated solution.

What are the magicJack Features and Benefits?

Both magicJack Go and magicJack for Business work by connecting your IP-enabled phone to the internet. Once connected, you’ll benefit from:

  1. A host of VoIP features
  2. Unlimited calls to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands
  3. Cheap international calls
  4. An accompanying mobile app

magicJack VoIP Features

magicJack offers up to 20 VoIP features. These include:

  • 3-way conference calling
  • Auto attendant
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Hold music
  • Virtual fax

Some of these features are included in your magicJack package for free for the first year, while others are optional extras. For example, an auto-attendant is available for an additional $10/month, while voicemail, call waiting, and conference calls are all included in your first year fee.

Unlimited Calls

magicJack may be cheaper than other VoIP providers, but that doesn’t stop it from supplying you with unlimited phone calls to the US and Canada. You also benefit from unlimited calls to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands – which could come in handy!

Cheap International Calls

magicJack is really transparent with its international call charges, which is great if you don’t make international calls often. It’s also handy if you want to check how much a one-off call to a particular country will cost.

If you’re a small business that often makes international calls, you may be better off with an international call extension package from a VoIP provider. For example, 8×8 offers an international call package that covers the UK, France, Ireland, and Italy for a set price.

magicJack Mobile App

The magicJack mobile app allows you to use your VoIP account on your mobile phone. This means you’ll be able to use the same number, receive calls to that number, and access all of your call data. Just bear in mind that some customers have reported the app to be a little buggy.

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How Much Does magicJack Cost?

The cost of a magicJack system depends on whether you’re after the Go or the Business version.

You can purchase magicJack Go from Amazon for as little as $32. This includes the cost of the device, plus unlimited local and long distance calls to the US and Canada for a whole year.

magicJack for Business is a little different. Let’s see how much it’ll cost you for the first year, including useful VoIP features for small businesses.

IP phoneFrom $49.99
Line rental$15.99/month
Auto attendant$10/month
Virtual fax$5/month
Toll free numbers$5/month
Total: $481.87/per line

There’s no denying that this is a good deal for small businesses with no more than two lines. However, larger businesses will require more lines – and this is where magicJack isn’t so cost-effective.

For example, some VoIP providers charge as little as $30 a month for 1-4 lines. If you were to settle for a magicJack solution, you could be looking at $64 for 4 lines – and that’s before any add-ons.

If you’re unsure whether magicJack is going to be a cost-effective solution for you, try comparing quotes from a range of providers – it’s free, and you can quickly discover the best VoIP deal for your business.

Is magicJack Right for my Business?

magicJack is phone solution for homeowners and small businesses. This is because each device is supplied on a per line basis, meaning you’ll need a separate magicJack device – and pay magicJack fees – for each line you use.

If you only have one phone line, this is ideal. If you need to upgrade to two phone lines or more, you may want to reconsider.

The VoIP features supplied by magicJack are limited, too. For example, you can set up an auto-attendant, but you only have one hold music track to choose from.

And while you have features such as call waiting, call transfer, and call forwarding, none of this data can be collected and transferred to a customer relationship management system – meaning you won’t have the data required to improve customer interaction and your sales process.

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What do magicJack Customer Reviews Say?

Both magicJack Go and magicJack for Business are a vast improvement on previous magicJack products. Once both devices are up and running, the consensus among customers is that both offer a good, cheap VoIP solution – a huge step forward from the barrage of complaints made against the older models.

However, two major issues seem to crop up consistently:

Customer service

Customer service is only available through a chatbox on the magicJack website. This means communication is slow, and small issues can often take longer than necessary to sort out.

Porting your old number

Some customers have had issues with moving their old number to their new magicJack VoIP line, which is down to communication issues between magicJack and the customer’s previous provider.

Expert Verdict

There’s no denying that magicJack offers a good, cheap VoIP solution – especially if you’re a small business or startup looking to give your business a more professional image. This is because features such as an auto-attendant and call forwarding will allow you to improve your customer experience.

However, as is the problem with many cheap alternatives, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. In the case of magicJack, a lack of quality customer service and inefficiency behind the scenes seem to head up the worst of the issues.

Also bear in mind that a magicJack solution isn’t scalable, and there could be problems later down the line if you want to move your line to a new provider.

While magicJack may indeed be the best solution for your business, it’s always best to compare VoIP quotes. You may find a provider can offer you a more cost-effective solution, especially if you’re looking to scale your business in the future. You can compare quotes for free by filling in our online form.

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