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Grasshopper Review 2019

Grasshopper promise a modern VOIP solution at a good price, but it seems they sometimes lack the customer support to back it up

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Grasshopper Review
Customer Service
Ease of Use
Reviewed by:


  • Grasshopper is reliable, a necessity for a business service
  • It is competitively priced, with free activation
  • It has good customer service and support

X Cons:

  • Grasshopper can be very difficult to get set up the first time
  • The process for recording voicemail greetings is confusing
  • Call forwarding, one of its key features, is difficult to use


Grasshopper has gotten very mixed reviews. They have a lot of very satisfied customers, but also quite a lot of ex-customers.

Grasshopper is more than just a VoIP provider. It bills itself as a ‘Virtual Phone System’ which allows small business owners (or anyone else, really) to set up a separate phone number for their organization. When customers ring this number, the call is routed to your PBX landline or cell phone.

Grasshopper allows you to get a ‘1-800’ number for your business at a fraction for the price most American phone providers charge for the service. There are actually several toll-free number prefixes available, including 877, 888, 866, 855 and 833.

Because Grasshopper uses only the infrastructure that most of their customers already have, it is particularly popular for very small businesses and those with little or no startup capital.

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Grasshopper telephone systems

Grasshopper has native iOS and Android apps, so it can be used on almost any phone

Key features of Grasshopper

Grasshopper does not have every feature in the book – not by far. But it does offer some features that other providers simply don’t. That’s because Grasshopper is not just a traditional VoIP provider; it’s also an alternative to getting a separate ‘business line’. Some of its most important features include:

  • You can record a voicemail-style automated greeting for callers
  • Send and receive calls, voicemail and texts on your business line from any phone
  • There is no extra cost for call handling, and no upper limits to how much traffic the service will handle
  • With call forwarding, you can route your business calls to any landline or cell phone
  • Call screening lets you eliminate nuisance calls without answering them
  • Grasshopper has native iOS and Android apps, so it can be used on almost any phone

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Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper has three pricing tiers.

1. Solo

At the Solo tier, you only get one ‘toll free’ number, but can have up to three extensions. The cost is $24 per month with no activation fee.

2. Partner

The Partner level gets you up to three separate numbers, and a total of up to six extensions – plenty for many smaller businesses. That costs $49 per month. In total, not per user.

3. Small Business

At the Small Business tier, you get up to five separate ‘toll free’ numbers, and an unlimited number of extensions for each. Again, there is no activation fee, and the cost is $89 per month for all five numbers.

Customer Support

As you can see form the majority of these Grasshopper reviews on Yelp, Grasshopper does not excel in the customer service department. Many people seem to feel that Grasshopper sales reps will promise virtually anything, and then leave it to customer service to explain the actual limits of the service. If so, that is a serious problem.

On the other hand, there is a single Grasshopper review on TrustPilot which indicates that their customer service staff are easy to work with, and do honor their promise to refund your money if you aren’t satisfied. Perhaps you should take the negative reviews with a grain of salt, as they might not reflect poor service so much as poor salesmanship… not that that is any better, from your point of view.

Expert Verdict

Grasshopper is a good choice for small businesses or organizations which need an ‘official’ telephone presence without any investment in infrastructure, or even actual business phones. It is inexpensive and offers some unique features, but allegations that many of the service’s promises are based on nothing are worrying.

Many customers are happy with their service, though. If this is what you need and you don’t want to pay a penny more than you have to, Grasshopper might be right for you. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign up!

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