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BroadVoice Review 2019

BroadVoice have tried to design a product range that suits everyone. But have they succeeded?

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BroadVoice Review
Customer Service
Ease of Use
Reviewed by:


  • High quality desktop app
  • Good monitoring and routing features
  • Helpful customer service and initial set-up support

X Cons:

  • Lack of features like call recording and text message support
  • Lack of user and user group templates
  • Low quality interface


Small and medium businesses generally sing BroadVoice’s praises. It's the larger business customers who sometimes find their products lack important features.

You might know BroadVoice by their previous name, BroadVoice offers both business and home VoIP service, although we’ll be focusing on their business offerings for now.

BroadVoice is attempting to be ‘all things to all people’, and has attracted a customer base that includes both single line residential users, SMEs and even larger corporate clients. They manage to keep most of these clients happy by teaming up with some of the best
telecommunications companies in the business, and by keeping their pricing and service
plans very flexible.

At the service’s core is a remotely hosted PBX phone system with most of the features small and medium sized businesses need to be successful. Currently, it lacks a few of the features that bigger enterprises demand.

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BroadVoice telephone systems

BroadVoice let you can pick and choose the features you want from a list of over fifty

Key Features of BroadVoice

As we’ll discuss below, BroadVoice offers its services on a kind of ‘a la carte’ basis. You can pick and choose from the features you want from a list of over fifty.

Standout features include:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Visual voicemail
  • Ring groups
  • Find me/follow me
  • Call analytics and continuity
  • Auto attendant

Many of these fifty features come at a premium, and a few are missing entirely. There is currently no working mobile app, for instance.

Fifty features also sounds impressive, but which do you really need, and which are just ‘fluff’? We can help you decide what you need. Simply fill in this short form to compare quotes from up to four leading VOIP suppliers, completely free of charge.

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BroadVoice Pricing

The minimum contract length with BroadVoice is one year. Prices start at a very reasonable:

  • $22.95 per month per user for a one year contract
  • $19.95 per month per user for two years
  • $17.95 per month per user for three years

This is all for their most basic level of service. You get a few core features, unlimited local minutes and (surprisingly) unlimited long distance for free.

Individual advanced features must be added separately, some for a one-off fee of around $10, others for monthly fees from $4.95 to $15. At that rate, those inexpensive per-user fees begin to skyrocket.

You can also lease or buy pre-configured phones to use with your service. BroadVoice offers phones by Cisco, Obi, Polycom and more. The price varies from phone to phone, of course, but you can get good quality units on a three year lease for as little as $3.95 per month per phone.

Customer Support

BroadVoice is generally a very strong supplier, but its customer support isn’t always up to scratch. There are a few negative reviews at and the Better Business Bureau, but just as many positive ones. Roughly half of the complaints have to do with billing issues, and the other half with poor call quality or dropped calls. The actual number of complaints was very small.

Expert Verdict

BroadVoice is an excellent choice for smaller organizations on tight budgets. It is also good for growing enterprises that need high-end features but wish to negotiate a bespoke VoIP service. The convenience of an off-site PBX server is immense. The fact that it requires no technical staff on your end is even better.

Larger businesses may already have on-site PBX equipment, and these can take advantage of BroadVoice’s a la carte options to only use their SIP trunks.

In the end, if you can live without the few features this service lacks, you do get a lot for
your money.

But can you live without a mobile app, or any of the other features BroadVoice doesn’t
offer? We’d love to help you find an option that works for you. All you need to do is fill in this short form and we’ll get you tailored quotes from up to four leading suppliers.

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