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Successful CEOs are invaluable as a source of advice and inspiration. Expert Market’s CEO, Titus Shape, is on a mission to interview other leading business owners in order to combine their wisdom and offer it to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Titus has so far sat down with the founder of a major parenting forum and the leader of one of London’s top tech companies. In this edition Titus invited co-founder and CEO of innovative new addressing software company what3words to our London office to tell us about his product, his journey and his advice for budding tech enterprisers.

Check out the video below to learn more about what3words from CEO Chris Sheldrick


The Idea – What is what3words?

what3words was launched by Chris in 2013, along with co-founders Jack Waley-Cohen and Mohan Ganesalingam. Their vision is to change the way the world is addressed and navigated.

Splitting the entire globe into 57 trillion 3 meter by 3 meter squares and assigning each square 3 dictionary words has allowed what3words to create a global addressing system. This system is far more accurate than traditional zip codes – something that 75% of the world doesn’t have an efficient version of.

Partners – Early what3words Adopters

Disrupting an established space like addressing can be seen as a bold move by what3words. Luckily, there were huge organizations who took a chance on this innovative new technology and lead the way for others to follow suit.

  • United Nations
    The UN have incorporated what3words’ location services into their free app UN-ASIGN. The app is designed to help in the event of natural disasters or humanitarian crises by collecting information and images from the people directly affected. This data is then used to distribute UN resources to the area.
  • Land Rover

    Off-roading is a dangerous, yet popular hobby amongst adrenaline junkies. Land Rover have an app to help keep those off-roading in their vehicles safe. As co-ordinates are often difficult to share and prone to mistakes, Land Rover have integrated what3words into their ARDHI app.

  • National Postal Systems
    Countries such as Mongolia, Tonga and Côte d’Ivoire have changed their entire national postal systems to work on what3words’ addressing system. These countries previously suffered from a lack of sufficient addresses, limiting growth and communication options.

Check out the video below to learn more about what3words from CEO Chris Sheldrick – skip the intro  if you watched the business advice video above!


Next Steps – the Future of what3words

what3words have high future aspirations, including being involved in the development of driverless car technology. The validation behind this collaboration being that a 9 meter square is far more accurate a location for driverless cars to aim for than the current zip code system.

The company also hopes for more partnerships and integrations across delivery, navigation, aid, postal, and many more industries.

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