British Kids React to the Gender Pay Gap

At Expert Market we’re no strangers to covering the gender pay gap. Last year we launched our biggest research campaign to date, investigating everything from the gender pay gap at each level of society, to the dates women effectively stop getting paid, right down to the countries around the world with most gender-balanced managerial work force. Disappointingly, the results often proved that the US is still pretty far from achieving equality for women in business.

Despite calls for companies across the globe to address gender parity, women in all corners of the world are still being underpaid for working the same jobs, doing the same tasks and putting in the same amount of hours as their male peers.

Most people are usually interested in hearing what big business leaders and government officials have to say on the issue but we wanted to try something a little different.

In our ‘kids react to gender pay gap' video, we asked boys and girls to complete identical tasks and filmed as the boys were rewarded with more chocolate coins than the girls.

Video: Kids React to Gender Pay Gap

In our latest campaign, we’ve teamed up with some 5-7 year olds to show you that despite having much less life experience, children seem to have a much better understanding of just how ridiculous the gender pay gap really is.

When such young children think the pay gap is unjust and unfair and wrong, we’re left wondering why more adults don’t tend to agree.

Watch these kids react when tasked with the same challenge but given very different rewards and learn how they would fix the pay gap if given the chance.

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