An Interview With Scholly: The Scholarship Searcher App

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With the costs of college increasing each year, most people can only afford college after a lifetime of saving or with a formidable student loan. Of course there is another way to fund a college education, but scholarships are difficult to find and it can be hard to determine if you’re an eligible candidate. Well that’s where Scholly the scholarship searcher app comes in.

Scholly is a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use app which was designed to make finding scholarships easy. With Scholly, you can quickly discover which scholarships you qualify for and this includes scholarships for all levels of education. We caught up with Nick Pirollo, one of the entrepreneurial minds behind Scholly to find out more.

The Inspiration for Scholly

Although the app was created in spring 2013, the idea was actually generated back in 2012 and the inspiration behind this handy app came from real-life experiences of Scholly CEO, Christopher Gray.

Although the idea had been in Gray’s head for some time, once the founders got together, the app was launched within 6 months. Scholly was “spawned from the difficulties [Gray] had knowing that the scholarship space had not kept up with modern technologies that engage youth” Pirollo informed us. Gray himself was awarded over $1.3 million dollars in scholarship funding in order to attend college.

With the app now on the market we asked Pirollo to think back to when the company was just beginning and about the challenges Scholly faced. He told us that “until we took late investment with the Dorm Room Fund at First Round Capital, we were self-funded and built.” However, despite the struggle of self-funding a young, growing business, Pirollo was sure to add that “bootstrapping has been a rewarding and challenging process at the same time”.

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Thinking forward to right now, Pirollo told us about his typical day which “is a long one…a lot of time in front of a computer, but enough time for some personal time as well.” This just goes to show that the success behind Scholly is a result of some incredibly hard working individuals.

The most satisfying moment so far

Having seen that funding the business was once a challenge for the founders, today the most satisfying moment is “watching people successfully use our product to assist in their college costs” Pirollo told us. Another great source of satisfaction for the Scholly founders is seeing the supportive, friendly reception the app has received through national press coverage.

One of the most humbling answers Pirollo gave us for this interview came up when we asked which entrepreneurs inspired him. Whilst during the early days, inspiration came in the form of big names like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, more recently “friends who have successfully gotten off the ground from nothing…have become more of an influence than the big hitters.”

What does the future hold for Scholly?

Having looked back to the start of the business, it was only fair we asked Pirollo about the future of the company. He told us, “Scholly will be launching a few awesome partnerships and making some more announcements in the coming months, including launching a web based version of the apps that will hopefully help reach even more students and parents.” With this in mind, we wait in excited anticipation to see what the future has in store for Scholly and the bright minds behind the business.