Video: Weird American Laws

Trump is officially President of the USA and has wasted no time at all in asserting his influence on the legal system. His presidency will no doubt be a period of great change for our country’s legal landscape, but how well do we really know our own laws?

We created this hilarious video of fellow Americans putting their patriotism and state knowledge to the test whilst trying to guess whether certain more obscure laws were from their homeland or not, and if so the state from which they originated.

Though some laws were unmistakably not American, such as it being “forbidden to have a waistline bigger than 36 inches”, which was met with roars of laughter, knowing looks and comments such as “that is SO not America”, others were trickier to decide on like whether “you can be fined or even jailed for making ugly faces at dogs”, or whether “you are legally entitled to not pay for your meal in a restaurant if you don’t think you are full”.

Check out the video below to see how well you know the world’s more obscure laws:   

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