The Benefits of a Blog: Why Great Blogging Is Good Business

Marketers have always known that content is king, and in recent years, businesses have become better and better at creating their own content. From projects as large as The Lego Movie to smaller examples like thought leadership reports, creating engaging content is an excellent way to promote your business.

We can’t all commission films to be made, or run regular webinars, but the often overlooked blog is an accessible way for businesses to create and share relevant content, and, done well, a company blog can have a material impact on everything from brand awareness to your bottom line. How? Credibility, culture and cash.


Every business wants to be seen as a leader in their field and these days simply describing yourself as such on your website just won’t cut it. The phrase ‘thought leader’ in itself points to presenting new ideas and theories so, of course, writing content that challenges the status quo or looks at old topics with a new approach will create engagement.

That said, simply sharing your industry experience or the journey of your business so far can be a great help to others in the same space as you. As well as gaining credibility with your readers, blogging is a great help for driving traffic to your site through search engines as long as your content is relevant and high quality.


Having published contributions from your staff on a blog or your website not only showcases their knowledge and expertise, it also gives your business a voice. The content does not always have to be business focused either - this is an opportunity to showcase the culture and values of your business, and can go a long way in ensuring you attract staff who identify with them.

Having posts focused on the culture of your business can also help in your partnerships and with clients. Many companies nowadays want to associate themselves with companies who hold similar beliefs to them, for example, a focus on gender diversity. Conveying your efforts around such initiatives can give you an edge over other potential partners or suppliers.


Done well, content marketing can be an extremely cost effective way of promoting your business and gaining new customers. Blogging is low-cost if you have talented writers in house and, with a push from your PR team, can have a wide reach. With relevant calls to action included in your posts, blogging can be an excellent lead generation tool, bringing in new customers with a relatively low investment.

These three C’s are why you should take business blogging seriously and see what impact it can have on your business. Have you had success with your blog? What other benefits have you seen? Share your views in the comments.

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