Texas is the Best State for Women Entrepreneurs

Texas is officially the best place for women entrepreneurs to live, work and launch a business in 2018.

Affordable living costs, combined with huge startup growth, helped Texas beat New York and California for the title of best startup hub for women.


To understand where women entrepreneurs can find the most success, we drew on data from the Kauffman Index, the U.S. Census Bureau and Amex.

Over 35 unique data sets were cross-referenced to reveal the states with a large share of women owned businesses, affordable living costs, a dearth of economic opportunities for women, low startup costs, and plenty of funding opportunities.

Best States for Women Entrepreneurs

The Top 10

Scroll through our infographic below to find out the top 10 states for women entrepreneurs.

We’ve listed the states that just missed out on the top 10 at the bottom of this article.

Texas is the Best State for Women Wanting to Launch a Business

The rapid growth of female-founded businesses combined with affordable living costs has made Texas an attractive place for women looking for new career opportunities.

Despite the jobs market being down in the US overall, Expert Market’s research found that employment levels in Texan businesses owned by women have grown by a staggering 43% since 2007.

Startups like Feminist Hack, Girl Develop It, recruitHER and Women at Austin are all working to champion greater diversity within the state’s booming tech industry.

Support from companies like these paired with lots of funding opportunities has helped thousands of women start businesses in Texas in the past 10 years.

Southern States Biggest Drivers of Growth

The report also found that in the last nine years, the number of women-owned companies has grown at a rate five times higher than the national average.

Revenues of women-owned firms increased by a staggering 35% since 2007 – that’s at a rate 30% higher than the national average. Impressively, of that growth eight out of 10 businesses were founded in a Southern state. Most of these ventures are small businesses, such as restaurants and hair salons.

Top 10

Ranking Best States
1st Texas
2nd North Dakota
3rd South Dakota
4th Georgia
5th Wyoming
6th Utah
7th Colorado
8th Oklahoma
9th Tennessee
10th Iowa

Bottom 10

Ranking Best States
1st New Hampshire
2nd Massachusetts
3rd Pennsylvania
4th Wisconsin
5th Connecticut
6th Ohio
7th West Virginia
8th Illinois
9th Arkansas
10th Mississippi

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