Here's What a Clickworthy B2B Content Marketing Strategy Looks Like

Over the years, B2B marketing has earned a reputation as being boring, less creative and very sales focused - and there is a valid reason for this. Instead of devising the most engaging content, delivered in the most interesting way, many companies fall into the trap of assuming business means boring.

However, business content like anything else should adhere to some simple rules: Would I want to read it? What would I get from it? Would I share it? Ultimately, your audience is looking for the same thing a consumer one is - interesting content and a reason to look at your brand.

Read Around Your Niche

In order to know what to write about you need to know what your target audience are reading. Identify topics and layouts which are popular with your demographic and replicate the positives of previous articles while putting your own spin on things to create new and interesting content.

Perhaps in previous articles there were obvious questions left unanswered or ideas which were not explained clearly, by reading what’s out there you can preempt your audience’s needs and create content which is really ahead of the curve. By consistently producing content which is relevant, innovative, and on trend you can establish your brand as a thought leader and should see your content increase in popularity.

Make Headway with Headlines

Every day we are inundated with data, from the morning news to those incessant 3am email alerts. As a result of this we are becoming more discerning than ever as to what we spend time reading and headlines are often the decision maker. 80% of people will read a headline but only 20% will go on to read the body of the article - this statistic alone demonstrates why headlines are so vitally important.

If you want people to engage with your content it must start with an attention grabbing headline. Once you’ve caught their eye a good headline should carry the reader seamlessly into the body of text, having piqued their interest in the first few words. If you have been reading enough, you will be able to use keywords that speak to your target audience’s state of mind and stage of awareness on a topic. Use numbers, solve a problem or ask a question, and always consider the shareability of your headline.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Visual content can be processed much faster than text and can really draw the eye. Graphics embedded in text can also further illustrate your points to give readers better levels of understanding, so do remember to use them when applicable.

Don’t be scared to try new mediums. If you think your content idea would work best as a video or interactive map, try it. Not only could this be the best way to present your ideas but with the mass of data out there, trying new mediums can really make your content stand out.

Business People are People Too

You may be trying to sell photocopiers but this doesn’t mean that you need to write about them all the time. Remember that people, not machines are reading your content and if you find it boring the likelihood is that they will too. To really engage a reader you need content that will change their attitude from indifferent to emotionally connected. You need to involve your audience in what you are saying; tap into their emotions, make your content relevant and interesting, tell a story.

Overall, if you approach B2B content marketing with the same enthusiasm as you would other content, implement a strict ‘would I read this?’ policy, and do your research, your content should be much better placed to resonate with your target audience and inspire trust in your brand.

What does your business need?

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