The 5 Hottest Startups in San Francisco Disrupting the Bay Area

San Francisco’s Brightest Young Startups

San Francisco’s got it all. Beautiful landscapes, an incredible art scene, and a thriving startup culture that’s being taken over by bright young things. Here are five of our favorites to watch out for this year.

Best for Events: Bannerman

No self-respecting event planner throws a party without a doorman to keep out the riff-raff. Startup Bannerman helps make that easier than ever – providing on demand, vetted doormen, usually of an ex military background. Though many consumers choose to use them for private events, gallery openings and the like, Bannerman is just as often used for finding home protection and general building security workers. One startup that makes getting a job done, that little bit easier.

Best for Logistics: Shyp

Frequent package sender? Hate the weekly trek to the post office? These Frisco locals came up with a solution. Instead of taking your package elsewhere, simply take a photo of what you’re sending and a driver will turn up within minutes to whisk your items away. You can then track your package from origin to destination – which can be to anywhere in the world. Pretty clever huh?

Best for business: Slack

A workplace communication app that promises to revolutionize the way we do business – this has been picked up by large media companies among others – and allows colleagues to share files and work collaboratively, while also having the capacity to start private conversations.

The amazing success story behind this startup is that Slack spent absolutely no money on marketing. Its growth has been completely organic and that has got to be worth a mention, especially considering how much similar companies spend on advertising. Slack is one of the fastest growing enterprise apps ever. Impressive stuff.

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Best lifestyle service: Bloom That

Who doesn’t like getting flowers? The only problem is, with many of us leading increasingly busy lives, it’s harder to pop round with a bouquet than it was, say, 20 years ago. Enter Bloom That, another San Francisco startup that promises to deliver beautiful flowers in under 90 minutes – all sourced from the local area.

A fast growing business which has raised $7.15 million according to Crunchbase, we can expect even further expansion from this Californian company. So whatever you’ve done – forgotten a birthday, missed an anniversary, or if you just want to say thanks – you can have a present with your desired person within minutes.,

Did we mention big names including Reddit’s co-founder Alexi Ohanian and Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher have also channeled money into the project? And those guys have certainly got a good eye for up and coming businesses.

Best Eco friendly business: Yerdle

From where sites like Gumtree and Freecycle left off, Yerdle steps in. A site designed to help people clear their clutter and give it to people who actually want it, while also sourcing things they need without spending lots of cash. Time to root out those old vinyls you can’t play, the coat that hasn’t fit for five years, and that juicer you always promise to use, but never quite get round to it.

A quick glance at the site shows people are giving away a tremendous amount of high quality gear for free – including furniture, gadgets and designer clothing. If they’re not flogging it for free, you can still get your mitts on it by sending your own unused items off and earning yerdle dollars – which you can then exchange for products. Now that’s our kind of recycling.