Startup Stories: Double App

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Forget the stereotypes you associate with traditional dating websites, those are dead. Today, the dating industry is taking mobile devices by storm. With location-based functionality, pocket-sized portability and to-the-second notifications, it’s never been easier to communicate with potential dating partners near you.

However, while we may widely accept that this is now the norm, there are still elements of uncertainty associated with dating apps, especially when it comes to personal safety. After all, you’re meeting a complete stranger.

This is where Double comes in, the app which offers you all of the benefits we have come to love, but without those common elements of doubt and worry. We caught up with Double founder Loren Gould to find out more about Double; “Tinder for double dates.”

The Inspiration for Double

“One of our good friends Sarah would regularly swipe through Glasgow’s finest on Tinder, get matches but would never meet” Loren explained. “One Sunday night in March last year we were all round at hers watching DVDS, she got matched with a good looking guy, chatted away but exclaimed she would never meet him.”

After enquiring about the reasons behind this revelation, Loren soon unearthed the issue. People still worry that the first date will be an awkward experience and there’s an instinctive concern that meeting with a stranger may not be completely safe. After hearing Sarah telling a mutual friend that she wished they could go together and meet with the man and one of his friends, Loren explained that she instantly got “the eureka moment.”

The Biggest Challenge Faced so far

Without having come from a technical background, Loren explained that the biggest challenge was a lack of prior knowledge when it came to understanding the typical difficulties faced when developing a mobile app.

“Things like choosing the right server to host the app on have proven difficult and caused problems.” However, clearly this issue was resolved, as Loren added; “we now however have a good tech mentor network though who can advise us on best course of action for tech decisions.”

Although this may have proven to be a challenge, Loren also touched upon a key point for any young business. “Whilst we have made mistakes they have provided us with invaluable experience and we’ve learned from them.”

What advice would they give to somebody thinking about starting their own company?

“If you have an idea don’t be afraid to test it out. These days it is very cheap and pretty easy to get a website and setup a simple landing page where you can demo your concept to the world and create a basic MVP (minimum viable product) which you can use to validate your idea.”

Loren also added that there are many dedicated online resources which can prove invaluable for young companies, such sites provide “an established community of entrepreneurs and start-ups where you can get invaluable feedback and advice on your product.”

The Most Rewarding Moment so far

Having looked at the biggest challenge faced, we wanted to find out what the best bits have been to date. “We were unexpectedly featured on Product Hunt in January when someone from their community randomly submitted us.

It was very unexpected and the app wasn’t ready for launch but we received a huge amount of feedback that day and it really boosted our profile.”

From this, things have gone from strength to strength, “things have accelerated very quickly and we haven’t looked back” Loren added.