ZootRock – The Startup Shaking up Social Media

Many businesses across the world place emphasis on the importance of implementing effective social media channels. Whilst many have reaped the rewards that social media can offer, the majority of businesses struggle to manage these channels effectively, often leading to poor return of investment.

For any business feeling this struggle, pay attention to ZootRock, the startup taking the effort out of social media. We caught up with ZootRock founder Audrey to find out more.

ZootRock user interface

“ZootRock helps businesses maximise the potential of their social channels”. Audrey explained that this is done by driving traffic from social networks to the relevant business. To do this, Audrey explained that ZootRock provides relevant, third party, shareable content and then integrate calls-to-action which lead through to the right business website.

ZootRock was founded in 2013 and we asked Audrey to think back to the start and to explain where the idea for ZootRock came from. “I was working on a previous business and needed a cost-efficient way to maintain an active presence on social media” Audrey told us. With the realization that other businesses could benefit from this too, the concept for ZootRock was born.

With this, we asked Audrey how much time passed between the original idea and the moment the business was launched. “I had been using the first iteration of ZootRock for several months before I put up a website to test its marketability” Audrey revealed. Having looked back over the lifetime of ZootRock, we asked Audrey if there is anything she would do differently if she could go back in time.

“I would have tried to move faster and taken all my learnings from now about my product and implemented them straight away!”

With many years of experience in the I.T industry, we asked Audrey what career she wanted when she was a kid.  Audrey explained, “I always envisaged myself as a business women and entrepreneur, so I’m pretty much doing that now!”

Looking to the future, we had to ask Audrey two final questions. First we wanted to know what’s next for ZootRock. “This year we will be launching a new set of functionality that positions us uniquely in the marketplace and sets ZootRock up for many years to come.”

Zootrock Screenshot

Finally, we wanted to know how Audrey defines success. “For me personally, success is knowing that when I look back on my life in 40 years from now, I will feel that I have had interesting, amazing experiences, challenged myself, tried my best and remained true to myself along the way.” After hearing that, we agree that that’s a pretty great definition by anyone’s standards.

ZootRock have since ceased trading.