CEO to CEO Interview: Michael Phillips, Decision Tech

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall as two CEOs discuss running their successful businesses?

In this edition of our CEO interview series, Expert Market’s Titus Sharpe phoned fellow CEO Michael Phillips. As the founder and CEO of Decision Tech, Titus asked Michael about his journey to success and the advice he would give to young entrepreneurs.

Listen to the recorded phone-call to hear the advice Michael shared  and learn about entrepreneurship in the tech industry.

Decision Tech is a leading tech company based in London and owns the well-known broadband comparison site broadbandchoices. Decision Tech's Mission is to create websites and apps that connect people to great products and services, while building an enjoyable and exciting place to work for their employees.

Decision Tech launched in East London in 2005, after CEO Michael Phillips swapped his position in an eCommerce company for the chance to run a business of his own. While Michael wouldn’t describe himself as a ‘born entrepreneur’ he believes, the timing was right and that he had invaluable exposure to many different aspects behind the operation at his previous company.

At Expert Market, CEO Titus Sharpe regularly enforces the mantra that culture is king, and he has spent a lot of time cultivating the culture we now enjoy. Similarly, Michael created Decision Tech with culture at the forefront. During the interview, Michael explains that he constantly  nurtures a great working environment to ensure people enjoy coming to work. While Michael admits that it has sometimes been challenging, perfecting the balance between culture and work is something he is most proud of at Decision Tech.

Listen to the interview in full to hear more about how Michael built Decision Tech’s culture. Learn about the personal and professional challenges Michael has overcome along the way and the hear the advice Michael would offer to anyone considering starting a business.