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Neopost Folding and Inserting Machines

Founded in the UK in 1924 as Neopost Limited, and with a core business in the production and supply of franking machines, postage meters and folding/inserting solutions, Neopost have earned their number one ranking in Europe (number two globally) as suppliers of logistics systems and mail-room accessories.

They annually dedicate 4-5% of their revenue to the research and development of new products, thereby ensuring that their office solutions remain at the cutting-edge of technology.

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Their comprehensive range of folding/inserting systems provides solutions for any size of office, catering to low volume users with an output of 15-100 items per day, mid volume users with processing needs of 100-200 items daily and high volume businesses that will be processing in excess of 300 items on a daily basis.

Proving an invaluable resource to any organization which regularly sends bulk mail, a folding/inserting solution employs friction-free paper holders to guide an item through its mechanism using rollers, and folds the document to a predefined format.

This machine will enhance productivity and communication by simplifying everyday processes such as mailing statements and invoices, in addition to high volume campaigns which include marketing mailshots and circulars.

Businesses adopting a folder/inserter could enjoy savings of up to 247 USD per month over the average costs of manual processing (which works out to approximately 7 cents per item).

Low Volume Models


The range of Neopost low volume folding and inserting machines includes the DS-35. This user-friendly device delivers processing speeds of up to 1,350pph (pieces per hour) and provides a good option for entry level, all round usage.

Neopost DS35

Features include a full color touchscreen, semi-automatic feed capacity of up to 5 sheets, a menu of 15 programmable tasks, continuous processing via cascade or linking feeding, 2 sheet and 1 insert BRE (Business Return Envelope) feeder, balanced input and output capacity and tip-to-tip sealing for assured security.


An alternative option is the DS-63 which has been designed to offer 4 alternative configurations to meet the full range of business requirements:

  • Station 1 enables the processing of documents from 3.5"-14" through 1x flexFeed tray.
  • Station 1.5 has a multifunctional flexFeed tray for the processing of full sized documents and 1x feeder for inserts of up to 6".
  • Station 2 is a program which accommodates the processing of documents from 3.5" to 14" simultaneously via two feeders.
  • Station 2.5 combines the capabilities of the Station 2 setting with the addition of a useful feeder for smaller items of up to 6".
Neopost DS65

With the ability to process documents of up to 5 sheets at speeds of up to 2,200pph, the DS-63 has a user-friendly touchscreen for easy navigation, 15 programmable jobs and secure in feed technology to ensure the integrity of the document.


Providing an ideal option for multipurpose usage, the DS-65 incorporates a user-friendly interface, sensors which track and monitor the process to ensure that documents are folded with precision, and state-of-the-art reading technology which enables variable paged documents to be inserted securely at every operation.

Neopost DS-65

With a processing speed of up to 2,400pph, an 8 page folding capacity with the ability to process items with a minimum width of 6.3" (max 9.5") and up to 16lb bond weight, the DS-65 also delivers in-built scalability, allowing customization through the addition of optional feeders as office demands grow.

Mid Volume Options


Offering the benefits of a compact footprint for a smaller environment and a low level of noise when in use, the DS-75 provides enhanced operation through a range of innovative features:

Neopost DS75
  • Navigation via the color touchscreen.
  • Automatic sealing and semi-automatic envelope separation.
  • Processing speeds of up to 3,600pph and an increased folding capacity.
  • A high-capacity document feed which holds up to 20lbs of paper (725 sheets).
  • A vertical stacker with a capacity of up to 500 envelopes.
  • Technology which supports barcode reading when processing marketing and transactional mailings.

Alternatively, customers may prefer the new and improved DS-90i which has been described as the optimum mid-volume solution due to its raft of features including powerFold which will fold up to 10 pages of content in single fold or 8 pages tri-fold, and flexFeed which will handle any size of document or format of paper.

Neopost DS90

This combination will offer any office unsurpassed levels of flexibility and productivity with the addition of a 10.4" color touchscreen, processing speeds of up to 4,300pph, upgradable stations configurable from 2-7, an envelope hopper with a capacity for 500 items (with the option for an additional 1,000) and continuous document feeding of up to 3,125 sheets via the feeder linking feature.

For the High Volume User


The Neopost DS-200 is a high productivity folding and inserting machine aimed at maximizing efficiency in the workplace, whatever size of company you run.

Neopost DS200

The DS-200 is built on a modular design which can incorporate from one to eleven feeders. Therefore, if your business starts small, you can keep adding to the machine as it grows. This also makes the system economical, as it will not have to be replaced for many years.

The DS-200 can fill up to 4,800 envelopes per hour and handle brochures with any type of finish. It has a large, fifteen inch touchscreen control panel that the operator can use to program in the tasks that they need to complete. Neopost machines are made with users in mind so there is no need to worry - even the most inexperienced employees will be able to operate the DS-200 efficiently.

The machine can fold paper in many different ways and can fold up to eight standard sheets at one time. It also has unlimited job memory. The built-in scanning module can read almost any type of document coding such as linear barcodes and QR codes.


The High Volume DS-1200 delivers the highest levels of speed and efficiency, streamlining the mailing process with speeds of up to 1,200pph and offering a fully configurable system designed to meet the demands of any user.

Neopost DS1200

Scalability has been in-built with fully upgradable options to allow for increased usage as the business grows. The automatic task-change technology will enable the completion of a range of applications with minimal downtime, allowing the operator to switch rapidly from one job to another.

The DS-1200 will adapt to deliver personalized, trans-promotional and transactional mailing applications, with individual programs downloadable in seconds via the large touchscreen interface.

As all of the operations are fully automatic, the system is simple to use even for the novice operator.

Cost and Availability

Pricing for Neopost solutions vary depending on the size and capabilities of the machine. As many Neopost folding and inserting machines are modular and customizable, you will need to get a personalized quote for your business's requirements. Expert Market can offer experienced advice and put you in contact with the best Neopost suppliers in your area.