What the World’s Biggest Movie Franchises are Really Worth

With this years release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens pushing the overall revenue of the Star Wars franchise over 20 Billion dollars, we wanted to see how much other blockbuster franchises have made.

The film industry is a business like any other, however most of us aren’t dealing with products that can be worth more than entire countries! Using some crazy comparisons, we wanted to show you what the biggest franchises in the world are really worth.

The total worth of a franchise is comprised of the box office takings plus any extra from DVD sales/rentals, merchandise, licensing etc.

Twilight is worth more than Donald Trump

Films: 5

Box Office: $3, 359, 075, 233

Extras: $1, 160, 176, 000

Total Worth: $4, 519, 951, 233

Twilight vs Trump

There are few things that can cause more of an extreme love/hate reaction than Twilight and Donald Trump- at least now we know which one is more valuable!

The Hunger Games is worth more than Coca Cola Enterprises

Films: 4

Box Office: $11, 164, 000, 000

Extras: $1, 677, 871, 000

Total Worth: $12, 841, 871, 000

Hunger Games vs Coca Cola

I’m sure Katniss would have loved a nice, cool bottle of Coke in between fighting for her life in the arena.

The Fast and the Furious is worth more than the Dallas Cowboys

Films: 7

Box Office: $3, 978, 000, 000

Extras: $185, 000, 000

Total Worth: $4, 133, 000, 000

Fast and Furious vs Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys may be fast and furious out on the field but they aren’t as valuable as these 7 high-octane, adrenaline-fueled films!

X-Men is worth more than Barbados

Films: 7

Box Office: $3, 053, 047, 399

Extras: $1, 524, 000, 000

Total Worth: $4, 577, 000, 000

X-men vs Barbados

When it’s time to hide from those evil humans, the x-men could all move to the luxurious Caribbean island of Barbados.

James Bond is worth more than Pinterest

Films: 25

Box Office: $4, 010, 451, 000

Extras: $1, 626, 000, 000

Total Worth: $5, 635, 451, 000

Bond vs Pinterest

I’m sure Bond would love to pin his favourite gadgets and follow some motivational quote boards to get him through the tough days on the job.

The Lord of the Rings is worth more than Foot Locker

Films: 6

Box Office: $5, 852, 977, 167

Extras: $4, 853, 780, 000

Total Worth: $ 10, 706, 757, 161

Lord of the Rings vs Footlocker

Hobbits don’t need shoes for their treacherous journeys across mountains, but they sure could own a lot of them with the revenue made from their 6 epic movies.

Harry Potter is worth more than the legendary San Jose treasure ship

Films: 8

Box Office: $7, 216, 000, 000

Extras: $9, 892, 000, 000

Total Worth: $17, 108, 000, 000

Harry Potter vs San Jose

This ship was lost in 1708 and was thought to be carrying over $14 Billion worth of Silver, Gold and precious stones – but Harry and his Sorcerer’s stone are still more valuable!

Batman is worth more than all 22 of the world’s most expensive houses

Films: 8

Box Office: $3, 676, 233, 000

Extras: $849, 000, 000

Total Worth: $4, 505, 233, 000

Batman vs Most Expensive Houses

Batman can be quite the socialite and he could host all the black-tie charity fundraisers he wanted in the 22 most expensive private residences in the world…including Buckingham Palace!

Star Wars is worth more than Yale

Films: 8

Box Office: $5, 849, 000, 000

Extras: $20, 207, 000, 000

Total Worth: $26, 056, 000, 000

Star Wars vs Yale

Just think how many Jedis could be trained in the 300 year old, Ivy League institution which sits over a huge 343 acres.

With more Star Wars films set to come out over the next few years, who knows how much the franchise will eventually be worth- maybe one day they could even earn the $37.6 B needed to upgrade to Harvard!


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