Top Tech Companies in NYC

While San Francisco is home to the likes of Uber and AirBnB and Silicon Valley boasts the internet giants Google and Apple, New York has invested in a startup ecosystem of its own to rival those of the West Coast.

The result of this investment has been a plethora of new disruptive startups.

From bespoke pet care services to apps that allow foodies to find the best menus in the city, New York entrepreneurs have a different focus than their Californian rivals.

Read on for our pick of the top tech companies in NYC.


A dog owner’s dream, Barkbox is a monthly delivery service that sends boxes packed with toys and treats to pampered pooches. With over $21 million in funding to date, Barkbox has earned its place amongst the top tech companies in NYC.

Funding: $21 million

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Sleep easy with Eight, a smart mattress that monitors what you do in bed - once you have dozed off that is... Eight syncs with all your smart devices to make getting a good night’s sleep a breeze.

Funding: $6 million

Eight on Twitter and Facebook


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Ladies, listen up - Vive gives you unlimited styling services for just $99 a month at a slew of hairdressers around the city.

Funding: $2.3 million

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When you realize that chilling at home is underrated.

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Hailed as the Uber for homemakers, AptDeco moves your pre-owned furniture around New York for you. AptDeco have developed tech that matches you with a delivery service in your area, so you don’t need a car to move your pre-loved goods.

Funding: $2.5 million

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Hardly a new kid on the block, project management app Trello launched in 2011 in lower Manhattan. It has since gone on to become one of the top tech companies in NYC. The team have worked hard in recent years to release a wide range of new free features that make managing complex projects easy.

Funding: $10 million+

Trello on Twitter and Facebook


Brought to you by the founders of Bleacher Report, one of the most visited sports sites in the US, Inverse is hungry to become the home of science & tech news for American men.

Funding: Undisclosed

Inverse on Twitter and Facebook

Hello Alfred

Ever dream of becoming a real-life Batman? Us too. While it may be years before superhuman strength is served up at the touch of a button, Hello Alfred provides you with your very own personal butler. Use the app to delegate errands and unpleasant jobs around the house to vetted help known as “Alfreds.”

Funding: $12.5 million

Alfred on Twitter and Facebook


Food52 is cooking up a storm with its impressive offering of recipes, tableware, menus and inspiration for New-York based foodies. Some have aptly praised Food52 as the Pinterest of food.

Funding: $9 million

Food52 on Twitter and Facebook


@periperipeng creates adorable animals out of latte foam

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Short burst video news updates, all in one handy app. Perfect for those who live off sound bytes. The easy-to-use UX justifies its inclusion in our list of the top 10 tech companies in NYC.

Funding: $15.6 million

NowThis on Twitter and Facebook


Foodies, rejoice - Maple is one of the most exciting new tech companies in NYC. The company have developed an innovative new app that allows users to pick what they want to eat from a daily menu created by some of the city’s best chefs and have it delivered straight to their desk or couch.

Funding: $25 million

Maple on Twitter and Facebook

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