Will Critchlow: Staying on Top of the Online Marketing World

Will Critchlow: Staying on Top of the Online Marketing World

Distilled was started in 2005 by two friends in a living room in London and it is now one of the top online marketing agencies in the world with over 60 staff in 3 offices; London, New York and Seattle.

Titus Sharpe, President of Expert Market, sat down with Will Critchlow, current CEO and one of the two original founders of Distilled, to talk about Distilled’s incredible journey, vision and what the future holds for their company.

Take a look at the video below for insights from two business leaders at the top of their game and an exclusive peek into what’s to come from Distilled and the wider search industry.

Thought Leadership

As one of the most respected thought leaders in the search engine optimization (SEO) world, Will gave us his expert opinion on where search marketing is heading (hint: it’s all about machine learning) and some of the problems he sees arising in the industry.

Will also explains how a passion for learning and a fortuitous early partnership with MOZ helped cement Distilled as a front-runner in the industry and also helped to establish his career as a thought leader very early on in the company’s growth.

New (Ad)Ventures

Will told us how Distilled have recently launched an SEO split-testing platform named DistilledODN. The platform aims to help SEO sites A/B test ideas in the same way that those in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) have been doing for years.

This innovative software is currently in the testing phase and Distilled are looking for sites to take part in their trials. If you think this is something you would like to get involved in head over to DistilledODN to find out more.

When asked about about the future of Distilled, Will says that DistilledODN will play a big role but heis hesitant to put all his eggs in one basket. Distilled’s journey has often been about being in the right place at the right time – not always through chance but by positioning itself  in such a way that it can capitalise on  opportunities as they come by.

Distilled have an exciting future ahead. It is clear to see that Will is looking forward to their upcoming adventures and we at Expert Market are going to be keeping a close eye on what they do next!

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