The Truth About Office Romances

How many married couples began their story with eyes meeting across the water cooler?

Probably quite a few considering 65% of office workers have had at least 1 romance in the workplace and 30% of these romances lead to a serious relationship or even marriage. This comes from data by B2B marketplace Approved Index who surveyed over 2000 people about their experiences of love in the office.

The survey also looked at the dark side of office romances, noting that a shocking 50% involve someone already in a serious relationship or married.

Perhaps most surprising from the study was the industries in which workplace romances are most prevalent, with Fashion taking the top spot, followed by Transportation & Logistics and Construction.

We asked around the Expert Market offices to see if anyone had their own experiences of workplace romance to share (anonymously!). Here are our favorite picks;

A good friend of mine was dating (and managing) his intern for almost 4 months. Nobody knew it in the company… he told me that it was a lot of fun but a nightmare to manage.

My friend has started dating through LinkedIn twice! The first time, we were working in an open office space and there was a guy she found attractive, they spoke a bit but nothing more. After we left the shared space to move to our own offices she found him on LinkedIn and viewed his profile so he’d notice her, a few days later he added her and they began a brief romance shortly after.
The second time a friend had promised to set her up on a blind date with a man she knew but it never happened so she did the same trick of finding him on LinkedIn! A few days later he added her, they began talking and he quickly asked her out on a date.

I had a workplace romance once, then his girlfriend sent me a message on Facebook and when I asked him about it and he told me to go f*** myself #romance

My colleague once proposed to me on a plane on the way back from our work trip to Ibiza, we weren’t even going out. A month later we were but in secret. Six months in we were exposed in a truly humiliating fashion when we were broadcast on national TV kissing on the no. 29 night bus. Almost 2.5 years later we are still together despite all the jokes and TV screen shots sent our way, we also bought a house together and have been asked to own the office dog.

See the infographic below for the full low-down on love in the workplace;

Office Romance Infographic