The Most Valuable Companies by Revenue per Employee

Another Day, Another Million Dollars

At Expert Market we’re used to talking to companies who are looking to develop and grow their business. As every small company knows, in order to succeed it’s important to get maximum value out of each of your team members. So, as a little inspiration, we focused on the top 100 companies in the world (by revenue) to find out just how much value each company gets from their full body of employees.

Throughout 2015 The Financial Times conducted a survey to identify the biggest revenue generating businesses in the world. The complete list of the top 100 companies amassed a combined total revenue of $11.7 trillion dollars, which averages over $117 billion dollars per company.

Following our own research, we were able to compile a list of the top 10 companies in the world with the most valuable employees. You can see our findings listed in the charts below.

The Top 10

top 10 companies by revenue per employee

The total number of employees in each of these top 10 companies ranges from 9,015 to 94,000 and the average revenue per employee is a staggering $5,820,371. Interestingly every company in this top 10 is from either the Pharmaceuticals or Oil & Gas Industry.

A closer look at the top 10

CompanyRevenueNo. of EmployeesAverage Revenue per Employee
Phillips 66$161,210,000,00014,000$11,515,000
Valero Energy$130,840,000,00022,000$5,947,273
Exxon Mobil$364,760,000,00075,300$4,844,090
Royal Dutch Shell$385,630,000,00094,000$4,102,447
Express Scripts$100,890,000,00030,215$3,339,070

The Bottom 10

After we identified the top 10, naturally we wanted to take a look at the companies on this list that made the least amount of money per employee. Surprisingly, the most common industry featured in this list is the retail industry.

bottom 10 companies by revenue per employee

A closer look at the bottom 10

CompanyRevenueNo. of EmployeesAverage Revenue per Employee
Home Depot$83,180,000,000371,000$224,205
Wal-Mart Stores$485,650,000,0002,200,000$220,750
Lowe's Companies$56,220,000,000265,000$212,151
Deutsche Post$68,480,000,000424,351$161,376
United Parcel Service$58,230,000,000397,100$146,638
Hon Hai Precision Industry$133,180,000,0001,090,000$122,183

The total staff number is also much more varied among companies in the bottom 10 list, ranging from 265,000 to 2.2 million employees. In this bottom 10, the average revenue per employee is much lower at $193,349.


Overall, the company with the most valuable employees is Phillips 66 which owes its $161 billion dollar revenue to its 14,000 employees. At the other end of the scale, Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry (with a revenue of $133 billion dollars) averages at £122,183 per employee.


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